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On September 18, 2018, an important astrological event will take place: a confrontation of the White Moon and the Black Moon. It is in conjunction with the theme of entry of the Black moon into Aquarius.


Entry of the Black Moon into Aquarius
The Opposition of Good and Evil


On August 6, 2018, the point of apogee of the lunar orbit crossed the boundary of the Aquarius zodiac sign. In the Avestan tradition, this point is connected with the spiritual and moral choice of a person that is fundamental, and is associated with the free will granted to us by the Creator.

The passage of the Black Moon through Aquarius will last until May 4, 2019.

Aquarius is a sign of free choice; this is the most human zodiac sign, for only man is given the right to choose between the irreconcilable forces of good and evil. This space struggle has been going on in the Cosmos for a long time. We also participate in this war, where everyone decides whom to fight against, and whom to serve. The struggle is being waged on the soul’s level. Animals do not have such opportunity, because their lives are subject to instinct. They are free from making a choice between good and evil, and bearing responsibility for it. Only man, who is the pinnacle of the evolutionary ladder, has the right to voluntarily take one side or the other in the opposition of good and evil. This is the core mission and meaning of his existence.

It is impossible to ignore the landmark event of this year - the opposition of the White Moon and the Black Moon - which will take place on September 18, 2018, and will offer all humanity with the opportunity to choose their spiritual side. Such an event occurs in the world once every 33.5 years and is always crucial for all people. For all mankind, there comes the time to choose the spiritual and moral foundations for the development of society as a whole. The consequences of this decision will be echoed until the next opposition, which will take place after another 33.5 years. The Orbis events extend over six months, give or take.

If we look back to the past and review prior events, the picture is very alarming. In the 20th century, the White and the Black moon were in opposition in 1918, 1951, and 1985.

The most terrifying opposition was from the end of 1917 to early 1918, when the previous monarchical system collapsed in Russia as a result of the October Revolution of 1917.


October Revolution of 1917


The events of that year led to the fall of the Russian Empire, and two others, notably –the German and the Austro-Hungarian empires, that caused a new re-division of the whole world and a complete change in the principles of governing society, based on the Republican* forms of government. At that time, there was a deep split in society that led to the Civil War in Russia, where brother fought against brother, temples collapsed, blood flowed like a river, previous foundations and spiritual bonds collapsed, and a new society based on godless principles was built.



In 1951-52, the Korean War began, where the USSR was on the side of DPRK, and the United States was on the side of South Korea. The perpetual confrontation between these two different political systems also led to the subsequent split in the world community.

During the upcoming opposition of September 18, 2018 (which will last for six months), the Black Moon, which is in the sign of revolutionary upheavals, riots and destruction, will be opposite the White Moon in Leo, calling for artistic revealing, love, and creation. There will be an idea of a return to the Imperial and monarchical principles of government, where Father the Tsar will judge all.


Opposition of the White and the Black Moon


In this difficult time, inexorably impending digital slavery and loss of freedom of choice will be opposed by creativity and the development of talents and abilities. Society will face a choice – whether to choose full and total submission of their will to the electronic government, or individual creativity, creation, and self-realization of each person. And do not entertain the illusion that this will not affect everyone living on the Earth during this period. Many people have long mentally agreed with the digital control and have already accepted the invisible eye, and only a very small handful of people understand the prevalence and consequences of this moral and ethical choice facing all people on the planet.

One can assume in advance where there will be an arena of unremitting confrontation between the forces of good and evil. A permanent conflict in the Arab world (Syria, Israel) and the increased tension (the United States with Iran and China) will show the points of opposition and choice for the whole world.



We will analyze the Black Moon's ingression map, which triggers this scenario of choice and the symbols of degrees - the scenario and variants of events, where we will be pushed by the dark forces to enslave our freedom.


LILIT at 1st degree of Aquarius - the degree of Jupiter.


This position promotes indecision, cowardice, melancholy, mysticism, superstition, dreams, weeping, and destruction of wealth. A person who take the side of darkness will run through the entire scenario of evil.

The symbol of this position: “A man with a bird in his hand.” A man seduced by adventurous plans and projects that completely undermine previous foundations, and who searches for a solution by force, will subsequently lose his initiative and become indecisive, and will lose all his wealth and prosperity.

The bird is a hope, a new idea, but the Black Moon is a soap bubble of empty promises. This degree of Jupiter is large-scale projects, long-term plans, the proposal of new reforms and undertakings, as always, for the benefit of society. But let's not forget that the Black Moon is at this degree, and this is a lie and an empty promise (a bird in his hand), which will flow from the lips of our politicians, “public servants.”

The divergent Quintile from the Black Moon to Proserpine with Jupiter confirms the permissibility of genocidal reforms both in medicine and in the legislative developments, which began back in 1951 and 1985.

For Proserpine with Jupiter in Scorpio: this manifests attempts to get into the human genome and completely format it to the standards of a human robot, but in fact, a slave.

Near the Black Moon is Mars in the retro phase – leading to provoking riots, disobedience and as a response, permissivness in police and the national guard, who will be given the rights to do violence against people.

Retro Mars always manifests itself negatively and inadequately in events, and of course, can provoke many conflicts, during this period. Any undertakings and a manifestation of personal initiative during the period when Mars is in conjunction with the Black Moon, will fail and will not lead to a final result.

MARS at 2nd degree of Aquarius, the degree of Pluto.

This degree, prompts deep awareness and reflection while in solitude.

A symbol of this position: “A man who supports his head with both hands.” The hands are our thoughts, which need to be clear; and you need to always control your will and your beginnings with reason and logic of actions. Either a person is a master of his head, or his head is held by someone else's hands, thoughts, and attitudes. The sudden change of plans, manifestation of individualism and separation from others, will cause unexpected twists of fate, and at worst - to the possibility of dying from murder.

Until October 2, 2018, Mars, in conjunction with the dark forces, will undermine the foundations of our existence, provoking scandals, violence, and the attraction of catastrophes into our lives.

The danger of riots and upheavals for our society as a whole is posed by a catastrophic configuration of the T-square, where the result of the opposition of Light and Darkness will be Uranus in Taurus, which is in the sign of its fall.

Mars-Uranus quadrature will last from July until the end of September, and can lead to disasters, explosions, fires, and man-made disasters around the world. The consequences of fires in Greece and California, the collapse of the bridge in Italy - all this leads to the destruction of infrastructure and is the result of this quadrature of Mars and Uranus. This targeted arson raises suspicions of the man-made origin of these fires. It is evident that someone really wants to sow chaos all over the world soon.

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Three past summer eclipses exacerbate the fate and inevitability of irreversible changes in our society, and we can say with full confidence that the world will change and everything will be different.

On December 21, 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn will unite at 1st degree of Aquarius, we will live in the world with other paradigms that will be built on new moral principles.

Whether we abandon the Creator of our world, God (Leo), whether we will ruin the creative impulse and inspiration in ourselves, turning into a half-robot stuffed with electronics, incapable of creation and free will - everything will depend on our choice between good and evil, between the White and the Black Moon in autumn of 2018, through the spring of 2019.

Let us analyze the degree of the White Moon.

SELENA at 29th degree of Cancer, the degree of Jupiter.

This is the degree of the fall of Mars: sadness, melancholy, failure. In the worst case, sudden or violent death.

Any aggression leads to a complete loss of strength, then a decline in willpower, an increase of cowardice, failure, melancholy, and even sudden death. In order for the light forces to provide help, you need to keep calm and extinguish aggression within yourself.

In the best cases: decisiveness, respect and creation of one’s reality, where man is the master of his destiny.

A symbol reflecting this position: “A lamplighter on the pole.” Lantern is the search for ancient spiritual traditions of ancestors (degree of Jupiter). The pole is the ancestors, and their role as a support in life, and the lantern is knowledge which will illuminate the path in life, and will lead to decisiveness and the creation of one's own reality.

The choice is ours - either a ruthless rebellion, followed by anarchy and lawlessness, and then a total control of consciousness; or reliance on ancient knowledge - the return of the old spiritual traditions of our ancestors that will allow us to gain support (a pole with a lantern), and a gradual rejection of a multi-cultural new world order, completely alien to our society.

Most likely, the first half of the 21st century will be marked by the opposition of two governmental forms – Monarchical and Republican*, when all of Humanity will make its final choice to remain endowed with freedom of choice, or turn into a post-human with a chip in our heads. The choice is ours.

*Russia is a democratic Federal legal state with a Republican form of government (translator’s footnote)