The answers to some questions presented to T.N. Mickushina


Dear friends, in this issue of the Sirius we publish the answers to some questions presented to T.N. Mickushina in connection with the termination of activities in Russia.


What does it mean “to stop working in Russia?”


stop working in Russia Karma Yoga or karmic activity It’s about our inner motive Tatiana Nicholaevna Mickushina

Tatiana Nicholaevna, you read the words of The Lords: “stop all activities in Russia.’’ And what does it mean: you need to stop working in Russia or to stop everything in general?

The Lords say clearly: “Stop all activities in Russia.” And then I start to understand this point with my consciousness. If something is not clear to me, I ask questions to clarify the subject. And in this case, it’s not about stopping my activity, but about stopping all the activities in Russia, which are connected with my Mission.

I think, and this is my own interpretation, first, connected with the choices which the light-bearers made. And secondly, as a consequence of these choices, the conditions in Russia now do not allow the dissemination of this Doctrine without a threat that it will be slandered or distorted.

Let’s remember the analogy with the plants. You water the plants, shower them with Divine energy - water. The plants themselves feel good and they begin to grow. But at the same time there are also dangers for them: the better the plants grow, the more weeds grow with them, and the more pests appear who want to eat these plants. As the Lords say, an enormous amount of Divine energy was liberated during the transmission of this Teaching. And based on this Teaching, we know that when the Great Light is spreading, then according to the Law, exactly the same amount of opposing force is directed against the Light source, the carrier of the Teaching.

Therefore, in the near future, whether we like it or not, this Doctrine will be strongly discredited in the eyes of many people. And I will be discredited as the bearer of this Teaching and those who are spreading this Teaching will be in big trouble too. Because there are such preconditions: any totalitarian state does not tolerate any other truth besides the truth that descends from “above”, from the power structures.

Therefore, I do not want to risk the Teaching and I do not want to risk the people who honestly spread this Teaching for 12 years. Apparently, the Lords have the same opinion. This is my interpretation of Their Statements.


Karma Yoga or karmic activity? It’s about our inner motive.


Could you interpret it differently? That you are personally moving away from everything that is happening here, and we must take responsibility for ourselves? I would like to think that the Lords armed us with the Teaching and expect specific actions from us without your help.

In this matter you need to separate the grain from the weeds. Light-bearers always had an opportunity to act and this remains the same. But you must understand the importance of the motive when you start your specific activity.

stop working in Russia Karma Yoga or karmic activity It’s about our inner motive

Usually, we have one of two motives: you either act in the interest of your ego, or you act by the Will of God. When you act in the interest of your ego, then you take an External Path which means you haven’t played enough in the illusion yet, and you need to develop your own ego. When you go back to God, and return Home to your Father’s House, then you are no longer guided by the interests of your ego but guided by the interest of the common good. You take an Inner Path.

When you take an External Path, you are doing a karmic activity. When you take an Inner Path, no matter what your activity is, you are guided by the right motives and do not create negative karma. This is what Beloved Babaji calls Karma Yoga - it is an activity that frees you from karma.

During the period of my Mission, I have not seen a single person who would actually do Karma Yoga. Moreover, I can say that if there were only a few people who would have used the same amount of effort to help my Mission, as much as they used to carry out their activities guided by their egos, then the outcome of the Mission would be completely different.

Therefore, I do not want in the future that any of the people’s activity would be associated with the Teaching as given by the Lords through me.

We all need to do something but take into consideration that your karmic activity is being used for our development and improvement.

Therefore, to forbid someone from doing some things on the physical plane - like planting trees, or teaching children or something else, is at least, just silly.

To associate this activity with me as a Messenger and with the Teaching of the Lords, I think should not be done.

This Teaching has been given for your Souls. For you to come back Home - to God. And don’t try to hide behind this Doctrine when you carry out your karmic activities and act in the interest of your ego.

Jesus said: “Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.”
(Matt. 24:40,41)

He said this about Karma Yoga 2000 years ago. Even now, not all clergymen know what this means.

It’s all about your inner motive.

If your activity is carried out with the right motive, this is the highest form of spiritual work. It brings liberation. But when your activity is carried out with the wrong motive, a slightly different motive- then everything goes wrong.

Therefore, the Lords say: “You must act, act and act.” And They immediately add: “But with the right motive.” You need to carefully analyze your motive. And in order to have the right motive, we must do some form of spiritual practice. The right spiritual practice will raise your consciousness. And the elevation of consciousness provides the right motive.