The books by Tatyana N. Mickushina
were presented at a special event on Sunday,
December 9, 2018
at the RUAH Center in Naperville,
Illinois (USA).



The RUAH Center's goal is to guide everyone who comes through their door to reconnect with the Spirit power within, and to remember their true essence — Perfect Divine Love.



The books of Tatyana N. Mickushina have been presented on December 8, 2018 at the special event in USA! Mystic Journey bookstore, Los Angeles, California The books of Tatyana N. Mickushina have been presented on December 8, 2018 at the special event in USA! Mystic Journey bookstore, Los Angeles, California


The energy and the environment was very peaceful. It is a warm and welcoming place, and it was beautifully decorated for the coming holiday season. The presentation at this facility offered all of us a short respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life during the busy year-end time filled with distractions. There was much excitement in the room as we gathered greeting familiar friends and meeting new friends.

From a broader perspective, the timing of the presentation could not have been any better. December is a month filled with love. The New Moon on December 7th gave us the opportunity to align ourselves with the direction of our soul’s growth bringing joy, renewal, and clarity. December 8th is celebrated in many countries around the world as the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Mother Mary told us that “…every year on the 8th of December from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. local time you can dedicate your time to communication with me. I will accept any manifestation of your Love and gratitude. I will abide with you during the whole Hour of Mercy.” (Mother Mary, December 8, 2007.)

These events energized the presentation on the special topic “Ascended Masters’ Messages on Happiness.” Even before the presentation began, one guest mentioned that the energy was so strong that he had to lean on something to stay still. The presentation was very inspiring and encouraged us to find happiness in the world today through the Teaching of the Ascended Masters. Gautama Buddha told us, “…many of you are not happy only because you are lacking the knowledge of Truth…the Teaching that we are giving is the Teaching that will bring you happiness.” (Gautama Buddha, July 10, 2006.) At this time of year it is particularly important to think about the Teaching from Beloved Zarathustra, “When you need to acquire something in order to be happy…you will never achieve happiness. ... Happiness is the state of your consciousness.” (Beloved Zarathustra, June 28, 2009.)

After the presentation everyone was feeling very delighted. One person said that when there is such a huge outpouring of Light, it makes them giggle. One lady said that her state of consciousness was so elevated, she couldn’t think or talk right away; she needed some time to come back to Earth.

Over the next two weeks, let’s remember that the Karmic Board is in session as we prepare for the winter solstice on December 21st (in the Northern Hemisphere). Also, since karma is descending more actively at the end of the year, don’t miss the opportunity on the 23rd to work off karma by doing spiritual practices.

The whole Chicago Team expresses their Gratitude and Love to Tatyana, the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, for her Service in bringing the Messages to us. At events like this, where we gather as a group to hear the words of the Ascended Masters and reflect on their meaning, we feel the strong presence of Divine Love. We are grateful to the entire Team who contributes to creating the presentation, organizing and advertising the venue, attends the presentation, updates the website, and to those who remember us in their prayers.

May your Christmas and New Year be filled with Divine Light, Love, and Unity! God Bless!