Тhe Tale of the Well




Once upon a time there was a village full of good people. Everything and everyone was good. There was only one thing missing. The villagers had to walk very far in order to get water from the nearest river. In the summer this wasn’t so bad but in the winter the journey was much more difficult.

A Good Man passing by the village noticed there was no well. So he decided to dig one. He dug a well and the villagers began to try the water.

At first they hesitated and proceeded with caution but as they tried it they found it to be delicious! Never had they tasted water so pure and refreshing!

Тhe Tale of the Well

For this, the villagers allowed the Good Man to live in the village. They even helped him to build a house in a forest nearby.

This man was marvelous. He told all kinds of stories about miracles and the World of the Divine, about Angels, gnomes and fairies.

Not everyone believed him of course but they listened attentively nonetheless. The village had many benefits from the Good Man; he would give them advice about various life situations and also how to improve their health.

There was also a Wicked Man who lived in this village. He was angry and because of this he was sick with many kinds of illnesses.

One day the Evil Man came to the Good Man and asked for help and healing. The Good Man said: “Do not envy, stop being angry, do not take revenge, and you will be healthy.”

The Evil Man became angry with the Good Man. How dare he tell him how to live! So the Evil Man decided to take revenge on the Good Man.

He began to spit in the well that the Good Man had dug. At first, he started to spit secretly, but then he began to spit openly in the well during the day.

Тhe Tale of the Well

The Good Man called all the people of the village and told them a story about the water. The Good Man called all the people of the village and told them a story about the water. “The water” he said “remembers and understands everything. She is alive. Water should be treated with love and respect. That’s why you can’t spit in the well.”

The Evil Man laughed at the Good Man. “Just listen to what he is saying! The water is alive!”

Residents of the village began to confer. The Good Man is kind but he is still a stranger. The Evil Man is not, how they can oppose him? They have lived with him for many years in the same village and they don’t want to fight with him. Why spoil the relationship?

The villagers told the Good Man to leave.

Since the Good Man did not want to argue he left.

The Evil Man triumphed!

Young people, observing the Evil Man, also began to spit in the well. Soon there was a famine in the village.

First the children began to get sick then the old people.

Then adults and young people began to die one after another. Eventually the village became extinct





The wisdom of this Tale is: You must defend Good and resist evil, throughout the world

If you won’t do that, evil will win.

If evil wins, no one will be left alive.




Meanwhile the Good Man came to another village. Their old well had dried out and there was not enough water for everyone.

The Good Man dug a new well. The water was delicious! The villagers were thrilled with joy! They built a new house for the Good Man.

And he began to share stories with the children and youth about the World of the Divine, about Angels, gnomes and fairies.

About the fact that the water is alive. And everything around us - is GOD!



Autor of the Tale - Tatyana Mickushina
Illustration by V.Y. Shdanova