The books of Tatyana N. Mickushina were presented at the “Whole Life Expo” in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on November 8 -10, 2019



Each person coming to our booth was a precious Divine soul; carefully and lovingly, we found individual words for everyone. We felt that a stream of love, joy and support from the Ascended Masters was generously pouring onto the island of our booth, which meant that they spoke to people through us.



For the third year now, we presented the books of Tatyana Mickushina at the Whole Life Expo, giving a chance for people of Canada to familiarize themselves with the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, transmitted through this Messenger. The exhibition was held on November 8-10, 2019 in Toronto.

We noticed already at the previous expos a great interest by Canadians in the Teaching and in the Messenger. But this time we were surprised that the flow of people to our booth tripled: people came up, asked questions, got surprised, became interested, chose books for themselves and were in no hurry to leave, sometimes returning again. We had a feeling that the attraction to our booth was increased because of the world joint reading of Dictations that started a few days ago. There was just an endless stream of people to our booth.

Some interest from the media was unexpected for us. A Chinese group approached us; they asked if they could take a picture of our booth for their magazine. We invited them to come inside and take pictures holding images of Quan Yin and Confucius. We hope that these photos will attract Chinese light-bearers to the Teaching. Last year Sarah worked with us at the exhibition and now she translates and publishes Dictations of the Masters in Korean.

Local celebrity Julie Daniluk, a bestselling author, TV host, and media advocate for a healthy lifestyle, also came up to us to take pictures at the booth. Felicia Pizzonia, a bestselling author, coach, mentor and public speaker, bought a few books containing the Teaching of the Ascended Masters and offered to help popularize the books of Tatyana Mickushina in Canada.



Our presentation, “The Power of Music to Create or Destroy,” brought together about 70 people. Several people left the room during the lecture, not accepting the topic of the destructive effect of some kinds of modern music with the wrong rhythm. But most people listened very attentively, for many this lecture was a shocking discovery. After the presentation, we gave cards with a QR (Quick Response) code, which allowed our listeners to instantly open YouTube videos through their smartphones. These codes contained videos with interviews of Tatyana Mickushina and Galina Pavlova’s lecture about music. We handed out printouts of quotes about music from the Dictations of the Masters, people were taking them for themselves and for their friends. Ten books “Secrets of Music” were also raffled off as a gift.

Immediately after the presentation, we left the lecture hall to free the space for the next lecturer. People followed us to the booth to share with us their impressions of the lecture and purchase books about music. It turned out that this topic did not leave anyone indifferent. There were offers to make presentations in other places. One of the attendees of the lecture made a free video of our performance on his camera and after the exhibition downloaded it to our computer. We gratefully gave him a book about music, which made him very happy.

We were very pleased to see at this expo our friends from previous exhibitions. Among our old friends who visited our booth were Walter and Gerardo. Gerardo helped us a lot in organizing the presentation. We hope that in the future he will join our team in the work of spreading the Words of Wisdom.

It’s impossible to tell about all the interesting moments and talks of this exhibition, there were too many of them. Each person coming to our booth was a precious Divine soul; carefully and lovingly, we found individual words for everyone. We felt that a stream of love, joy and support from the Ascended Masters was generously pouring onto the island of our booth, which meant that they spoke to people through us. Tatyana Mickushina looked at us from her portrait with love and approval. And we knew that our earthly Teacher and our heavenly Teachers can count on us that we will carry their Light further and share it with the whole world.




The “Whole Life Expo” that took place in Toronto on November 8-10 was a great experience for us to connect with a large number of like-minded people and spread the Teaching of the Ascended Masters. It was surprising to see an endless stream of people stopping by our booth and showing such great interest in the Teaching of the Masters. Many people were already familiar with the Masters and came to buy more books and images adding them to the collection they already have. Others were drawn by the energy of the books and images which they could feel when passing by.

One woman stopped by because she recognized Kuthumi, who had come to her in a dream several years ago. She learned his name from us after she pointed to his image. When we let her read his Dictation, she was amazed to find answers to the questions that worried her recently.

It was impressive how many people came to us to discuss and buy the book "Secrets of Music" after our presentation. Some of the visitors mentioned that the information about the impact of rock music, jazz and some well-known legends of pop music was eye-opening for them. They expressed their readiness to completely reconsider their musical tastes.

I was amazed to see how many people were asking themselves questions about the purpose of life, and ways out of the difficult situation on Earth. The fact that people in the western part of the world have such an aspiration for spiritual knowledge gives hope that by joint efforts we will manage to raise the vibrations and will find a way to improve the situation on the planet during this transitional period.



This year we presented again the books by Tatyana Mickushina at the Expo in Toronto. Each exhibition brings unforgettable meetings, acquaintances, impressions. I can confidently say that this was the best exhibition in which I participated. The atmosphere was excellent, people were open, friendly and eager to learn more about the Teaching of the Masters. I especially want to note that the book and the presentation about music were very successful!