The books of Tatyana N. Mickushina
have been presented
at San Mateo County Event Center in San Mateo, CA
at New Living Expo
April 27-29, 2018


Our fourth New Living Expo in San Mateo, CA was successfully completed




This year I felt a special unity of our team, gathered from all over the U.S. to use this beautiful opportunity to continue to introduce residents of Northern California to the Teaching of the Ascended Masters given through the Messenger of Great White Brotherhood Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina.

Our team was already greatly experienced, which allowed us to work at the expo efficiently and professionally.

Expo visitors showed great interest in Tatyana Mickushina’s books and in the Wisdom of the Teaching. At some point, people had to wait in line to get to the table – so many guests wanted to look at the books and learn more about what we had to offer.

The books of Tatyana N. Mickushina have been presented at New Living Expo, April 27-29, 2018

Our presentation called “How to Avoid Cataclysms” was attended by highly devoted souls who listened to the lecture with great interest and absorbed the information on this important topic. At the end of the presentation, our guests asked deep, serious questions.

Among our booth visitors, I especially remember a young lady who had circled through the entire expo not knowing what she should get until she came to our booth. Her hands naturally reached for the first volume of the Words of Wisdom series, and after reading it for just a short while, she realized that it was exactly what she needed.

I am deeply thankful to the entire team who helped with this expo: Maria, Lina, Tatyana, Rima, Grant, Natan, Regina, Yevgeniy, Anna and Marina, for coming to the expo from different parts of the U.S., and as well as to Valeriy, Nesrin and other members of our large Sirius family who worked very hard remotely.

I also express most sincere gratitude to Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina for her grand Work, and to the Ascended Masters for the Knowledge and Their help in performing our mission on the territory of America.

With Love and Gratitude,
(San Jose)



Thanks to all the volunteers and team members for your endless Love and support preparing for and during the event. We are happy to report another successful Expo in San Mateo, CA. Many friends stopped by and told us how much they are learning from the books they purchased at previous expos. It is exciting to hear how people’s lives are changing, bit by bit. We had a very interesting surprise when someone I met in Los Angeles at a kundalini yoga class showed up in Northern California at the Expo. We had already connected in L.A. but only discovered at the Expo that this young man has been reading the Messages on the Sirius website for years. How interesting. What a marvel. The presentation went well and the timely topic was well presented. Hopefully we start to realize how our thoughts and emotions affect... everything. Thanks to Tatyana Mickushina for this opportunity to serve the Ascended Masters.

With Love,




Sanat Kumara April 22 - International Mother-Earth Day World

What a great feeling of love and experience we had in San Mateo Expo this weekend!

Our radiant team of volunteers were ready to serve all our guests that came to our booth!

One of our guests expressed that he was only here for one mission and that was to purchase all Tatyana Mickushina books including the images of the Ascended Masters and that's all he wanted from this expo. What a beautiful feeling of joy this brought to our entire team. Shortly after that, another sweet young man expressed regret for not purchasing the books the night before and came back the next day for the entire set of Words of Wisdom books. He told us he was happy and relieved for following his intuition.

Thank you Tatyana N. Mikushina for your love and bringing to us these amazing books of the Ascended Masters Dictations.

With great love and respect.
Rima Hagopian
(Los Angeles)


We always look forward to our shows, where we come together with great joy from all over America to spread the Teaching of the Ascended Masters to the widest possible audience.

The 3-day exhibition in San Mateo, California was truly a holiday for our souls!

Thanks to our friendly team, our stand looked bright, attractive and very organized.

It was not the first time that we heard from visitors to our stand that we looked like white angels.

Yes, our task is to bring light into the world, spreading the teachings of the Masters of Wisdom, so our entire team tried to be the electrodes of Light to attract as many souls as possible, who were looking for this Teaching so that they can also become the electrodes of Light in the future!

For us this is the great mercy of Heaven and we are grateful to God for it.

Before each of our exhibitions, we make a call to the Masters of Wisdom, to Archangel Michael and all the Forces of Light, and ask for their help in the preparation and holding of the exhibition.

Also, every morning we practiced Kundalini yoga for more than an hour. Yoga helped us to tune in and balance all our bodies, and open our hearts before the beginning of each day of the exhibition.

All this helped our friendly team to welcome guests to our booth with joy and love and present to them the Messenger Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina and Teachings of the Masters of Wisdom, given to humanity.

One of our guests, having approached the portrait of Tatyana Nicholaevna, told us that she loved her very much. Last year, this visitor bought from us the book "Saint-Germain" and re-read it many times, without stopping, admiring both the teachings of Saint Germain and his image. This time she bought the book "Mother Mary" saying that she reads Mother Mary's Rosary every day.

One of our guests said that he was already familiar with the Ascended Masters through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, whom he knew personally. Seeing the book "Good and Evil", he told us that he had been looking for the answer to this question for a long time and could not find it ...Then he purchased this book, and found what he was looking for!

We also gave this guest the printed Dictations of the Lady of Theosophy (Helena Blavatsky) and Ascended Lady Master Claire, for which he was very grateful!

One of our regular guests bought the book "Messenger", paid for it and left a donation, saying that "our books are priceless".

Many visitors to our stand expressed great gratitude to the Messenger for her amazing work and for the opportunity to purchase books with the Teachings of the Masters in America and other parts of the English-speaking world.

We also thank Tatyana N. Mickushina and the Masters of Wisdom for the opportunity of Service and for the Teaching - thanks to which so many people have the opportunity to raise their consciousness and vibrations all over the world.

With infinite gratitude,
(Los Angeles)



The exhibition “New Living Expo” was another unforgettable event in our life!

During all the days of the exhibition, a natural atmosphere of love and cooperation reigned in our friendly team.

We are very grateful to our friends who live in this part of America for their warm and hearty welcome, which allowed us to plunge again into the blessed state of the spiritual community, filled with joy and caring for our neighbors. How pleasant it is to be united by work for the common good!

From Exhibition to Exhibition, more and more people are opening up to the Teaching of the Ascended Masters and it is getting easier and easier to reach out to their hearts!

During the presentation on "How to avoid cataclysms." we felt that a lot of light was transmitted. At the end, our guests shared their impressions of the high states of consciousness that came to them.

Interestingly, right after the presentation, a very large number of people literally flooded to the stand, and many of them did not attend our lecture.

We felt that the Light released during the Presentation, like a magnet, began to draw souls to the books with the Teachings of the Masters.

Just before the Exhibition our team created a new QR code flyer with four Meditations dedicated to Earth Day, which were very popular among many visitors to our booth!

Our Expo group did not want to go our separate ways, but we knew that we are parting to meet again at the next long-awaited event of spreading Tatyana N. Mickushina's books with the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom!

We express a deep gratitude to God, Ascended Masters, Tatyana N. Mickushina and all our friends and like-minded people, for their help, support and cooperation!

With love,



Already, almost four years have passed since our first Presentation of books by Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina, here in Northern California!

Sanat Kumara April 22 - International Mother-Earth Day World

Many cities on Earth, both large and small are named after the saints - St. Francis (San Francisco), St. Jose (San Jose), St. Clara (Santa Clara), St. Mateo (San Mateo). A special, beautiful and exalted atmosphere is invariably felt in the Exhibitions here, and all the miracles that have happened to us during these past years, have not been accidental and have ancient, deep roots.


With great joy and inspiration we all flew to the Exhibition in San Mateo to stay together and plunge into this magic again and again and to feel the invisible and unchanging presence of the Higher Forces and Their help to us in spreading of the Teaching, transmitted through Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina to modern humanity!

Only one prayer sounded in our hearts all these days - there was only one thing we asked our Ascended Masters. The prayer that all souls who are ready and need the knowledge, transferred from the Higher Octaves of Light, would come to us and touch the Wisdom of the Ages.

And our prayer was heard!

Many, many people visited our stand, and a lot of Love and Light was released during these three unforgettable days in this part of the Earth!

Sanat Kumara April 22 - International Mother-Earth Day World

We felt great joy and at the same time a slight sadness, that one more holiday of the Spirit flew like a wink. We flew back to our different cities of America, taking with us the hope for more new wonderful meetings!

It is truly a Blessing and a great happiness to have the opportunity of Service for the Common Good!

We are sending our endless Love and Gratitude to God, the Ascended Masters, our beloved Teacher Tatyana Nicholaevna, Tatyana Martynenko, and all our faithful friends and like-minded people from different countries of the world!

With a low bow and Love of all my heart!