The selected statements from the book
„The Sutras of the Ancient Teaching“
Sutra 20


The Cosmic
the Great White


The law of this Universe is such that the highest serves the lowest.

Those whose consciousness is extended enough must help their younger brothers and sisters.

Gautama Buddha, March 17, 2005


Billions of space beings are ready to serve day and night tirelessly so as to let you exist and evolve in peace, to prevent many of the possible catastrophes and cataclysms or to soften their effect.

Sanat Kumara, March 22, 2005


There is a strict subordination of the lowest to the highest. And this principle of subordination is never discussed.

Our organisations have always been based on the principle of complete subordination of all their members to the supreme Law of this Universe. And the Law of this Universe implies subordination of those standing at the lower stage of evolution to those at the higher ones.

You can change your environment in accordance with the Divine pattern. But for this you must change yourselves and tune into the Brotherhood.

Inside of yourself you should have a tuning-fork - a true sound, harmonious with your Higher Self and with God within you. Due to this true note you will be able to find co-workers in the physical plane, to comprehend the Divine plan for the current moment and to start acting, giving the world around you the right example for imitating and following the correct course.

Sanat Kumara, May 7, 2005


The whole activity of the Great White Brotherhood on planet Earth is connected exactly with letting non-ascended humankind join the work which the Brotherhood is performing for the good of the evolutions of planet Earth.

Michael the Archangel, January 3, 2008


We, the Ascended Masters, have always considered as a necessary condition that at a particular stage of the Path an aspirant must devote his whole life to serving the evolutions of the Earth by standing on the steps of our earth Hierarchy.

Zarathustra, January 6, 2008


Do not be afraid of loneliness. Do not be afraid to stay alone with yourself. Believe me that this is a seeming loneliness. And as soon as you overcome this feeling of loneliness in your consciousness, you will discover that there are thousands of Beings of Light around you. And only your unwillingness to give up your problems and earthly attachments separates you from the whole Hierarchy of Light. We are all standing and watching the growth of your consciousness. And we are concerned every time when you allow your old attachments and demonstrate old behavior patterns.

Lord Surya, June 03, 2010


There is one Cosmic Law for this Universe, and one of the points of this Law is the help of those who have achieved more on the path of evolution to those who have achieved less.

Master Morya, June 05, 2010