On Karma descending at the end of the year



Gautama Buddha
January 1, 2007

…Every time a new annual cycle begins, we come to give you instructions related to the new cycle of time.

You know that a yearly cycle is subject to the operation of the Law of Karma in such a way that karma descends not in one lump but is spun out throughout the whole yearly period. Every month you receive the return of a certain amount of karma. This way you have an opportunity to work off your past karma gradually, year after year and month after month. If you had a chance to immediately work off the entire amount of your karma (your negative energy, the energy you distorted in your previous lives), you would not be able to endure it. Your bodies would be torn to shreds momentarily. That is why the action of the Law is such that every moment of your life you are given a chance to come to grips with the exact amount of negative energy of your past that you can cope with at that moment. You are never given more than you can endure. Therefore, you are simply required to be reconciled to the Law of this universe and to wait humbly for the return of the karmic energy that you created yourselves and that is given to you in cycles in order to be worked off.

A new year is considered by convention to be the beginning of the working off of a new layer of the energies of the past. By completing year after year successfully, you work off your past karma and charge toward a new level of consciousness. And if it were not for the new karma that you are tirelessly creating, just a few years would be enough for you to get free from the lion’s share of your past karma.

But not all of you can sensibly dispose of your Divine energy and the time of your embodiment. That is why for many of you the amount of negative energy that you work off through suffering, diseases, and misfortunes is immediately replenished with new karma that you are untiringly creating by wrong actions and wrong choices in your lives.

If it were not for the Divine mercy, you would be completely deprived of an opportunity to progress onward because many of you are creating such huge karma in your lives.

However, owing to the Divine mercy, this karma does not return to you at once, but is waiting for a favorable opportunity when you are able to meet with the negative energy of the past and not only withstand your karmic burden but also think over the reason why so many misfortunes rain thick upon you all at once. In such a way many of you will be able to comprehend the existence of the Supreme Law and will wish to aspire with all your being to obey this Law...



Beloved Kuthumi
December 19, 2005

…when the annual cycle is nearly over, you come up against a slightly different situation. It might happen that the karma, which has been returning to you during the year in accordance with the Cosmic Law, has not been worked off by you as much as required by the Law. Imagine that during this particular one-year cycle other people have also not been able to work off their karma by making right choices, praying, or committing good deeds.

In this case, at the end of the year an accumulation of surplus karma takes place that looms over humanity and is ready to descend in the form of various states inherent to humankind: diseases, depression, hunger, or in the form of various cataclysms and natural disasters…

That is why it is so important to maintain increased discipline of your consciousness at the end of the year. It is very helpful for you to consciously impose limitations upon yourselves (such as fasting, practicing silence, prayer vigils, or helping the poor and underprivileged) that you can bring as a sacrifice to the altar of Service.

In this case, you create additional good karma that in the most extreme circumstances can be used for the purpose of balancing the situation on the planet…

If your consciousness is not ready for such service, it is rather possible that you will perceive our requests as an unreasonable intimidation.

However, let's reason upon this together. What is the alternative? How else to liquidate the excessive masses of negative energy accumulated on the planet? Do you think a miracle will happen and all the energy that you have not been able to work off in the given one-year period will just miraculously vanish?

All such miracles, even if they did happen in the past, always required a great amount of additional energy. This energy was granted to your planet either from the cosmic reserves or from the causal bodies of the Ascended Masters.

Now picture a company that shows a net loss from year to year. The owner of the company borrows funds from other companies — profitable ones — and covers the loss, and that can last for some period of time. But there comes a time when the owner realizes that the loss is not a random occurrence but is connected with the negligence of the employees of this company.

So, a good owner can either make his employees work better or close the company.

The measures being taken by the Ascended Hosts now are aimed at encouraging the best representatives of mankind to work better. You do not want to lose your workplace — your planet if using the above analogy — do you?…

When karma descends upon you, most commonly you are unable to observe the cause and effect relationship between the actions you committed and their consequences that descend upon you in the form of different misfortunes and illnesses. And you exclaim: Why, Lord?! instead of accepting with humility everything that God sends your way.

Believe me, God is very merciful. The karma that descends upon you returns to you in the easiest possible way.

If you had an opportunity to understand which of your actions burden you with this or that type of karmic responsibility, then you would thank God for allowing you to so mercifully work off what you deserve from what you yourselves committed in the past.

There are several ways of working off your karma.

The first way is not to create karma at all.

The second way is to work off your karma by making right choices.

The third way is to work off your karma by accepting with humility any situation that you get into.

And, finally, you can mitigate your karmic burden by praying and true repentance.

This is what we suggest you should do intensely during the time remaining until the end of this year…



Sanat Kumara
June 1, 2010

…When humankind is able to realize the whole fullness of responsibility for everything that happens on Earth, we will be able to breathe with relief. So long as humankind has the consciousness level of a child, we are forced to take care of it and watch that the children of Earth, because of their thoughtlessness, do not make such a mess that life on the planet becomes impossible…

And those people who are thoughtful and analytical could notice that the situation on the planet becomes more strained every day. And practically ceaseless earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, military conflicts, acts of terrorism, social explosions, and coups that happen here and there on the globe give clues about the situation on the planet.

It seems to you that it is natural and there is nothing unusual in it. Indeed, all those features of undeveloped human consciousness have existed before. They have existed for several hundred years. But the frequency and the scale of those negative phenomena and those negative forces that stand behind those phenomena have never been so large.

Let me tell you that my memory is much better than the memory of currently incarnated humans of Earth. And I have an opportunity to look into the Akashic Records and compare your situation with any of the situations that have ever existed on Earth. The result of that comparison won’t be in favor of the current situation. We, the Ascended Realm, need more and more energy to hold the situation on the planet and to prevent the most horrible occurrence for humankind in which the physical platform itself would become destroyed…



Elohim Hercules
December 26, 2009

…There are especially many inconsiderate things at the end of the year when people celebrate the New Year.I have to tell you that it takes only several days of such a celebration to create the same amount of karma that is created during the rest of the year. Therefore, before celebrating, think about which form is more suitable for you to do. Probably, it is better to change the traditional holiday concept of indispensable and uncontrollable drinking and gluttony.

If I had not kept the balance on the planet with all my might and power, the planet would have been broken into pieces long ago, like a walnut crushed under a huge rock. At present, the karma of humankind can destroy the planet in a fraction of a second.Every year at this difficult time of year, the Karmic Board receives Divine Energy as a credit on the Great Central Sun so that the evolutions of planet Earth can have a platform on which they will be able to evolve.

Each time we manage to convince the Higher Council of the Universe to provide energy. However, I know examples of other planets that when the moment came, the release of Divine energy for the maintenance of the physical platform was stopped. The planet was broken into pieces in a few seconds. The belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter is the memorial of the imprudent civilizations of a destroyed planet.

Some of the representatives of this planet found shelter on Earth. And they, some of them, continue doing the same things, apparently believing in their immortality and impunity.

You, the humankind of Earth, continue your evolution thanks to the unlimited grace of Heavens. And if I were you, I would thank the Heavens 24 hours a day in all your temples for all the time remaining until the New Year.

If you prayed and meditated at least 10 percent of the time that you spend on entertainment, the Karmic Board would have arguments for the Central Sun. However, this is not done. Do think about it…



Gautama Buddha
December 25, 2006

…The time is very stressful, and the turn of the year is a time of special importance and complexity. It is at the turn of the solar cycle that we come and give you our training, since everything we plant on the growing sun will germinate in spring and summer when the next solar cycles come, which are the day of the vernal equinox and the day of summer solstice. The old is nearing its completion and the new is beginning to show...

A lot of people are seized with heaviness, and many celebrate their Christmas and New Year holidays at a very low vibration level, drinking alcohol and being engaged in indecent and reproachful actions. All these things create an extra portion of the planetary karma, which can bring irreparable disasters on some continents. That is why I turn to you as always at the end of the year with a request to keep balance within yourselves and to devote as much effort as possible to balancing the planetary karma and the karma of your country. If you feel such an internal need, you can devote every day remaining until the end of the current year to your prayer practice and make double and triple efforts. Do not hesitate even to obtain leave in order to work for the good of planet Earth at home, in privacy, or with a group of like-minded people. You can read Rosaries, read other prayers, practice meditation, send out your Love and gratitude to Earth, and picture Mother Earth as an alive being allowing you to live and to evolve and taking care of you. Send out your Love to Earth and to those elementals that maintain the human evolution on Earth...

I AM Buddha, and I am glad that many of you have decided and have darted to the path of serving humanity of Earth, having forgotten about your own problems and your own difficulties and misfortunes.

In reality, only when you are immersed in serving Life will all your petty concerns leave you one after another, and one fine day you will realize that you are free from all these trifling and unnecessary things that burdened you before. That was another life, a life of a person egoistic and absorbed in his or her own problems. But now you represent a being of Light, anxious about happiness and harmony on the planet.

May the world be well!

May all the living creatures inhabiting our dearly loved planet Earth be happy. Om.