at the LAX Hilton
Los Angeles, CA
February 9-11, 2018

We always feel that sharing the Teaching of Ascended Masters with such a wide audience is truly a Blessing!

Feeling awe and great joy in our hearts, we were preparing for the Conscious Life Expo 2018 in the sunny city of Los Angeles, so that we could tell an even greater number of people about the Teachings of the Ascended Masters of Wisdom, which were transmitted through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana N. Mickushina!

Many seekers of the Truth came to our booth during the Expo. Our guests purchased the books, written by Tatyana Nicholaevna, as well as the images of the Masters.

One of the Expo’s visitors from Australia, who flew specifically to visit this 3-day Expo, purchased the book “Treasures of the Divine Wisdom.” When we met him the next day, he said that he couldn’t take his eyes off the book for the entire day, and that every time he opened a page in this book, he saw the exact message that his heart and soul were looking for. The next day, he came back and bought the book “Words of Wisdom”.

The eyes of many visitors were filling up with light and joy as they were coming to our stand to purchase the books. The new book “Secrets of Music,” was very popular among the visitors and had great success.

We even had the opportunity to have an educational conversation about the music with the neighbors of the booth. When we heard the sounds of music with broken rhythms coming from the neighboring booth, we realized that its owners needed this precious knowledge about the music and its correct rhythm.

After we had a conversation with our Expo neighbors about the music, and presenting them with the book “The Secrets of Music”, everything changed right in front of our very eyes – we heard the music of Tchaikovsky from that very booth!

The Expo was filled with total understanding and Love within our team, as well as with all the neighboring stands!

It’s a great joy for us to see that we can help many souls through spreading the Teaching of the Ascended Masters!

From the bottom of our hearts, we are very grateful to our beloved team for all their help in organizing the Expo and for their sincere support!

We are very thankful to our dear like-minded spiritual fellows from all around the world for their Love. We are like one family, which serves for the benefit of all humanity. Our support and love for each other is simply priceless. Low bow to everyone!

From the bottom of my heart, many thanks to God, the Masters and Tatyana Nicholaevna for their unconditional love for humanity and for all creation, and for the unprecedented opportunity to serve!

With Love,
Los Angeles

I really enjoyed the Expo, however it made me realize how far behind I am in my own learning. Many people came to our booth with their own experiences, and were interested in also learning about Tatyana Mickushina and the Teaching of the Ascended Masters.

I could tell some of them have been studying for a long time, and did my best to answer their questions.

One particular person was so taken by the materials at the booth, he told us he felt like he found the “holy grail”.

All in all, energy and Love was surrounding the booth the the entire weekend.

Special thanks to Tatyana Mickushina for all her Love and support.

With Love,

Los Angeles

“When prayers do not protect the space, then all the abomination of desolation penetrates there.” © Mother Mary, June 23, 2011

If I can come up with an analogy for the Expo of the books of Tatyana N, Mickushina in Los Angeles, I feel like it can be compared to the following: when a door is getting opened in a dark room, as the door opens wider, a thin ribbon of light cuts through and brings in the bright rays, as warm and pleasant sunlight joyfully fills the room.

And this analogy really took place because at the beginning of the Expo, it felt like there were not very benevolent energies and vibrations filling the exhibition space. By the end of the third day, the atmosphere was sweet everywhere!

Among the most densely populated cities of the U.S., Los Angeles has its special place. This is also true in regard to the energetic vibrations that were not even close to the higher etheric planes, just like within any other metropolis…

Within the turbulent and diverse stream of energies of the Expo itself, the booth with the Teaching of the Ascended Masters stood out qualitatively among the other ones, and many people rushed to sincerely share with us this observation. Our guests repeatedly stated that our booth emitted some special light, and they even called our ladies, wearing the white clothes – the angels.

These days of such a friendly atmosphere within our group was especially uplifting and joyful.

“Joy is an unbeatable power!” This phrase was continuously blinking in my mind, when I was looking at the happy faces of our dear friends.

I shared this feeling of joy and happiness of my fellow companions, who were expressing what they feel. They were simultaneously saying that this state of happiness and joy must be always present - everywhere, and not be limited only to these types of large-scale events.

We must feel true joy from collective labor. The opportunity that was gifted to us to be a small cog in a well-organized mechanism that has a common goal - this is an indescribable virtue!

And the feeling of a subtle sadness from the Expo coming to the end, instantly disappeared as we started to describe our impressions and conclusions.

After all, we were gifted with the chance to share the joy and love which we all feel reading and re-reading the Messages given through Tatyana N. Mickushina.

Thanks to the Lord, thanks to the blessed Tatyana Nicholaevna and to all the Masters, the feeling of closeness to whom grows as we try to practice the Teaching in our lives!

With non-extinguishing hope to become a worthy server of all Life one day!

Love and Gratitude!
Los Angeles, CA.

What a wonderful opportunity it was to participate in our second Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. The booth was buzzing all weekend with people reading the books about the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, transmitted through the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina.

It is always exciting to see our guests smiling and nodding in agreement as they read the Masters’ Messages. Many of them purchased books for further study.

The presentation was also a great success.

It is an honor to be a part of this friendly team, which performs its Service of spreading the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, and giving the opportunity to so many people who are searching for Truth and Wisdom, to get in contact with this Sacred Knowledge!

We are extremely grateful to Tatyana Mickushina for all her labor and Love.

With Love,

To our great joy, the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles was a real success!

Getting together again within a circle of like-minded people, who came from different cities in America, was real happiness and joy for all of us!

We always feel that sharing the Teaching of Ascended Masters with such a wide audience is truly a Blessing!

The presentation “The Teaching of the Ascended Masters About Karma” was excellent. It was attended by more than 70 people. We were also glad to see our old friends. The hall atmosphere was highly elevated. People listened to the material carefully and consciously. At the end of the presentation, there were applauses, and we heard many warm words of gratitude. Many people purchased books and signed up for our email newsletter.

On the last day, people came to our stand even after the official closing of the Expo. At the end, we felt both joy from the work we completed, and sadness from concluding this festive occasion of Service. Participating in events of such scale strengthens the fire of our hearts, and the aspiration to spread the Teaching of Ascended Masters wider and wider. We express boundless gratitude to God, the Ascended Masters and Tatyana Nicholaevna for the honor and joy of Service for the common good!

With Love,

Dear Tatyana Nicholaevna!

In your parting words before the Expo in Los Angeles, you wished a Divine mindset and a great Success, and these wishes fired up the lights within our hearts even stronger, and we tried to implement them into life and fulfill our duties with honor!

With Your Blessings and with Help from Above, we can say with great confidence that the Teaching of Ascended Masters being passed on to modern humanity, received a most welcome response within the souls and hearts of many, many people who attended this largest Expo of it’s kind in America.

Everything was amazingly light, joyful, and love-filled. And a simply Divine atmosphere was reigning at our booth during these 3 magical days, spreading into the space around us!#

Our hearts were pure and open, attracting to us many new visitors, the flow and interest seemed never ending…

These bright and tremulous souls sincerely responded to what they saw and heard at our stand!

This may seem unbelievable, but such a great number of visitors at our stand, and such a large number of books sold (more than 120), has never occurred before during any of the twenty previous Expos if the West!

This was really a tremendous success – the result of great and thorough efforts by our wonderful and friendly team!

We bow to the ground to You, and send you Love and great Gratitude for the trust and this Blessed opportunity of Service, spreading the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, transmitted through You to all humankind on Earth!

Dear Tatyana Viktorovna!

Our dear and dedicated like-minded friends from many countries of the World! We thank you for your help, support and Love, which we always feel and cherish with awe in our hearts, like something precious, unifying all of us in our act of Service for the Common Good!

With low bow and Love from the bottom of my heart!