The theme of the presentation "How to avoid cataclysms" is especially relevant and important for Los Angeles at this critical time




Last Sunday in Los Angeles was a beautiful, bright sunny day - the day of our long-awaited event- another opportunity to present the books by Tatyana N. Mickushina!

We are very glad to share with you, dear friends, our feelings from the meeting.



The theme of the presentation "How to avoid cataclysms" is especially relevant and important for Los Angeles at this critical time.

The presentation was engaging for all our like-minded friends, and also the new guests who came to the bookstore - especially for this meeting.

One of our visitors, who had already attended some of our events, came to us before the presentation only to purchase one of the books...

In the previous meeting this guest bought the book "Word of Wisdom 1", and this time she wished to buy the book "Saint-Germain".

We also gave her a gift of printed Dictations by Quan Yin and Lord Lanto. She was very happy to receive them.



A few days before our presentation, in agreement with the bookstore where this meeting took place, we displayed the books "Word of Wisdom" and "Secrets of Music" for viewing and purchase.

We were very happy to learn that these books were in great demand.



One of our younger guests, who is only seven-year-old liked the book "Secrets of Music", and she asked her mother to buy this book for her, which she did.

Our presentation was held in a warm, light-filled room, with such a divine atmosphere.

We were surrounded by giant crystals of amethyst, high energies and the open hearts of our guests.



Wonderful support was provided by our friends who came to the lecture.

At the end of the presentation, one of our good friends wholeheartedly expressed his gratitude, in front of everybody to Tatyana N. Mickushina for her grandiose work and for this divine opportunity - to receive this invaluable teaching! He also said that everyone who came to this meeting did not come by accident.

Our guests did not want to leave us, asking many questions, and also looking through the books. They happily subscribed to our newsletter.

We heartily thank our beloved international team for such unity, love and support and also thank our loyal, cordial friends for their help and participation in carrying out the presentation.

We thank with all our hearts God, the Ascended Masters, Tatyana N. Mickushina for this precious teaching, through which we can all raise our own consciousness and continue our evolution.

With love from our team in Los Angeles!