The books of Tatyana N. Mickushina
have been presented
on November 9-11, 2018
at the Metro Toronto Convention Center,
North Building - Toronto, Canada



We have dedicated our participation in this Exhibition, as well as all of the Divine energy released, to the protection of the Messenger and Teaching of the Ascended Masters!



Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building - Toronto, Canada November 9-11, 2018


“I wish you Success and Divine Inspiration! Let only pure hearts be at your booth!”

This wish of Tatyana N. Mickushina was miraculously transferred at the exhibition from the subtle plane of words to the physical plane of actions. People were coming to our booth non-stop, opening their hearts to the Divine Energy of Knowledge.

The work of the experienced and united team from Chicago, which came to help us sow the seeds of Knowledge in Canada, was well-organized and precise. The new member of the Canadian team Sarah surprised us by her excellent knowledge of the Teaching, as well as by her competent and devoted way of working with people at the booth. One more member of the Canadian team Valentina participated in the presentation, she was telling the audience sincerely and emotionally about the impact of our thoughts and feelings on the state of our planet Earth. The book on the topic of our presentation “How to Avoid Cataclysms” was received by us one day before the Expo. Thanks to the quick and impeccable work of the International Sirius Centre this book was published on time. All these new books found their readers at once.

The colleagues from neighboring booths pleasantly surprised us, saying they felt the energy of the Ascended Masters and came up to our booth to get the books and images which they wanted. They often began to read the Dictations of the Masters while working at their booths.

The result of our work, which delighted us greatly, was the number of people ready to cooperate with us. They left their e-mails and phone numbers for contact and for follow-up work with us.

We were also pleased with the fact that for the first time many books in Russian were sold during the exhibition. Our compatriots, living in Canada and knowing English well, still wanted to read these books in the original. Already in the last minutes before the exhibition was closed, a mother and son from Odessa, living in Toronto, approached us as old friends. They previously followed the Teachings of the Masters with Elizabeth Prophet, and now happily accepted the books of the new Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina.

When the exhibition was over, we drove home happy and satisfied with the results, thinking already about the prospects of further work. How long and carefully we prepared for this holiday, how fast it passed, how many warm impressions it left in our souls!

I thank the Divine Forces, the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina and all those who supported us with their prayer!

Natasha Z.



Our trip to Toronto was very enjoyable.

At the Whole Life Expo, we had many opportunities to tell open- hearted people about the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, transmitted through the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina.

I stayed on our stand during the presentation of the Teaching, which was held in another room.

One of our guests, with whom I spoke earlier, returned to the stand, chose and purchased three books, thanking us for discovering the Teaching of the Ascended Masters and Their Messenger.

It was nice to see him leaving with a smile on his face.

During lunch, I was able to meet several people and share information about our booth.

Later, one of them approached us and received all the necessary information about the Teaching, posted on Sirius website.

Although he did not purchase a book, but the seed was planted...

These are just two of the many cases that occurred at this Exhibition, and where it was possible to sow the seeds of Sacred Knowledge!

It was pleasant to communicate with sincere people!

We could feel the High Energies of the Masters and our team worked very smoothly and consistently!

Love and Light!




The Whole Life Expo in Toronto went in one breath. The number of interested guests and books that were spread exceeded all our expectations.

The divine atmosphere of love and joy reigned in the stand.

It was intensely felt how the Light of the Masters attracted a large number of people with open hearts, who sometimes, without knowing why, stopped at our stand.

Almost every person showed interest in the Teaching of the Masters and left with books, printed Dictations or flyers. Very many of our guests were happy to leave their contact info for receiving newsletters and information about future Presentations of books by Tatyana N. Mickushina.

One feature of Canadians always makes us happy, it’s a lightness and openness to the Divine Knowledge. We were very pleasantly surprised by the fact that some guests already knew about the Messenger Tatyana N.Mickushina via the internet.

It felt as if the souls of many guests yearned to communicate with like-minded people. They asked how to contact us, where our center is, when the next meeting will be?

This made us very happy.

We remember one young girl named Saba, whose roots come from Kashmir, who knew nothing about the Ascended Masters before this Show. Every day she approached the stand, looking through the books, not daring to buy them. On the last day, just before the closing of the Exhibition, the girl made her choice by purchasing the desired book Kuthumi.

Our regular guest and now a friend - Walter, who purchased all the books of Tatyana N. Mickushina and all the Masters’ Images at the previous Exhibitions came to us on the first day with the question: “What new books did we have in the last six months?” After learning about five new books, he immediately purchased them all!

Walter told about this Teaching to his sister Maria, who came to our booth with a ready-made list of books and purchased them all as well.

One guest especially cheered us all up!

His eyes sparkled, the smile never left his face, he was happy, like a child, because he found the “Sirius” booth and the Masters’ books. Being inspired, he bought all five volumes of the Teaching and also took printed Messages and flyers for distribution.

After the official closing of the Exhibition, the guests continued to come to our stand to get the books and we were taking them out of the newly packed boxes.

We felt the real success of the forces of Light!

We are grateful to God, the Ascended Masters, Tatyana N. Mickushina for this happiness of service!

Our beloved international team, thank you very much for your support, warmth and care!

It was truly a celebration of life!

With love,




Dear friends!

With great joy, happiness and a sense of inward peace, we hasten to inform you that the exhibition, The Whole Life Expo, which took place in Toronto (Canada), where the books by Tatyana N. Mickushina were presented, was a great success!

We have dedicated our participation in this Exhibition, as well as all of the Divine energy released, to the protection of the Messenger and Teaching of the Ascended Masters!

This was our 27th exhibition, which was held in an English speaking part of the planet Earth. It is always a holiday for our souls!

Every time at these exhibitions, especially in recent years, at a certain time the "Mystical moment" comes, when everything happening inside and around us looks as an absolute miracle that has nothing to do with this world; everything happens easily and joyfully, by the Divine Will.

Masters are always with us and we feel Their help and presence!

First, little by little people were coming up, looking at our stand, beginning to talk to us, getting to know us ... it's like a thin stream of our hopes and aspirations...

Gradually, this stream turned into a wide, full-flowing river, in some places it was even a flowing stream of light souls, who are hungry for this Sacred Knowledge and seeking for them ...

It’s a great joy to have the opportunity to come to such a beautiful country as Canada, where we have truly faithful and devoted friends, the number of which is growing with every Expo.

We look forward to new, joyful meetings on Canadian land, so beloved to us.

We are very grateful for the sincere support and Love of the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina and Tatyana V. Martynenko!

We bow low to you and thank you for this divine opportunity.

We thank our like-minded friends from all around the world for their service, trust and help!

With the love of our hearts!

Maria, Galina