The balance on the planet now depends on Us.


To the International Day of Mother Earth




1. About the holiday.

In 2009, the United Nations Organization approved April 22nd as a date honoring the planet. The official holiday is called the International Day of Mother Earth.

But the celebration was born in the 20th century, and for many years it formed their traditions: rallies and bell ringing, calling to peacekeeping; cleaning and gardening of the streets; concerts, songs festivals, Exhibitions, dedicated to ecological problems; sports races and marathons and other promotions.

The urgency of this holiday has no doubts. Scientists have calculated that humanity with it’s modern, barbaric, consumeristic attitude toward nature has left to live from 300 to 1000 years.

Let’s try to see the situation established on Earth from the point of view of the Masters of Wisdom, and the Teaching of the Masters, transmitted through Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina, and understand, how is it possible to rectify the situation.



2. Earth is a planet where we evolve.

We often say that Earth is our home. And although our true Home, and our true Motherland exists on completely different planes of being, the Earth is really presently our temporary shelter- a physical platform for our physical bodies without our souls could not evolve.

For thousands of years, Higher Forces have kept the Earth in balance. If this balance is irreversibly disturbed, the planet may not only lose resources or turn into a cesspool, it may disappear altogether. A similar experience has taken place already in our Solar System. Then, where will we develop?


“Every year… the Karmic Board receives Divine Energy as a credit on the Great Central Sun so that the evolutions of planet Earth can have a platform on which they will be able to evolve.

Each time we manage to convince the Higher Council of the Universe to provide energy. However, I know examples of other planets that when the moment came, the release of Divine energy for the maintenance of the physical platform was stopped. The planet was broken into pieces in a few seconds. The belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter is the memorial of the imprudent civilizations of a destroyed planet. ”

Elohim Hercules, December 26, 2009



3. Critical situation.

The Masters of Wisdom are ringing the alarm, They tell us that the Earth is now in a very difficult position and experiencing a terrible overload, related to the impact of our “ the so-called civilization “.

"Now you are at the turning point. And humanity has been balancing at this point of its development for two hundred years."

Kuthumi, June12, 2010


“In fact, the destiny of the lifestreams that are evolving on planet Earth is being determined now…

The life on the planet has deviated too much from the Divine course…

Necessary and adequate measures must be taken immediately…”

Lord Surya, December 22, 2014


“…you are probably following the news that report about the increase in seismic activity on the planet.

These processes can be explained. When the vibrations of the planet are rising, but people’s consciousness restrains the increase of the vibrations, then centers of tension are formed in the subtle field of Earth. These centers are manifested on the physical plane in the form of seismic activity, hurricanes, and technological disasters.

You need to understand that we are not the cause of all these problems. They are caused solely by the negative energies generated by humanity.”

Master Hilarion, January 18, 2010


The situation on the planet is so tense that in March 2007 Gautama Buddha- the Master who is responsible for balance on our planet,- asked us for help and asked us to make a special call to stabilize the situation:

“ I am asking you for help that can be rendered by all of you who are reading this Message of mine.

The moment you read my call for help in this Message, without any delay, pronounce the following call in your heart, or aloud:

"O Earth, I know that it is a hard time for you, I know that you need my help today. I am asking my Higher Self, in the name of I AM THAT I AM, to give the Divine Energy that comes into my body-temple today, for the stabilization of the situation on Earth.”

Thousands of you who are ready for such sacrifice will be able to change the situation on planet Earth in an instant.

I recommend you to make this call during any cataclysms or natural disasters that happen to planet Earth”.

Gautama Buddha, March 7, 2007



4. The connection between cataclysms and the low level of human consciousness.

The Teaching indicates a direct connection between planetary disasters and the level of people’s consciousness.

“Cataclysms, manifestation of aggression in the form of acts of terrorism, wars, and revolutions — all of these are the consequences of an unbalanced state of consciousness of the people on Earth. You know this, and you have heard this Teaching many times on how to avoid cataclysms on the planet.

There is a direct and permanent connection between the state of consciousness of people and various disasters that occur on the planet. When people’s consciousness deteriorates, cataclysms increase. This is a part of the process of interconnection of all living things. Therefore, the task of the Ascended Masters and my task as the goddess of Mercy and Compassion are to minimize those inevitable consequences that are caused by the imperfect consciousness of people”.

Beloved Quan Yin, June 24, 2011

“One imperfect thought or feeling attracts the same according to the vibration. And after a while, a hurricane of negative energy is formed that is manifested later in the physical plane in the form of real hurricanes and cataclysms.

At first, there was only one thought that caused a horrible cataclysm”.

Beloved Alpha, December 29, 2009

If we consider that negative thoughts do not immediately settle on the physical plane, then you can imagine how much more disasters and cataclysms are ahead of us. Therefore, the sooner we understand this connection between our thinking and the disasters occurring on the physical plane, and begin to change our thoughts, the sooner the process of a gradual return to balance will begin.



5. How the Beings of Light keep the balance on the planet.

Karma generated by humanity, according to the Masters of Wisdom, can destroy the planet in a fraction of a second. Elohim Hercules states:

“If I had not kept the balance on the planet with all my might and power, the planet would have been broken into pieces long ago, like a walnut crushed under a huge rock”.

Elohim Hercules, December 26, 2009

The cleaning work of our planet is carried out by various Being of Lights.

Every minute humanity generates a huge amount of astral and mental debris. The whole army of Angels and Elementals is literally choking on incredible efforts to clean our Earth.

“ We help you mostly through the elemental kingdom, through the elements of air, fire, water, and earth. With your behavior you deprive us of an opportunity to give you a helping hand.

Every time you lose equilibrium, you are like a small volcano. Everything around you begins shaking, and elemental life longs to move away from you because your vibrations do not let elemental beings come near you”.

Beloved Mother Mary, July 9, 2009

“ Imagine how Earth and the elementals who maintain the order on Earth and look after the planet feel, bearing all the violence over nature that is committed in your world.

Only the influence of one loudspeaker, working at high volume, spreading the irregular beat of rock music, is enough for thousands of elementals to be shocked, and instead of fulfilling their duties connected with keeping order on the planet, they become ill or even die <…>

Your actions, words, thoughts, and feelings exist in the subtle world as astral clichés. And in order to cleanse the planet from all of the human garbage accumulated on the subtle plane, an army of angels, elementals, and volunteers from other worlds is needed, as well as the best representatives of humankind who use their sleep during these long nights to participate in the cleaning of their native planet. In the morning they wake up exhausted, as if they didn't have that sleep at all. In fact, in their finer bodies those volunteers have been doing the hard work of cleansing the subtle planes of planet Earth from human garbage and have been giving help to ill elementals.

Today I have revealed to you the work being done by Beings of Light to cleanse your planet from the garbage of human thoughts and feelings. If this work was stopped even for a day, nothing would remain of planet Earth. It would cease to exist like many other planets that perished under the influence of non-divine civilizations”.

Lord Surya, December 22, 2007



6. Balance on the planet depends on us now.

The Masters know that people will finally mature and begin to part with the manifestations of their ego, which are not safe for the rest of their life on Earth. And this is the first step we can take.

The second step will be our conscious help in maintaining a harmonious atmosphere. The time has come to examine our maturity.

“ Not only in Heaven is it determined whether the next cataclysm happens or not. Heavens can always hold back any cataclysm. But the energy that is spent on holding back that cataclysm should be justified and compensated.<…>

Start doing real work on balancing the planet.<…>

You know that there were a lot of such periods in the past when the situation on the planet was critical; and every time, Cosmic Beings or the Masters came to help the planet and sacrificed their causal bodies and saved the planet.

Now the situation has changed, and saving the planet must be accomplished with your efforts.

The time has come to examine the maturity of those souls that are incarnated on the planet now”.

Beloved Maha Chohan, December 18, 2005

“The whole situation on the planet is in your hands. You share the entire responsibility with the Hierarchy for what takes place on your planet. You are part of the Hierarchy.

Every link should take upon itself a share of the burden”.

Beloved Alpha, December 29, 2009

“ The only way out of this unfavorable situation and impasse is a rapid change in the consciousness of the incarnated humanity, a rapid positive and qualitative leap of consciousness where the bulk of humankind rises to a new level of consciousness”.

Beloved Quan Yin, June 24, 2011



7. What can we do? How to do it?

The Teaching that the Masters of Wisdom gave people at the beginning of the 21st century are aimed not only to describe the current situation on the planet Earth, but first of all to give us recommendations on how we can change this negative situation. “Changing our consciousness” is the basis of the Teaching.

Tips and practical guidance are provided in almost every Message. And the most important of them is to maintain a positive attitude in our thoughts and to keep the sublime feelings of Love and Joy in your heart.

“…each of you is part of the energy system of planet Earth. The frequency that you vibrate at during most of the day affects the general energy field of the planet.

When negative thoughts and feelings take hold of you, you become a generator of negative energy; you support all the imperfections of your world; you give your vote for the destruction of the planet.

By contrast, when you can retain Love and Joy in your heart despite the negative influences from the outside, you submerge yourself into the positive energies of rejuvenation and create a positive mindset that works for the entire planet”.

Lord Surya, December 22, 2014

The Masters emphasize that it is not enough just not to show negative thoughts and feelings on the outside, it’s necessary that they are absent inside. You need to be prudent and cautious about your inner peace, because

“…further evolution will be more dependent on your inner states.

Therefore, when you do not show any negative reactions but you have negative thoughts and feelings inside of you, it is just as destructive to the world as if you were throwing nuclear bombs.

With more refinement taking place on the planet, your thoughts and feelings gain larger influences — a much larger influence than your words and actions.

Prudence and caution are the qualities that you have to acquire. But you acquire these qualities automatically if devotion to the Will of God and a desire to serve your neighbor based on the feeling of unconditional Love are present inside of you”.

Beloved Alpha, December 29, 2009

The Masters give us the image of the battle between Light and darkness, and the image of us- spiritual warriors, knights, who must act not only by the power of prayer but also by concrete actions on the physical plane.



“ Many of you are constantly submerged in defective states of consciousness. It is quite understandable because the entire situation around you is not Divine, and it prevents you from coming in resonance with the Divine world.

That is exactly why we constantly provide an image of a knight, a warrior, a spiritual warrior in our Messages.

That is exactly why we make the analogy of a battle.

Practically, that is how it is in reality. A giant battle is taking place on the planet between the Light and the darkness, between the negative energies of the past and the new energies of rejuvenation that are coming down to the planet from the Higher worlds.

We say to you, You need to take action!

We are calling on you to direct all your efforts to maintaining inner balance and harmony.

When your spiritual level allows it, you can extinguish any negativity from the surrounding environment with the power of your prayer.

However, there are very few people who are examples of a high spiritual level.

For the rest of the people, concrete actions in the physical plane are needed in order to achieve and maintain a positive mindset”.

Lord Surya, December 22, 2014

But any action must have the right motive, otherwise it can create a completely opposite effect. That’s why the Masters repeatedly emphasize the importance of the purity of the motive.

“ Not all actions in the physical plane will bring positive results in the form of working off your karma.

…Only when you are driven by the right motive will your actions result in working off karma and creating positive conditions for the development of Life on Earth.

When you are driven by a wrong motive, you get involved in karmic activities and continue to produce karma.

The right motive is to work for the Common Good and Service to Life.

The wrong motive is everything that makes you pursue any aims that belong to the physical plane: fame, money, respect, attaining pleasures, or fulfilling desires”.

Lord Surya, December 22, 2014

To create a harmonious atmosphere on the planet, the Masters of Wisdom advise us to use any opportunity to be in nature, listen to its silence, and enjoy its beauty. And also, to preserve and create harmonious and right images around us.



“ You should tirelessly purify your subtle bodies with prayer and fasting, walks in nature, and by association with children and animals. Contemplate on beauty, and under the influence of beauty you will change your inner state. Nothing has the same effect on a person as beauty and nature. Preserve and cultivate proper patterns in your lives. Try to have everything that surrounds you fill you with harmony and beauty”.

Beloved El Morya, July 21, 2006

“ You will not be able to live in your cities, and you will rush to be in nature. You won't be able to listen to your music but rather to the sounds of nature.

You won't be able to eat your food; instead you will have to look for and find other high vibration food and turn to the Sun’s energy and to the vibrations of Divine Love in the end.

Everything that seems fantastic and unacceptable in my words will soon be your life style. Believe me and the experience of the other systems of worlds”.

I AM THAT I AM, December 28, 2006


* * *


The Masters say that everything on our planet will change:

“…management structures and government institutions. If the Golden Age is planned for humankind, then it must be fulfilled”.

Confucius, December 16, 2009

But positive changes on the planet and in society can come only through positive changes from within the people themselves. There is no need to try to change the external situation. It only makes sense to change yourself. Because external changes are determined by the change of our consciousness.

“ Everything is in your power, and everything can be achieved through the change of your consciousness”.

Beloved Hilarion, July 16, 2006



Article prepared by Elena Ilyina.

The author thanks Irina Kuznetsova for her help in selecting quotes from the “Book of Wisdom “ by Tatyana N. Mickushina.