Since ancient times, the equinox has been especially revered by all peoples. What is the difference between this day and a series of other successive days? We touch, first of all, on the spatial position of the Earth on this day.

But in order to correctly assess the position of the globe in space, you need to understand a few simple concepts. The first of them is that the axis around which the Earth rotates is located at a certain angle with respect to the plane of the annual orbit (ecliptic). The angle of the axis plays a significant role in the features of the world in which we live. So, for example, it determines the duration of the day and night at each specific point on the Earth; climate features; change of seasons during the passage of the annual orbit of the Earth.

In the annual orbit of the Earth, four cardinal points are particularly distinguished, associated primarily with the critical positions of the axis of rotation, corresponding to the days of the solstices and equinoxes. At solstice moments, the angle of inclination of the axis exerts its maximum influence and at diametrical points it is oppositely directed. On equinox days, the influence of the angle of inclination of the axis is neutralized. The Earth is so located relative to the Sun that the angle of inclination of the axis of rotation has absolutely no significance.

During the day, the Earth moves in orbit by 200 of its diameters or by about 1 degree of its annual orbit, therefore the very next day the axis tilt will again begin to play its decisive role.

But on the day of the equinox, the Earth is freed from the action of this factor and comes into complete submission to the influence of the Sun, which on this day stands above the equator at noon at its zenith. It should also be noted that the ecliptic plane is located at 7 degrees to the equator of the Sun. On the days of the equinoxes, the solar equator and the equator of the Earth intersect.

Our visible Sun represents the Logos of the Solar System. The rays of the Sun on the day of the equinox will pass at right angles to the equator of the Earth. Any equator represents an extremely important one - the neutral (Laya center) of the celestial body. It is known that the effect is transmitted not from the mass of one spatial body to another, but from the control center to the subordinate center. This means that every Laya center of everything living on Earth will receive on this day, transmitted by the Laya Center of the Sun and received by the Laya Center of the Earth, a new powerful impulse. In man and animal, his Laya center is the solar plexus.

The second factor that needs to be estimated is that this day lies at the intersection of two most important circles - the Heavenly Equator (the projection of the Earth's equator on the Heavenly Sphere, the figure is marked with a blue line) and the ecliptic (the projection of the Earth's orbit on the Heavenly Sphere, the picture marks red line). Everyone knows about the zodiac, each of us is born under one or another of his signs, less is said about the Heavenly Equator, and they do not know its most important significance for humanity. The fact is that according to the Secret Knowledge of the Sun of the equatorial group, and this is the constellations or luminaries of the Celestial Equator, the three higher, immortal principles in a person are connected and cemented - his Higher Ego: Atmu - Buddhi - Higher Manas. The combination or unification of the forces of the two most important Circles, the two Principles, symbolizes the combination of the individual and personal Principles. Thus, the Higher, Divine Principle in a person transmits a new impulse for affirmation by a person. But on this day, as already noted above, the Sun is also the Logos, which bestows man with Manas and Kama, (the ability to think and desire) directs its Ray to combination, to unification. And all these rays are connected on this day on Earth, and in man. The macrocosm is a prototype of the achievement that a person will have to show when he can, being in an embodied state, combine the spiritualized Personal Ego with the Higher, immortal, Divine Ego. In fact, on this day there is a new affirmation of the whole sevenfold attribute of the earthly world and man.

This Day can also be considered the day of manifestation of the Law of Hierarchy. Man is a Microcosm of this Macrocosm - the Earth, which in turn is a Microcosm in relation to his Macrocosm - the Solar system, and the Solar system is a Microcosm of the Macrocosm - Cosmos. On the day of the equinox, all the links of the Hierarchical chain from the Highest to the lowest are connected and merged together.

The obvious effect of the Law of Justice and Universal Equality distinguishes this day from a series of other days. It is manifested not just by the equality of day and night, - on this day they are equal to each other in every point of the globe from pole to pole, in all climatic zones, in all time zones and other units of land and sea. Before the Higher Law everyone is equal, among the Higher Principles everyone is equal!



For all life on Earth - this is the starting point of a new cycle. This cycle has an insignificant length, however, the beginning of any Cycle is the Secret Time and the Greatest of Mysteries, for it contains, as already shown, the potentials of the Principles. The start of the cycle is never issued. Mankind has established itself in the idea that the circle has no beginning and end. So, humanity does not have knowledge of the starting point of reference for a day, a year, epochs, or other cycles. And this is no accident, for the beginning carries the strength of the Principles. Seeds sown at this time will give immutable seedlings. Abuse of knowledge of this moment will lead to entry on the left-hand path and to an irrepressible fall. How great the significance of this effect can be judged by the facts known to us from the life of an unspiritual nature. So, on the day of the vernal equinox (spring in the northern hemisphere), the Sun passes from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern. From this day on, the vital activity of the Southern Hemisphere is steadily curtailed, is shifting to internal plans, preparing for a period of rest and accumulation of strength, and the Northern Hemisphere will receive a surge of vitality. Everything will come to life, wake up, develop, begin its new life cycle. The energy impulse received on the day of the equinox will be gradually realized during the current cycle.

Each year, the equinox occurs 20 minutes earlier than the previous year. This phenomenon is called the precession of the equinoxes. The equinox precession cycle, equal to 25868 years, is of particular importance for the humanity of the Earth, because it controls the change of sub-races in each sub-race of the current Root Race, determines global changes in the face of the Earth, changes in the lengths of subordinate cycles, and the ratio of the most important characteristics of the earthly world. The equinox occurs on the same day for 72 years, and only after this period is shifted by a day. The Precessional Sun is located in one Zodiac Sign for 2156 years; its transition to the new Zodiac sign marks the beginning of a new era.

Elena Bugrimenko, Lugansk
Source: Electronic Journal of Russian Theosophists