My Greatest Discovery –
The Divine World is Right Where I Am
and Where Each of Us Are[1]

By Tatyana N. Mickushina


Tatyana N. Mickushina

Tatyana N. Mickushina
Photo courtesy of Tatyana Martynenko.

Angels and Miracles” are everywhere and you can also experience them in your own lives. Tatyana N. Mickushina shares her very personal experience of connecting with and receiving the Divine Messages from over 50 Ascended Masters, many of whom readers may already be familiar with: Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, El Morya, Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint- Germain, all continuing in the tradition of the Theosophical Society, A Bridge to Freedom, Saint Germain Foundation, and The Summit Lighthouse.

What is unique about this current Teaching of the Ascended Masters is that it has been delivered specifically for humanity today, in our modern world... These Higher Cosmic Beings dwell on a subtler plane of existence, yet they extend their helping hand to humanity at this crucial time, in order to remind us of the Laws of the Universe, which have been forgotten in our modern world. The Teaching presented here is that very Law of Universe and everyone will find something different in it, something very needed and close to their heart.

The Messages cover important topics like the Law of Karma and Reincarnation, the need for Compassion, Mercy, and Unconditional Love.

Almost 500 enlightening Dictations have been received since March of 2004 when Tatyana Mickushina was granted the Mantle of Messenger, and she continues to be guided directly by the Ascended Masters.

Each Message delivers Divine Wisdom and Divine Energy directly to those reading them. This is the “Miracle” in Tatyana Mickushina’s life, which she is sharing with all of humanity, in order to help all of us raise our consciousness at this critical time in human history.

You too can experience “Angels and Miracles” by reading, comprehending and following the simple instructions provided in this incredible Teaching – it can change your life!


I was born in the southern region of Western Siberia, in the city of Omsk, in a state that does not exist now - the Soviet Union.

My whole life has evolved beyond my desires and aspirations, as if by itself.

I did not aspire to God. However, at the age of fifteen, I experienced a sports related injury, and due to multiple doctors’ mistakes, began to die. I had sepsis, a common blood infection. I was dying for about one week. And then, quite unexpectedly, I began to get better.

When I came to my senses, I suddenly, clearly realized that I had returned from another world. And I felt so good in that world, much better than in the surrounding physical world. Two ideas took hold of me: the first idea, I realized that God exists and I must find Him, and the second one is that I must learn.

However, in the society that I was living in, it was claimed that there is no God. Therefore, I could not find anywhere to obtain knowledge about God.

I graduated with honors from a technical University and worked in a construction office designing space technology for 13 years.

Then Perestroika began, and the salary stopped coming. I studied as an accountant and worked as a chief accountant in a small business for 10 years.

In 1997, I found the Teaching of the American organization, The Summit Lighthouse. I visited several events of this organization, which were held in Russia.

Many of the people I knew wanted to be messengers and receive dictations from the Masters. I did not want that, but I was thinking more and more often about my realization at the age of fifteen: I had to find God.

In 2000, a person appeared in my life who offered to teach me how to meditate. I did not want to meditate.

However, after numerous persistent requests from this person, I agreed to try.

Literally in a couple of months, I started hearing my Higher Self, and then I started hearing my Teacher on the subtle plane. One Teacher followed another: Kuthumi, Sanat Kumara, Surya, Maitreya, Lord Shiva and more. During the meditations, there was enormous work occurring within my consciousness and sub-consciousness. I was taught to hear the Masters. I started hearing better and better.

It had taken the Masters three years to open my chakras, and to tune up my system of chakras.

In 2002, in the span of four months, I underwent a great test. If I was offered now, to go through this test again, I would not be able to. I was completely destroyed. Sometimes I did not even have the strength to prepare meal for myself.

Before the beginning of the year 2003, Lord Maitreya came, and in His presence, I suddenly felt an extraordinary humility before the will of God. I realized that I was only a small grain of sand in God’s hands. He loves me endlessly. And I love Him.

When during three consecutive meditations, I managed to achieve such state of humility, the test was over.

I continued to meditate. These were absolutely amazing meditations. One day I reached a completely blissful state, when everything is achieved, and there is nowhere else to go - the state of complete peace and happiness. I did not feel my body. The only thing I wanted was to remain in this state. But then it was all over.

It was my greatest discovery: the Divine world is right where I am and each of us are. Only our level of consciousness, our vibrations separates us from this world.

The whole Path to God is not outside. It is inside.

In 2004, during meditation, I learned that I was granted the Mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood.

The Great White Brotherhood is a name of the community of Beings of Light who have reached the next stage of evolutionary development. They are dwelling in the more subtle spheres of Existence. The word “Great” refers to the high degree of spiritual attainment of these Beings. The word “White” symbolizes the perfectly pure-white glow of the auras of these Beings of Light. The word “Brotherhood” speaks of a completely different principle in the relationship between these Beings of Light. They are continually in a state of Love and oneness with each other, and with the Creator of this universe.

The Mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood is granted to individuals who have received special training - those whom the Brotherhood entrusts in representing Their interests on the physical plane. The Mantle ensures the highest degree of accuracy, using a special technique to receive and transmit the Messages from Beings of the Higher Spheres of Existence, to humanity.

I wrote about this event in my diary and forgot about it for a while. I thought that if I really have been given the Mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, then it must manifest itself on the physical plane.

About that time, I was communicating with a woman from the United States. She was receiving dictations from the Ascended Masters at the time, and was able to connect with them. Once, in our correspondence I told her that I had been given the mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood.

At that time, I worked as an accountant, and it seemed to me that I lived in two worlds simultaneously: during meditations I was in the Divine world, and the rest of the time I was an ordinary accountant.

On August 31, 2004, I was fired from my job under a completely ridiculous pretext: I missed a letter in a payment order.

I was 46 years old. I registered with the employment service, but I was not hired because of my age. It was impossible to find a job because I was “too old.”

On March 3, 2005, I received a correspondence from my acquaintance in the U.S. who wrote and informed me that Master Morya had come to her and said that my Mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood is becoming active and I should start receiving dictations from the Masters.

I wrote back that I heard the Masters, but I never received dictations from Them. Then she wrote to me again.

It was morning in America and late night in my time-zone. I wrote that if the Masters come to me to give dictations, she will be the first person to know, then I fell asleep. The next day when I began to meditate, Sanat Kumara came to me. I saw the whole room filled with a yellow-pink glowing mist. Sanat Kumara said that He wanted to give a Message through me.

I said that I would be happy to receive it, but I had the flu and a head cold.

He said, “I am sending a ray of healing.” A minute later, I had no cold, and all signs of the flu disappeared.

I received the first Message from the Masters on March 4, 2005.

The Masters continued to send messages each day after that. I began receiving one Message per day, from more than 50 different Masters, Beings of Light, coming from different worlds.

A month passed and I continued to go to the employment service, but there was no work for me.

My money was coming to an end, and I was forced to ration my food. I ate half a cup of oatmeal in the morning, and half a cup of buckwheat or rice in the evening.

And the dictations continued to come every day, without a break. A condition the Masters gave was to place the dictations on my website “Sirius” the same day the message arrived.

I could not understand on my own how all this was happening, and whether there was any value in what I was writing down. I was embarrassed by the fact that my acquaintance in the U.S., after the first five dictations received by me, wrote that I should stop receiving dictations, as I was supposedly receiving them from my sub-consciousness.

I began to turn to friends, and they sent me to their acquaintances, clairvoyants. Everyone whom I addressed confirmed that the Messages I received are truly of Divine origin.

The dictations continued: March, April, May and June. In early June, it became difficult for me to maintain a working rhythm. I got up in the morning, and I had only one thought: I had to receive a dictation. The evening came quickly, and I had one thought: I had to receive a dictation tomorrow.

It was a very difficult four months of intensive work, because it was necessary to hear what was not heard and see what was not visible.

Yet it was only the first cycle of the Messages that the Masters gave through me.

Then there were twelve more years of the same hard work.

I could not live in the city anymore. Thanks to the help of people, I managed to build a house near Omsk.




I received the Messages in this house until 2012.

On April 19, 2012, a wooden fence around my house was set on fire, from four sides. The fire quickly spread to the pine and birch trees. The height of the flame was more than 10 meters. It was a wall of smoke and fire.

There were 5 people with me who rushed to help me. We had to hide from the fire inside the house, because there was a strong heat and smoke outside.

I went up to the attic to get my things. However, I heard the siding snapping off from the fire, under the roof. There was also foam under the siding. All these materials were highly flammable, and when they burned the smoke was toxic. And then I realized that we could all perish, it was unavoidable.

I remembered to ask God for help. I began to shout: “Archangel Michael! Help me! Help me! Help me!”

After several calls, I realized that the siding had ceased to snap, and the noise of fire seemed to have subsided. Later, I saw a pine tree, which touched the siding in the attic with its branches, suddenly stop burning. The traces of the fire reached the lower branches, and the lower branches were burned, but the fire on the pine tree went out itself; it had not been extinguished.

The fact that we were saved was just a miracle.

At the insistence of the Masters, I had to leave Russia. I moved all the time looking for a place where I could work and receive the Messages.

In total, I have received about 500 Messages, and over 70 books have been written. Many books have been translated into English, German, Bulgarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Armenian, and other languages.

I would like people to understand through the Messages I have received that God is right where we are. And only the level of our vibrations separates us from Him.

In fact, we are all God in incarnation. Through each of us, God manifests Himself.

Tatyana Mickushina
Light and Love!


Elohim Cyclopea - Member Of The Karmic Board

[1] We are pleased to share this very special article written by Tatyana N. Mickushina, recently featured in Awareness Magazine. This heartfelt and revealing story of the Messenger’s early life was shared for the first time with American readers.

Awareness Magazine has been enlightening Southern California truth-seekers and light-bearers for over 25 years with fascinating and informative articles and products all designed to bring higher vibrations to the Planet at this time. Over 40,000 magazines are distributed at multiple locations in Southern California including: Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange County, San Diego, Ventura County and the Inland Empire. The publication also has satellite distribution in Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii and over 2500 on-line subscribers.

We are fortunate to have this article featuring the Messenger, Tatyana N. Mickushina in the current issue of Awareness Magazine. We hope that you will share it with others. To view the article, please visit: