March 24th – Teacher’s Day


You have to dedicate your whole life to serving the Masters not only in your words but also in practice. Your whole life.



March 24th is a special day. This is a Holiday of Cosmic scale, because during this day thousands of hearts unite in mental appreciation for the Great Teachers who helped Earth’s humanity in its evolution for millions of years.

This holiday comes immediately after the spring equinox, which astronomically symbolizes the beginning of spring and the arrival of new energies on Earth.

“The day has very great value in lives of a planet and influence on a further course of world events. It is the Holiday of intense association of all Powers of Light, connected with astrological position of Earth. Earth receives a cosmic spatial impulse in the form of inflow of the new energy which action extends for going year. And We gather in the Tower [1] collectively to accept these waves and further to direct them to demonstration already in spheres terrestrial. Waves of this inflow go on all Ladder of Hierarchy from top to bottom, strengthening its power and unification. And wherever there were Day breakers, they unite this day in uniform aspiration to Light, straining press networks of Light of the planetary. The protective network starts shining special tension. The impulse for new undertakings receives each consciousness turned to Focus. It is possible to postpone all usual cares and thoughts in these hours and heart to concentrate on the Stronghold, holding before itself the Highest that we have. Force thus the integrated consciousness’s are indestructible and are a strong stronghold against gloom and destruction forces. Powers of chaos and destruction can be stopped powerful association of Forges Light and creation. The old world is doomed. Light will win against darkness.”

(Edges of Agni Yoga, March 24, 1968).


let us recall that for the first time the knowledge of the Teacher's Day was given to mankind in the Teaching of Living Ethics. And it is not accidental that the first record of this Teaching was made in 1920 on this day - March 24th.

With a special thrill and gratitude in our souls, we remember today our Ascended Masters who came to Earth under different Names. Known as: the Christ, Mother Mary, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Plato, Padmasambhava, Kuthumi, El Morya, Seraphim of Sarov and many others who by their greatest efforts often tried to purify the Truth and bring to the world the Divine Light, raising the consciousness of people.

Being in the Ascended state, the Masters of Wisdom continue to help us through their Messengers. We can remember with gratitude Elena Petrovna Blavatsky, Elena Ivanovna and Nicholas Roerich, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and also send love of our hearts to our earthly Teacher, the modern Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina.

Those people who have been reading the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom for several years, trying to follow the Teaching in their everyday lives, and "doing God's deeds on the Earth,” Tatyana Mickushina, along with the Masters, calls them not "disciples" but "aspirants", thus emphasizing the special significance of the concept of "discipleship". To become a true disciple, you have to work hard. However, as the Eastern Wisdom says, which was reminded to us by Lord Maitreya in his Message, "when the disciple is ready, the teacher appears" [2].

Many Messages of the Lords of Wisdom are devoted to the relationship between the teacher and the disciple, or the Guru-chela relationship. They are considered in the 19th Sutra of the Ancient Teaching [3]. At the Moscow seminar in May 2013, Tatyana Nicholaevna commented on this Teaching Provision.


Guru-Chela Relationship

"The distinguishing feature of that Teaching, given by the Lords of Wisdom, is the Guru-chela relationship. And since there are so many different distortions in this area, I will try in my own words, without referring to quotations from the Dictations, to tell how I understand the Guru-chela relationship.

GU-RU: Gu means darkness, Ru means Light. Thus, the Guru is one who leads from darkness to Light. And there are many people who use the ignorance of other people and start playing in the Guru-chela relationship. In fact, Guru-chela relationships occur on several levels.

There is a Teacher on the physical plane. And here such a Law operates: when the student is ready, then the Teacher appears. That is, the vibrations of two individuals become close to each other, and they find each other automatically.

A true Guru-chela relationship is the highest type of relationship that can exist between people on the planet Earth. Therefore, the true Guru-chela relationships are also as rare, as true Messengers. You can give an example for comparison: the lock and the key. How many keys can there be for the castle? One, two, three. But there cannot be one hundred, and there cannot be a thousand. It makes no sense to make thousands of keys to the castle - then why lock it? Therefore, cases of true Guru-chela relationships in this world are extremely rare. And most of those people who believe that they are in some kind of Guru-Chela relationship, are likely to mislead themselves and others.

And there are different teachings. If we turn to the same Vajrayana - "The Path of the Diamond Chariot", then much depends on the Teacher there. Because a person who has gone through this Path of the Diamond Chariot himself, he can lead others behind him. And so it is very important to find a Teacher, and together with him to overcome this dangerous section of the Path.

In true Guru-chela relationships, the student's request is required to be accepted as a disciple. And the Guru must consent to take this person as his disciple. These are two completely identical processes. One requests, and the other accepts. If one does not ask, or the other does not accept, then this is wrong, and the connection is broken.

But there is another, intermediate stage, when for some reason a person is not yet ready to be an apprentice. He is not ready because his consciousness is not ready. But he aspires. And then God helps him on this Path. And if a person experiences love for some spiritual Master, and he feels devoted to this spiritual Master, and he seeks to go in the same spiritual direction as the spiritual Master, and he does it sincerely, then simply by experiencing these states of consciousness, he Automatically receives in his aura all the momentum of the achievements of his Teacher. It simply happens automatically.

And the true Teacher is interested in having his disciples outperform him in their development. And then, it will show how truthful of the relationship is.

We have now considered relations on the physical plane. There is also an understanding of the presence of the Teacher on a subtle plane. A lot of people tend to get in touch on the subtle plane. And many believe that they have this kind of contact. But there are a lot of different pitfalls along this way. For example, I could not receive the Teacher on the subtle plane without an intermediary - a person who was in a physical body and whom I perceived as my Teacher. She had this contact, and I automatically "caught" it. I just "caught" it in my aura and got this contact. And these are very subtle processes. But not all people catch these processes.

Nowadays, many people think that they have a contact. Contacts with the Subtle World occur at different levels. There are people who communicate with the astral plane, and hear the astral doubles of the Ascended Masters, or even dead people. These contacts are very dangerous for the development of the soul and can cause great harm to the individual who has this contact.

Contacts with the Higher etheric octaves of Light are very rare. And as a rule, these contacts are realized due to the huge dispensation emanating from the Divine World. Therefore, I would recommend not to seek contacts with the Subtle World. If you are supposed to have such a God-given contact, you will receive it automatically, regardless of your desire. However, when you feel the desire to have a teacher on a subtle plane, then this very desire can serve you badly. You can even get a settler into your aura that will dictate to you what to do.

Therefore, one must start with the fact that is quite simple. Bad music - do not listen. Bad movies - do not watch. Bad images - remove. It's simple. Alcohol should be excluded. Nicotine is excluded. Meat also can be avoided. That’s it, this is easy. And when a person cleanses his or her lower bodies, then this contact happens naturally, very naturally. Mother Mary says to us: "You should constantly meditate on me, send me your love, kiss my image. Keep this internal connection with me." And so it's simple, it happens naturally.



And the next level of the Guru-chela relationship is the connection with your Higher Self. That is, your true Guru is our Higher Self. And when we get this connection, we immediately know what to do in life. For example, I ask questions, and the Ascended Masters do not always answer. Why? Because when I ask them what to do, and They tell me what to do, where does the karma of choice lie and on whom? Whether it’s good or not – it does not matter, it’s all the same. On whom? On the Ascended Masters. But They are in the Ascended state of consciousness. They can not create karma either good or bad in our world. Therefore, They will never tell me what to do. They can give understanding, through my Higher Self. My Higher Self will always tells me what to do in every situation, because it’s me. And It is always on my side.

There is another example that I want to give you, because in my life I have come across the people, who constantly communicated with the teacher. They constantly communicated with the teacher, and they wanted me to talk to the teacher all the time. And I just could not understand it. They tell me: "So supposedly you want to talk to the teacher all the time?" I say: "I’m already communicating." "No," they say, "you must communicate all the time." I say: "Well, how is it all the time? Ask what socks to wear in the morning?" "Yes," they say (laughs). "He must tell you all the time what to do." And then I turned to the Masters and asked: "How can this be? Maybe it's something I do not understand. Maybe my level of consciousness does not allow me understand? "And they told me that if someone constantly makes all the decisions for you, tells you everything to do, then in fact this someone is you. But in this case, where are you? You actually gave your soul to someone. For desires.

And these people asked me: "What do you want? What do you want? "Any of my desires - and I'm on the hook. And after that I'm no longer me, but this "teacher" works through me.

Do you understand how many subtle elements there are? Therefore, those people who irresponsibly teach someone certain practices, connect them somewhere, they create a great deal of karma. These are very serious processes, very subtle processes.

And training does not really take place in seminars. For example, I'm telling you something now, and I'm not teaching you. I'm just saying some teachings, but this is not training. This Teaching is written here, it is written in the Quran, it is written in the Bible, it is written in a variety of books. The question is not whether you know this Teaching or you do not know it, or whether you give it or not. The question is how to follow it. And then there are just a lot of questions: how to follow this Teaching? There is such a parable. One student entered the school to study with a teacher. He was a famous fencing master. And this student settled into the teacher’s the house where everybody was waiting for the teacher to begin teaching this student . Year after year passed, and the student washed the dishes, cleaned the house, but nothing as far as teaching happened. A few years later the teacher began to do the following: at the most inappropriate moment, when the student was washing dishes, he approached him and attacked him with a fencing foil. So, the student was forced to defend himself all the time (laughs). And so it happened all the time: at the most inappropriate moment, when he was washing dishes or washing the floor, the teacher approached and poked him with his foil. And, in the end, this student was so determined to deflect the blows, that he became a champion in fencing.

I want to say that all training takes place in ordinary life. It does not happen through books or seminars. Only in ordinary life. This is the secret. "


Qualities of a disciple.

What are the qualities of the disciple, that we need to manifest in everyday life, especially in relation to our Teachers? Here are fragments of the Messages from the book "The Sutras of the Ancient Teaching" [4].

Aspiration, constancy and devotion — these are the qualities necessary for our disciples.

[…] Keep and maintain your sensibility and focus during the day.

Beloved El Morya, May 14, 2005


…the quality that you have to develop in yourselves is the feeling of Gratitude for the Teaching being given to you, gratitude toward the Heavens, the Creator, the Ascended Hosts and our Messenger.


Without gratitude you will not advance along your Path.

Lord Maitreya, April 10, 2006


…your personal advancement is possible only when you assume certain obligations before the Ascended Masters and accept the Laws existing in the universe.

There is a Law that is not well known on the planet, but this Law is unavoidable just like the law of Karma. According to that Law, after passing a certain part of the Path, your advancement along the spiritual Path requires your voluntary subjection to the Higher Law existing in this universe and taking the steps of the Hierarchy.

As soon as you stand on the steps of the Hierarchy, all the Ascended Masters provide you with their patronage and help. The only thing that is required from you is your subjection to the Law, humility, obedience, and the discipline of a disciple.

Lord Maitreya, April 11, 2006

All you need is to be inspired with love toward the whole life, to any manifestation of life, and feel your Oneness with every part of life.

Your Oneness is not something external that you have to gain. Your Oneness is your inner state.

Gautama Buddha, April 26, 2006


Try to keep your consciousness constantly tuned to the Ray of the Hierarchy.

Lord Maitreya, April 29, 2006


The veneration of the Hierarchy, of the Masters, is a very important quality on the Path. That is because without veneration to the Master you will not be able to advance on the Path.

Beloved Serapis Bey, July 14, 2006


First of all, you need to realize that there is a whole Hierarchy of cosmic beings. You are at the beginner levels of this Hierarchy. The honoring of the Hierarchy and its foundations is your primary duty. That is where such qualities as humility, discipline, and devotion evolve. Without these qualities you will be unable to advance on your Path. In order for you to acquire these qualities, you will need to part with the lion's share of your ego, which prevails in you at the current stage of your evolutionary development.

Lord Maitreya, June 26, 2008


In order to control yourself, your firm inner discipline is required as well as your ability to subordinate your own interests to the interests of the Masters, to the interests of Common Wealth and Good.

Master Hilarion, December 22, 2008

You need humility before the Higher Law; you need aspiration, obedience, patience, and tolerance.

These are the main qualities.

You also need the right vector that will give the correct direction for your progress on the Path. But the right vector is considered to be a wish to help all living creatures existing in this Universe.

Padma Sambhava, July 8, 2009


The Material is prepared by Elena Iliyna and Olga Ivanova.


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