Joint Reading of the Messages of the Masters 2005-2019


Explanations to the questions about the Joint Readings of the Messages of the Masters 2005-2019.

Answered by Tatyana N. Mickushina



NEW! Question:

I got into the Joint Readings of the Messages with great inspiration. I read the Message of Nicholas Roerich, but at the end (while reading the commentary) I received a blow to my heart due to the message that the ashram had burned out, the focus of light had been taken away, and darkness was again falling on Russia. A feeling of hopelessness and great guilt overwhelmed me - I just don't want to live. And this happened several times when similar Messages followed after this one.

Why do this? Hands are dropped because of the realization of a lost Divine opportunity, in anticipation of the collapse of Russia.

The desire to continue to participate in the Joint Readings leaves - there is no point, everything is lost, all good things are behind, we are guilty and damned. So, the dark time for Russia has not ended yet.

What to do?!





The message was given by Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich more than 14 years ago. At that time, indeed, an unprecedented opportunity was open for Russia.

However, due to the incorrect elections by the Russian light-bearers (and in accordance with the Teaching, the nation makes a choice in its best representatives), the Divine opportunity was not implemented.

Therefore, the afterword to the Dictation says that the Divine opportunity for Russia is currently taken away, the Focus of Light is taken from Russia.

Indeed, the highest form of contempt has been manifested and continues to manifest to the Messenger.

Therefore, now the situation in Russia and around the world (since Russia has not fulfilled its Divine Destiny) is aggravated.

The Teaching is very practical, and it explains the reason why, instead of the expected Golden Age, there was a rollback towards the undivine manifestation.

If there was no afterword, then reading the Message of Nicholas Roerich would disorient people, since the Message itself does not take into account what happened during these 14 years.

And in no way could it be explained what is happening now.

So now just the karma of the wrong choice is descending.

Therefore, there is a possibility to learn from your mistakes so as not to repeat them in the future.

Awareness of mistakes, a change of mind, or repentance may facilitate the removal of karma by 50%.

The choices of the light- bearers that were made over the past 14 years cannot be changed ...

But you can learn from mistakes. Yours and others.

No need to blame the blows of the heart. We must accept the situation as it is, and make a change of mind, or repentance.



Good afternoon!

Yesterday I met a woman to give her the book “Word of Wisdom- volume 1”, because she doesn’t have Internet and books, but she reads Rosarys every day. We watched with her the video "Reading the Messages is a very important spiritual work." After watching, she had a question. Her living conditions are such that she is surrounded by a lot of noise: a large construction site under the windows, walking, not always sober people (this is the city center), a dog that needs attention, a neighbor who also needs attention. And all this can happen at any time of the day. And it’s not always possible not to get annoyed. Her question is: What should she do? Because at any moment of reading the Message, an irritating factor may appear. And we are warned that at this moment everything increases in proportion to the number of people participating in the practice. How to deal with it?

Anna, Izhevsk



This is the main point of spiritual practice, so that, despite the external adverse conditions, try to maintain the highest possible level of consciousness.

For at least 40 days. Not missing a single day.

24 hours a day. Therefore, you can find at least an hour of time so that there is relative silence.

If you didn’t succeed, for example, in the morning, tune in, there’s still the day and evening and night ahead ...

In case of a big noise, ask the Archangel Michael and the protection angels to help prevent this noise.

When you manage to achieve alignment with the Higher, then even a very strong noise ceases to interfere.

I also have problems with external noise, since the conditions for receiving Messages are not always suitable ...

For example, during the first cycle of the Messages of the Masters (March 4 - June 30, 2005), I lived in the very center of Omsk. The Masters, of course, did Their defense, but this did not always help.

I remember in May, when Master Morya came to give the Message, I already began to record it. At this time, heavy rock music began to play from the neighbors above. I apologized to Master Morya, left the apartment, went up to the neighbors, rang the doorbell and asked them to turn the music off. I don’t know why, but the music was immediately turned off. And I went down to my floor, went into the apartment and simply continued to receive the Message, without leaving my state.

When receiving the last cycles of the Messages, difficulties also arose. For example, neighbors made repairs and banged on the walls. Such noise was that it was impossible to make an audio recording of the Message. However, the Messages had to be received. That is my duty.

I got up at 4am in the morning, so that before the start of the working day, until 8am, I would be in time to meditate and receive the Message and make its audio recording.

Spiritual practice trains our spiritual muscles, makes us stronger, accustoms us to constancy and develops the quality of aspiration.




People on social networks worry that many new, unprepared people will participate in Co-Reading.

They fear that this may interfere with general practice. Maybe you can take breaks in Readings?



You cannot interrupt sequential Readings!

The whole point here is to read sequentially at least 40 days, without interruption, while maintaining pace, mood and aspiration.

In this case, a habit is formed: to read spiritual texts.

If you read six months at the same pace with the same aspiration, then the habit is fixed and it is already difficult to break it.

Joint Readings is needed, especially for the beginners since in this case it is easier to get personal spiritual advancement on a common wave.

If a person is not ready at all, then he will stop Readings in a week or two. Circumstances will develop or desire will disappear ...

Although Readings is joint, practice is individual, as everyone chooses the time for Readings.

It can vary from day to day. If it did not work out in the morning - we read it in the evening ..




If it was not possible to read the Message on one of the days for a respectful reason. What should we do?



If you missed one day, then the next day you can read two Messages: the one that you missed and the one that everyone reads. Let say one Message in the morning, and another in the evening.