Books by Tatyana N. Mickushina
have been presented
at the special event in the
Chicago suburb Naperville.
September 30, 2018



We dedicated our meeting to the protection
of the Messenger and the Teaching!


Although the Chicago Team has given presentations at the RUAH Center many times before, the presentation on “Faith and Love are the basis of the Teaching” was an extraordinary experience. When you walk through the door of the RUAH Center, you can smell the scent of aromatherapy and even though the weather in the Chicago area has been quite chilly lately, you can see very large colorful displays of flowers outside in the garden!

When I walked into the room where the presentation was going to be given, I immediately stopped to take in the extra special energy in the room, gaze at the many pictures of the Ascended Masters, and feel their presence. A couple of our guests commented that they felt as though they should take their shoes off because they felt like they were entering a holy space.

There wasn’t a huge audience, but the people who came opened their hearts and listened attentively to the presentation. The beautiful opening video, “Meditation on Love,” gave everyone time to remember their true Essence, which is Love. We all felt strongly connected. Surely, the Ascended Masters joined us as the whole room was filled with Light and Love from the very beginning! The words from Tatyana Mickushina reminded us that the Masters always give their Messages with the feeling of great Love.

The presentation reflected on important parts of the Messages that focused on Faith and Love from several Ascended Masters: Lord Surya, Lord Lanto, Archangel Michael, Beloved Jesus, Lord Shiva, Beloved Kuthumi, and Beloved Alpha. These Messages were like Pearls of Wisdom threaded into a beautiful necklace. One person said that the presentation was “very positive and uplifting.” Another person commented that it was “a very comforting presentation.”

The video “Interview with Tatyana N. Mickushina” conveyed the need to be in a peaceful environment in order to understand the Messages and raise our consciousness. This was a particularly important reminder because at times probably all of us get caught up in the affairs of the illusory world, but we need to balance that natural human tendency with “the nectar of the Divine Energy” and bring our focus back to God. Archangel Michael reminds us to use discernment as we go along our Path, and that he and legions of angels are waiting for us to ask for help.

Many people help with every presentation where we represent the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana Mickushina, and help to spread the Teaching of the Ascended Masters. Behind the scenes we select a venue, decide on a date, advertise the presentation (on the website, through social media, and printed material), organize the actual presentation (including beautiful videos), order books, ask the Ascended Masters for their help and support, rehearse the presentation, prepare the room on the day of the presentation, deliver the Messages, and get to know the guests who attend. Every aspect of the planning and preparation is rewarding. But the greatest gifts are the feeling of being in the presence of the Ascended Masters, the feeling of unity within the Team, and seeing the spark of hope in the eyes of people who are discovering this Truth for the first time.

Sending much Love and Gratitude to everyone involved in spreading the Teaching of the Ascended Masters and especially to Tatyana Mickushina for her dedicated Service to humanity,

The Chicago Team (We are One!)