The books of Tatyana N. Mickushina
have been presented at the "Yoga and Wellness"
Exhibition which was held at the end of September
in Toronto
( Canada )




On September 28-29 we participated for the first time in the "Yoga and Wellness Show" which was held in Toronto, Canada.

The first day we were a little disappointed. Yoga classes were constantly held in the exhibition hall and they were accompanied by loud rhythmic music; this yoga was more like intense exercises in the gym.

We were able to maintain the high energy of the Teaching at our booth only by playing the Kunrig mantra throughout the day. However, the vibrations of our booth did not match the environment. Therefore, there was not the usual large influx of visitors to our booth on the first day.

At the end of the first day we were practically drained. Our state was not the same elevated state which we usually had had during exhibitions. And yet, in the evening, we did not forget to thank our Teachers for the experience we gained. Once again, we became convinced of the effect which music has on people and the environment.

This experience was given to us not accidentally, because at the next exhibition in November we will have a presentation entitled “Secrets of Music”. Everyone who approached our booth received а printed invitation to this presentation.

We began the second day, as always, with an appeal for help to the Masters. Then we turned separately to Archangel Michael with a request to put a shield of protection over our booth. We also had to balance energy throughout the day. This helped us to maintain that sublime state of joy and love that comes with the energies of the Masters of Wisdom. But the main thing was that in our hearts there was no judgement or criticism, and we were grateful for the opportunity to spread the Word of Truth. It was probably a test for us to humble ourselves and accept people as they are.

The second day was already different: our inspiration, our happy state, our well-coordinated work returned. More people began to approach our booth. They felt that we were opening hearts and they responded, as a light lit up in their hearts too. We noticed interest in the eyes of the people. Most people who came to us opened a window to new knowledge. There were a few who already knew about the Ascended Masters. Our communication with people was soulful and heartfelt. Meeting old friends from previous exhibitions was especially pleasant. They told us that they enjoyed reading the Dictations of the Masters; they came to buy new books, or to bring their friends.

We were joyful that at this exhibition that new people got access to the Divine Truth, had a chance to bring precious books to their homes, found the Sirius website and learned about Tatyana N. Mickushina, the Messenger of the Ascended Masters.

We are thankful to everyone who supported us with prayers and help,

Valentina, Marianna, Nataliya
Toronto, Ontario, Canada