Books by Tatyana N. Mickushina
have been represented
at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Skokie
Chicago, IL, USA
August 18-19, 2018



This is another jewel that we will cherish in our hearts forever!


Over the weekend of August 18-19, more than 1500 people attend the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Skokie, Illinois (near Chicago). This year, the theme of the BMSE was “Be the Change.” Certainly the Messages of the Ascended Masters are aiming to give humanity the true knowledge and information that will lead us back to God by changing our consciousness.

The booth was spectacular with more than 20 books in English on display! There was so much Light and Love among the Team. It was a delight to feel the presence of the Ascended Masters and to feel their guidance as we met with people who were attracted to the booth.

It was wonderful to be with the Team members from the Chicago area representing Tatyana Mickushina and offering the books of Divine knowledge to those who were searching for the Truth. Sanat Kumara told us in his first message “Our task is to give you this Knowledge, and it is up to your free will to accept it” (3/4/2005). I keep these words in mind as I tell the people that come to our booth about the Messages from the Ascended Masters.

Some people seem to lack any discernment and try to absorb all possible spiritual teaching with a voracious appetite, yet Beloved Kuthumi told us that we “suffer from an excess of information” (7/2/2009). These people want to talk about all that they have learned from other organizations. Some people seem to be at the very beginning of their spiritual journey, and Beloved Lanello tells us that the “cognition of the Divine reality is a gradual process” (5/24/1005). These people may have never heard of the Ascended Masters and pass by or they approach with cautious curiosity. However, there are some people who are open to the transformation of their thinking and want to elevate their consciousness, and they are most interested in the treasure of the Love and energy of the Ascended Masters and their Teachings. These are the people we can most support with great joy in sharing the ancient knowledge.

Our presentation “Faith and Love are the basis of the Teaching” was attended by about 30 people. Beloved Kuthumi tells us that “all of the knowledge and understanding come with the feeling of deep unconditional Love” (6/26/2007). The beautiful meditations brought a couple of people to tears. Several people gave us very positive feedback about the presentation.

It was a Blessing to feel the presence of the Ascended Masters throughout the Expo, and I will carry this vibration in my memory for a long time. I am so grateful to Tatyana for her Service to humanity. I sincerely thank everyone on the entire International SIRIUS Team for all of the support that contributed to the success of this Expo.

Love and Light!



It was a pleasure to again participate and be in service at the Body Mind Spirit Exposition in Skokie, Illinois, USA, by providing the community an opportunity to be reached by The Ascended Masters' Messages through The Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina.

Kasia and I live 83 miles (133 kilometers) from this Expo, but patience and tolerance prevailed and we got there successfully. We joined in by greeting the public and sharing our knowledge and books with them. We were happy to see a steady stream of people.

I was serving at the booth with the parable in mind, that came from the Bible. "A farmer is scattering seeds and some of them fall on rocky soil which die, some fall in the weeds and are eaten by bugs and some fall on fertile earth which yields 60 and 120 fold returns." I felt the same about the people who came to our booth and a presentation. Some guests were attracted to our booth and stopped to become participants of The Ascended Masters' mission to raise vibrations and consciousness of humanity. Others were leaving with a brochure, intending to visit Sirius website. We share the knowledge and it is up to them to either accept it or not.

I was co-speaker with Jean Kana at the presentation “Faith and Love are the Basis of the Teachings” and I feel that it was well received by our audience. Many were smiling or had a peaceful look on their faces during the meditations, and most listened attentively. Several attendees stopped afterwards at our booth and said how much they enjoyed the Presentation, the topic and asked when we would be presenting next. I felt the strong presence of the Masters and it was a wonderful feeling.

My thanks to Maria and all the hardworking volunteers of our booth who made this event very special.

Love and Light,
Rick Wilde



Another wonderful Body Mind Spirit Expo is finished. Our international group felt tired and happy, while packing the books and images of Masters of Wisdom.

I would like to thank all the volunteers: Maria, Jean, Lina, Sue, Nonna, Elena, Mike and Rick. It was such a pleasure to work with all our team and it was easy because of the presence of the smooth divine energy.

I think, during this weekend, our guests found what they needed most in their lives right now. Some people purchased books and images, while others were longing for something, searching for directions on the path. Thanks to God and his guidance, we were able to meet the needs of our guests. We gave them a lot of printed Messages, brochures and information about the Sirius website.

It is always an honor to volunteer for the Ascended Masters and Tatyana N. Mickushina.

I have a deep faith in the power of light which was created during this two days and I believe that this energy will flow where it is most needed in the world. I also felt the special loving guidance coming from Jesus, Mother Mary and Lord Maitreya.

Love to All,



This year, I volunteered to help at the Ascended Masters booth at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Skokie Illinois.

In the past, I had attended this expo as a visitor, but after reading dictations that encourage us to help spread the Teachings to a larger audience, I agreed to help at the booth.

It was a very lovely experience. It was so uplifting to work with the team.

And the most amazing thing occurred, as the day went on, the divine vibration at the booth grew stronger and stronger. It was so beautiful and inspiring!

Many visitors who came to the booth, were interested in learning about both the books and the Sirius website.

Also, many people were drawn to the images of the Masters like fireflies to light, with each person being attracted to one certain Master. Some came for St. Germain, others for Sanat Kumara, Buddha, Shiva, Lady Theosophy, etc.

One little girl, who was about ten years old, was so drawn to the small photo of Sanat Kumara, that she made her mother stop and wait until she could learn more about the person in the picture. She could not stop looking at his photo. She took home the website information card and said she would visit it often.

Thanks to Maria and all of the other volunteers for a lovely day of teamwork, delicious snacks and the opportunity to bring the Dictations to a new audience.




Our entire team was in a very sublime state of mind for The 2018 Body Mind Spirit Expo

We were all burning with desire to share the Teaching of the Ascended Masters with as many people as possible.

We all shined with happiness.

It was very pleasant to see our guests from the past Exhibitions who shared their impressions of the books of Tatyana N. Mikushina, that they had purchased earlier.

One guest who had previously purchased all 5 volumes of the “Words of Wisdom”, containing the full Teachings of the Lords, confessed that those books had changed her life.

She said that by reading Dictations she wanted to be the best person she can possibly be.

Another guest who had purchased the first volume of "Words of Wisdom" a year and a half ago, but for some reason did not start reading it until a difficult situation came into his life, said his hands themselves reached to the book as to a magnet ...

He confessed that while reading the Messages of the Masters, tremendous changes occurred in his consciousness. He stopped consuming alcohol and began to lead a righteous, healthy way of life. He said with certainty that this was the best book in his life.

Two days of the exhibition flew by as one moment and we left it with a feeling of love overflowing in us.

Thanks to all the members of our team, our spiritual family, for their warmth, kindness and support!

Offering a Huge Gratitude to our Beloved Teacher Tatyana N. Mickushina, the Ascended Masters and God for this happiness of Service for the common good.

With love,



Our 16th Exhibition, Body Mind Spirit Expo in Chicago was a real Feast of Spirit!

This is another jewel that we will cherish in our hearts forever!

We use every opportunity in order to enable the English-speaking world to become familiarized with the Teaching of the Ascended Masters transmitted to the humanity of Earth through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana N. Mickushina, contained in the priceless books written by her.

This Exhibition was exceptional, especially awing and inspirational! The feeling of light joy and all-encompassing love did not leave our hearts during these two magical days!

Our beautiful Chicago team went to the Expo at full force and we were just happy to be together again, and carry out our Service telling the numerous guests at our booth about the Ascended Masters, Their Teaching, and Their Messenger!

How many light souls gained access to this Knowledge, how many hearts have been lit up, how much Light has been released during these days!

Blessed be the day and the hour when everyone seeking the Truth will find this Teaching and open up to this Sacred Knowledge, and take the Path of Return Home!

With Great Love and endless Gratitude to God, the Ascended Masters, our Beloved Teacher Tatyana N. Mickushina, Tatyana Martynenko, and all our true like-minded friends from different countries for continuing to help and support, and for the trust and opportunity to Serve for the benefit of the evolutions of the planet Earth!