The books by Tatyana Mickushina
have been presented
at San Mateo County Event Center
in San Mateo, CA
at New Living Expo,
on April 26-28, 2019





Our participation in this year’s New Living Expo in San Mateo, CA was very successful.

In addition to talking to visitors, spreading the Teaching and offering books at the booth and during the presentation, we were able to establish contact and gain support of some influential people.



Thus, on the second day of the expo, Marianne Williamson, a presidential candidate, gave a talk in one of the lecture halls. She is woman with high spiritual and moral ideals, a writer and an activist. She advocates a moral, spiritual awakening of America. According to her words, “Where fear has been harnessed for political purposes, it’s time to harness the power of love.”

After the talk, we presented to Marianne a gift of several books of Tatyana Mickushina’s, as well as “Awareness” magazine with an article about the Messenger and invited her to visit our booth.

To our surprise and joy, Marianne accepted the invitation. She came to our booth, met the rest of the team and expressed her admiration and respect for the grand work that Tatyana N. Mickushina is doing.

Marianne said that she knew who the Ascended Masters of humanity were and was familiar with Their Teaching.

Books by Tatyana N. Mickushina have been presented in San Mateo, at New Living Expo, on April 26-28, 2019

Additionally, as a representative of our team, I was able to give an interview to an online TV channel Expand with Julius. In the interview, I spoke about Ascended Masters, about Tatyana Mickushina as the Messenger of Great White Brotherhood, about Tatyana’s article in the Awareness magazine, and about our upcoming presentation on the impact of music on our psyche and spiritual development. This interview will soon be published across all social media networks to a large audience.

Through these steps we are hoping to introduce the Teaching of the Ascended Masters to a large part of the English-speaking world.

I am greatly thankful to our team members who took part in the expo and assisted with its preparation: Maria, Lina, Grant, Tatyana, Marina, Vlada, Vladimir, Natan, Regina, Yevgeniy, and many others.

I am also grateful to Tatyana N. Mickushina and the Ascended Masters for the opportunity to be a part of the work of Light for the Great White Brotherhood.

With love,



We, our friendly Los Angeles team, came by car to San Mateo to participate and support our international team in the New Life Expo -2019.

During this exhibition, where we presented The Teaching of The Ascended Masters, as transmitted through The Messenger of The Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana Nikolaevna Mickushina, many unique and memorable meetings occurred.

On the second day of the exhibition, Dannion Brinkley visited us. After three near-death experiences, he became a well known soothsayer and visionary, and wrote book “Saved by the Light”.

Tatyana N. Mickushina’s book “Blessed Russia”, includes this quote from Dannion Brinkley: “How the Russian people go, so goes the world. What happens to Russia is the basis for everything that will happen to the economy of the free world.”



We greatly enjoyed speaking with Dannion Brinkley. He said a lot about his friendship with the previous Messengers Elizabeth Claire and Mark Prophet, whom he had personally known for many years.

With great attention and interest, Dannion listened to our story about The Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina and the Teaching of The Ascended Masters, transmitted through her. We gifted him the book “Word of Wisdom”1 and the magazine “Awareness” with an article by Tatyana N. Mickushina for the English-speaking world. Dannion, and our entire team took many pictures to treasure the fond memories of our meeting together.

“Our two great nations have the opportunity to bring Light to the earth. What is at stake is the success of the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood and respect for religious and spiritual freedom. ”- Dannion's words from Tatyana N. Mickushina’s book “Blessed Russia”.

Another joyful event was meeting our fellow exhibitors, like-minded people from “Heart Center”, who approached us with open hearts, and who are followers of the Teachings of the Masters of Wisdom, transmitted through The Messengers Elizabeth Clare and Mark Prophet. They invited us to give a future presentation to a new audience, in their center in San Diego, California, about The Messenger - Tatyana N. Mickushina and The Ascended Master's Teachings. We gladly accepted this offer and presented the “Word of Wisdom 1” to the president of the Heart Center and the “Awareness” magazine with an article about Tatiana Mickushina.

Books by Tatyana N. Mickushina have been presented in San Mateo, at New Living Expo, on April 26-28, 2019

On the final day of the exhibition, another interesting meeting took place. A visitor came to our stand and did not say a word, began to look at the books, one by one ... then her eyes focused on Tatyana N. Mickushina photograph and she asked who it was; we were happy to introduce her to the Messenger of The Ascended Masters and tell about their teaching through her. After learning this, she introduced herself. She was Victoria, the founder, owner and producer of the television spiritual channel “The art of conscious living”. She wants to interview Tatyana N. Mickushina for American television. She gave us her business card, left, then after a while she again returned to us with the same suggestion and desire - to conduct an interview with Tatyana.

Victoria chose “You Love, it Means You Are Alive” from all the books. We also presented her the book “The Messenger” with hope and faith in the heart that this interview will take place and many people in the English-speaking world will be able to learn about the Messenger from Russia and The Ascended Masters’ Teaching transmitted through it!

We thank our excellent team, everyone who helped in deed and prayer, for their sincere support, participation and solidarity! We thank God, The Teachers of mankind for the Divine Opportunity, for Unconditional Love!

We thank The Messenger Tatyana Nikolaevna Mickushina for her invaluable work, for The Teaching, for the opportunity to serve!

Tatiana ( Los Angeles)




Last weekend, on April 26-28, in the state of California, in the suburb of San Francisco - San Mateo, the exhibition “New Living Expo” took place. There were presented books by Tatyana N. Mikushina with the Teaching of the Ascended Masters.

According to many people approaching us, our stand radiated Divine Light and Energy, so necessary in this difficult time for the planet.

The Masters’ images also attracted a lot of attention from our visitors. Besides recognizing Mother Mary and Jesus, particular attention was given to the images of Saint-Germain, Sanat Kumara, as well as the image of Helena Blavatsky.

It was a surprise and discovery at the same time, when a group of people from Peru was simply chained to Her Image.

Books by Tatyana N. Mickushina have been presented in San Mateo, at New Living Expo, on April 26-28, 2019

When we got into conversation, we found out that our guests are reading “Secret Doctrine,” and simply delighted with this Teaching.

Filled with joy, they acquired not only the Images of the Lady Theosophy, but also recommended by us the book “Good and Evil. An individual interpretation of The Secret Doctrine by Helena P. Blavatsky".

Happiness overwhelmed them.

It was very pleasant and joyful to see the younger generation, which was also attracted to our stand.

A Russian girl, born and living in Canada, wanted to buy some books for her mother, and, picking up the book “El Morya,” began to cry, explaining that this Master's words touched her so much, that she simply could not control her feelings, suddenly surging within her.

It was a very emotional moment not only for her, but for our entire team.

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart our wonderful team - the international “Sirius” Center, for organizing and helping to prepare and hold this exhibition!

Many thanks to God, the Masters, Dear Tatyana N. Mickushina!

With Love,
Marina (Los Angeles)


The New Living Expo in Northern California was truly magical. It was especially gratifying that its last day fell on the holiday of Orthodox Easter. The presence of Jesus was felt throughout.

Books by Tatyana N. Mickushina have been presented in San Mateo, at New Living Expo, on April 26-28, 2019

Our spiritual family is growing and strengthening. What a joy to be with like-minded friends, uniting in a joint Service, spreading the Divine Teaching of the Ascended Masters, transmitted through our beloved Teacher Tatyana N. Mickushina!

Many guests of our booth asked questions about where our center is, where they could come.

The meeting with a disabled woman Natalia sank into our hearts.

She turned out to be a true Warrior of the Spirit. Doctors said that with her illness Natalya could live no more than one or two years, but her positive attitude and faith in God allowed her to live for 5 years and she continues to fight for her life.

Natalia's eyes lit up at the mere mentioning of the Teaching of the Ascended Masters.

She was also very interested in the topic of the effect of music on human health. Despite her condition, Natalya showed a great desire to attend the events that we held and subscribed to our newsletter. At the end of the conversation, we gave a few books to Natalia as a gift and she was very grateful for that.

At this Exhibition, we first reached out to such a large audience with a particularly relevant and important topic, like Music.

More than 60 people came to the presentation: “The power of music – to create or destroy.” There were not enough seats in the hall and many guests had to stand.

Books by Tatyana N. Mickushina have been presented in San Mateo, at New Living Expo, on April 26-28, 2019

The audience was listening very carefully. We realized that many people feel the importance of this topic and suffer from omnipresent undivine music, but no one dares to speak about it openly.

At the end of the lecture, we held an action of presenting books "The Secrets of Music". People happily accepted these gifts.

Many useful and interesting contacts were established at this exhibition.

We used the opportunity to present the Teaching of the Ascended Masters and the Messenger Tatyana N. Mikushina to people who are well-known in America who also took part in the work of this exhibition and gave lectures. Some of them were already familiar with the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, and with joy and gratitude they accepted books and other printed materials as a gift.

Participation in exhibitions and meeting with our beloved spiritual family is always a Feast for our souls!

With Joy, Gratitude and Love!


Books by Tatyana N. Mickushina have been presented in San Mateo, at New Living Expo, on April 26-28, 2019

Our participation in the San Mateo exhibition was incredibly successful and fruitful and we can say with great joy that America, in the person of its best representatives, is opening up to the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, given to humanity by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana N. Mickushina!

We have not seen in any of the previous exhibitions so much attention and interest to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and Their Messenger.

From everything that we experienced through these three unforgettable magical days, we all had a clear feeling that there are huge changes in the minds of the advanced part of the people inhabiting this country, and we need to work hard to ensure that these processes acquire stable, increasing character!

Our wonderful team was the embodiment of unity and cohesion, the spirit of Love, mutual understanding and respect for each other!

We left this place on Earth with a light feeling of hope for new meetings and new achievements!

Peace, Light and Love to every soul!

With Love from my heart, Gratitude and a low bow to God, the Ascended Masters, the Beloved Teacher Tatyana N. Mickushina, Tatyana Martynenko and to all our like-minded friends from around the world for their help, support, trust and the opportunity to serve the good of evolution on our beautiful planet!