June 1 – International Children's Day or an occasion to reflect.


June 1st is International Children's Day, which was established by the Congress of the International Democratic Women's Federation in Paris in November 1949. It was first celebrated in 1950, and currently the tradition of celebrating this day is supported by more than 60 countries.




There is a symbol of the International Children's Day - a flag depicting a planet on a green background with five multicolored figures around its circumference. The green background symbolizes fertility, growth and harmony, and the planet is the common home of all children. The colored figures represent tolerance and diversity, as the various races unite all the children as a single star - a symbol of light.

So what is it? - a holiday or an occasion to reflect. Probably both.

Of course, it's nice to give gifts to children, and to arrange entertainment for them. But let's not forget that this day is mostly about protecting children. In the past – in 1949 when the world had just survived the most terrible war, the most important thing was to preserve the peace, which is still a guarantee of a happy life for children. But unfortunately, even in times of peace and even in prosperous countries, children still suffer. And in other cases, they are simply not given the opportunity to be born, because of legitimized abortion, which in fact is the murder of children in the womb.



Probably, that is why opponents of abortion chose this day to carry out the action of protecting the rights of unborn children to live. In different countries of the world, they meet on June 1st or shortly after to draw the attention of the general public to the problem of abortion.

But even those children who have already been born and live under a peaceful sky, are not safe. Our world has become so complicated that people do not often think about the threats and dangers that are existing here.

A human is a hardy being that can adapt to a lot of things, to resist threats, but that is only if he realizes what is happening. When we do not suspect danger, there is not even resistance. The main weakness of a child lies in the absence of life experiences, even when he is already 18.