April 22 - International Mother-Earth Day


The Earth is experiencing a critical time now! Each of us can help ourselves, our families, our country and our planet.



“.. the most important news that is not broadcasted on any of your radio or TV channels is not available for most of the people of Earth. The main news is the SOS signal that your planet and everything that lives on it is sending...”

Beloved Kuthumi, July 2, 2009


The connection between the level of consciousness of mankind and such phenomena as: extreme weather conditions, cataclysms, volcanic eruptions, wars and revolutions


What is the impact of our thoughts and feelings on our planet, and on everything that surrounds us?


Beloved Alpha in his Dictation of December 29, 2009, explains it in the following way:

"...One imperfect thought or feeling attracts the same according to the vibration. And after a while, a hurricane of negative energy is formed that is manifested later in the physical plane in the form of real hurricanes and cataclysms.”

Beloved Alpha, December 29, 2009


And here is what Beloved Sanat Kumara says, March 22, 2005:

"... In the same way, thoughts appealing to Weal and Good — positive thought-forms and emotions — improve the stability of the whole planet and contribute to the leveling of the earth’s axis.”

Beloved Sanat Kumara, March 22, 2005



Each of us makes his own impact on collective unconscious of humanity. And by looking at the current situation on the planet we can see what our thoughts and feelings spiral into.


“The situation is such that it literally depends on each of you how the process of changing will happen. Earth, as well as each of you, is in a very difficult situation now. Earth is experiencing a terrible strain connected with the impact of this so-called civilization of yours. Imagine how Earth and the Elementals who maintain the order on Earth and look after the planet feel, bearing all the violence over nature that is committed in your world.”

Lord Surya, December 22, 2007


The Masters of Wisdom explain to us in detail the entire mechanism of ongoing activity. And if we are not in a zone of military conflict or a calamity, it doesn’t mean that we had nothing to do with these events.

Each of you living on Earth is a part of any bloodshed that takes place on Earth. At a certain level all of you are a single energy system. And where one person gives way to anger and aggression, a focal point of negative energy is created. This negative energy is looking for a place on the globe where it can manifest itself.


"The connection between the state of the earth’s crust and the level of human consciousness is very strong. You can judge the tension accumulated in the higher plane closest to the Earth by the number of the earth shocks and earthquakes and by their strength and frequency.
The Earth is very sensitive to everything that happens in the human consciousness and in the collective consciousness of humanity.
We can regard our planet Earth as a mother’s body that is universal for all the evolutions inhabiting it. In exactly the same way as a mother always senses dangerous situations into which her children can get, even at a considerable distance, the Earth reacts to the dangerous states of consciousness, connected to her children…"

Beloved Lanello, June 26, 2005


And in this same Message from Beloved Lanello, we will find the answer to the question of how will the further events on Earth evolve, depending on whether humanity is able to go into a higher level of consciousness?


"… if the level of mass consciousness of humanity is able to rise to a higher stage in the near future, the inevitable cataclysms will take place gradually and painlessly and will last for a considerable period of time. But if humanity prefers to go on experimenting with its free will and does not heed the voice of the Divine reason, the character of the cataclysm will be more ruthless and destructive. It is nothing for Earth, when she becomes agitated because of her children, to send a whole continent such as Europe to the bottom of the sea in 24 hours.”

Beloved Lanello, June 26, 2005


But the Masters are trying to prevent this situation and tirelessly help us.


About the help that the Ascended Masters provide to evolutions of the planet Earth


When you read the Dictations, you understand how much Love, Mercy and Compassion the Ascended Masters grant us through Their help, and how many times we should thank Them for it. If we thoughtfully analyze everything that is happening on planet Earth, then we understand that we wouldn’t be able to exist without help of Heavens.

Sanat Kumara April 22 - International Mother-Earth Day World


"Billions of Space Beings are ready to serve tirelessly day and night to let you exist and evolve in peace, to balance and prevent many of the possible catastrophes and cataclysms."

Sanat Kumara, March 22, 2005


“You, the humankind of Earth, continue your evolution thanks to the unlimited grace of Heavens. And if I were you, I would thank the Heavens 24 hours a day in all your temples... "

Elohim Hercules, December 26, 2009


The earth needs our care and guardianship, and each of us can help the planet


Can we help the planet? And what can our help consist of?

Again and again, the Lords of Wisdom in their Messages call attention to working on ourselves. Depending on what efforts we undertake in this direction, the general level of consciousness, and the situation on Earth will depend.

The Ascended Teachers advise us to try to stay in a state of inner peace and harmony for the greater part of the day. Do not forget that other people live around us. And during the day we adjoin our aura with thousands of people if we live in a big city. And when we manage to maintain a harmonious state within ourselves, we literally charge with this state thousands of people with whom we adjoin our auras during the day.



" The feast of life is over. The time has come for hard inner work. By unfettering yourselves from low states of consciousness, you save the whole world. This is because everything is interconnected in our worlds. And a beat of a butterfly’s wing is heard as thunder in the subtle worlds. What, then, is the effect of your actions, thoughts, and feelings?"

Beloved Quan Yin, June 24, 2011


We know that the diseases of our planet are associated with the consequences of those thoughts, feelings and actions that her children allow. Our Earth is our Mother, and she is very worried about us, unreasonable children. Therefore, she is sick. And now, as never before, she needs our care and our guardianship.

She needs our Love. And there is no more valuable medicine that we could offer to our Mother than the Love of our hearts.


"I envy those of who are incarnated at this very difficult time because the future of the planet and of millions of souls who are caught in the illusion and do not see that daylight, depends on your ability to keep your consciousness pure, heavenward, and in accordance with the Higher Worlds.
Lead by example! Be brave, be enduring, and be inventive. Invent the ways that will carry millions of people to a new level of consciousness. Do sound on the top note. Do set the pattern!"

St. Michael the Archangel, June 22, 2009