The Teaching of the Ascended Masters,
transmitted through the Messenger
of the Great White Brotherhood
Tatyana N. Mickushina,
was presented at one of the events in Los Angeles,
California, USA.



On February 23, an evening of writers and autographs was held at the Vroman’s bookstore.

This was our first experience of participating in such an event - to represent Tatyana Mickushina, philosopher, public figure, writer, author of more than 70 books.

The organizers of the event and the store employees provided us with great support and assistance, and the opportunity to introduce Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina as the Messenger and Teacher of the Ascended Masters at this meeting.



We represented the writer Tatyana N. Mickushina and the book “Words of Wisdom”, along with two other authors who spoke about their own books.

Each participant was given 15-20 minutes to present their book.

At the beginning of the presentation, we showed the "Awareness" magazine with a photo of Tatyana N. Mickushina on the cover and her article published in it.

We explained that Tatyana wrote this article especially for American readers.

We also gave a brief biography of Tatyana N. Mickushina, telling about important moments in her life and her mission as the Envoy of the Great White Brotherhood.

Further, we told about some of the main tenets of the Doctrine and its importance for the Age of Aquarius.

At the end of the presentation, some quotes from the book were read aloud, revealing the essence of the Teaching. We also talked about the information and energetic component of the Messages, which are transmitted through the book “Words of Wisdom”.

We are happy to have gained a new experience and can share this with others.

There are different ways of spreading the Doctrine, and God is always there to help when there is an aspiration and desire to fulfill His Will and the Will of the Masters.

We thank God, the Ascended Masters, the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina for the invaluable gift to humanity and for the opportunity to serve!

International Sirius Center
Los Angeles team.