New books featuring the
Teaching of the ASCENDED MASTERS 
have been presented in Canada 
at the Whole Life Expo

November 3-5, 2017

The first exhibition in Canada with blessings from Tatyana Mickushina and with the help of Ascended Masters was a great success. A huge role in the preparation and holding of this exhibition was played by our experienced American team, which arrived in Toronto for the time of the Expo.

A lot of people came to our booth during the exhibition. Many of them were coming repeatedly to buy more books and images. Some of them knew Ascended Masters and were ready to accept the deep knowledge of Their Teaching. To our great joy many people signed up for our newsletter and expressed their readiness to communicate with us.

Here are some vivid impressions from our exhibition.

 We talked for a while with one of our guest Alex. He told us that he was named Sirius at birth, but then his parents changed his name, it sounded too unusual. Alex said that God brought him to us because he asked God to introduce him to spiritual surroundings.

Another guest was attracted to our booth by the image of Tsar Nicolas II, she said that she was a distant relative of the tsar.

One man came to our booth after our presentation, he spread his arms as if trying to embrace the whole booth and exclaimed: “It’s impressive!”

One of the visitors who bought the book “Saint -Germain” said that he often parks on the street Saint - Germain in Toronto and that he would like to live on that street.

Another 84-year old guest of our booth came to the exhibition in a wheelchair. She bought several images of the Masters and a book “The Masters about Karma.” The next day she returned to buy the missing images, having felt the need for it.

326 The book "Secrets of music" in English was published just a week before the Expo, and had a great success. It was bought by those who are related to music, as well as those who find it educational and useful for young people.

Two girls who read books by Tatyana Mickushina and live in Toronto acquired their first experience of participating in the Exhibition.

One more member of our group in Toronto, who came to our presentation, purchased several books for distribution at a music school she works in.

Many amazing encounters have taken place during these three days. We got impressions that people in Canada were ready to accept the Teaching of the Ascended Masters. Their hearts opened to this Teaching with great joy.

Natasha Zwanck,

326Our spiritual journey began with an 11 hour drive starting from Chicago, IL going to Toronto, Canada. The mood was joyful and bright and we safely arrived at the place!


For the first time, we represented the books of Tatyana Mickushina, containing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters…in Canada! 


Our pre-expo preparation for the Ascended Master’s first appearance in Toronto, Canada included an inventory of our books and other materials. Next was a rehearsal of the Presentation "Ascended Masters' Teaching on “Reincarnation and changing the consciousness". 


We also made a call for help to the Masters to successfully participate in our first exhibition in Canada.


326 326

All three days were beautiful! The energy and the participants were wonderful!

A lot of people stopped at our booth, and many returned several times to experience high energies again, which they unconsciously felt.


326 One of our guests was so interested in the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, transferred through Tatyana Mickushina, that he brought about 10 of his friends and acquaintances to our stand, so that they could also familiarize themselves with the books containing the Teaching.


The owner of a neighboring booth also directed visitors to us. We were so happy to feel,

that everyone around was helping other people learn about this new Teaching!


It is a great honor for me to be a part of this team, which worked so beautifully together, for the first time introducing the Messenger, Tatyana Mickushina and the Teaching of the Ascended Masters to Canada!


Love and Light!




Our long-standing dream to come together to hold an exhibition in Canada, where we would present the books of Tatyana Nicholayevna na Mikushina, containing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, finally came true!


This first exhibition on November 3-5 was so wonderful and left such warm and unforgettable impressions that our hearts will remember it forever. It was a great honor for us to represent the Masters of Wisdom and their Teachings on the territory of Canada!

Many guests approached our stand and with great interest perceived information about a new Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom transferred through the Russian Messenger, Tatiana Mikushina.

326 326


Many truth seekers were sincerely grateful to us for spreading this Teaching and that they found what they were looking for, this source of Knowledge, which they need so much for spiritual advancement at this moment in their life.


Our guests had such open and benevolent hearts, that for many of them, this Teaching opened the way to a new Divine world. Visitors to our booth were gladly buying books and images of Masters, and it gave us great joy. Many guests did not want to leave the booth, as they felt the high Divine energies coming from it.


We were very glad, that those souls who were looking for this Knowledge, came to our stand and found what they were looking for.


It was very touching to watch two little girls who came to our stand with their parents, and immediately the girls chose the images of Mother Mary and Saint- Germain, and pressed the images to their hearts with great love! Their mother was attracted to the image of Sanat Kumara, and she shed tears after reading a few lines from his Dictation.


For many visitors who repeatedly approached us on this three-day exhibition, learning about The Teaching of the Masters left the most vivid, indelible impressions.


Our task was to draw as many souls as possible to this Knowledge and spread the Teaching of the Masters to the widest possible circle of people, and we succeeded!


God grant that many people on this planet can find this Knowledge and step onto the Divine path, which the Ascended Masters teach.


Service is a great joy for us. We are very grateful to dear Tatiana Nicholayevna and the Ascended Masters for this opportunity. We are also thankful to them for such an important and huge work, that they do for the benefit of all mankind!


Thank you very much, all our dear, beloved cohesive team of like-minded people for your help, love and support! 



With Love and Gratitude,


Los Angeles


The exhibition "Whole Life Expo" in Toronto has exceeded all our expectations! We were struck by the awareness of Canadian residents about the Ascended Masters and their readiness to accept the Teaching given through Tatyana Nicholaevna. Many visitors were very interested in the book "Messenger", they intuitively took it into their hands.

326 The exhibition lasted 3 days. There was a feeling that on the first day people were only getting acquainted with our stand, the Teaching and were not ready to purchase any books.

But at the end of the day one guest Walter, a native Peruan, came to our booth. He picked up the book "The Words of Wisdom 1" and began to quickly flip through it. We invited him to read some excerpts from the Dictation.

He replied that he did not consider it necessary, because he already felt a strong energy coming from all the books of the Masters of Wisdom.

When we began to tell Walter about the Teaching, about the Messenger, he immediately decided to purchase all five volumes of the "Word of Wisdom" with the full Teaching and all thematic books, as well as 8 small Masters' Images. We were simply amazed by the readiness of the soul of this guest. This situation inspired us a lot on the first day of the Exhibition!

Our Presentation "Ascended Masters' Teaching on Reincarnation and Changing the Consciousness" was scheduled on the second day of the Expo. It was a pleasant surprise that the manager of the lecture hall presented us to the audience. She interested the guests by pointing out the importance of our topic, calling us white angels and introducing the site "Sirius". To our great joy, more than 50 people came to the Presentation. Everyone listened very carefully to the new information, one guest was making detailed notes...

326 326

After the presentation, many shared their impressions of how strong the energy was in the hall. We all also felt the presence of the Masters, this feeling seemed to "raise" us from the ground.

326 At the end of the presentation attendees lined up to sign up for the "Sirius" newsletter. Many guests came to our booth to go deeper into the information and learn more about the Teaching, about the Messenger. A lot of books and Masters' images were sold that day. 

After the Presentation our last day's guest, Walter, bought the entire series of books "Masters of Wisdom". Thus, he became the owner of all the books of Tatiana Nicholayevna, published in English!

At the end of the day, he came again and purchased all the large images of the Masters, for fear that they could be sold out and this assumption was not far from the truth...

He was also very interested in the personality of Nicholas II, Grigory Rasputin, Tsarist Russia and the revolution. We were all very amazed and incredibly happy with such an interest in the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and the history of Russia.

We are infinitely grateful to Tatyana Nicholayevna for the Blessing, to God and to the Masters for the help and opportunity of Service, and our spiritual family for love and support!

With Love and a low bow,


Dear Tatyana Nicholaevna,

Dear Tatyana Viktorovna,

Dear faithful and loyal friends, like-minded people from different countries of the world.

I address you with a low bow, Love and Gratitude, with extraordinary joy and inspiration and I hasten to tell you that our first exhibition in the

Canadian land where we represented books by Tatyana Nicholayevna, was a great success!

There was a feeling that the country itself and the people living in it were waiting with a joyful heart for this important event in their life - getting in contact with the Teaching of the Ascended

Masters and with the Divine Energy, contained in the books of Tatiana Mickushina!

There was never such a large number of guests at our stand at any of 19 previously held Exhibitions in the West. This, the 20th one, was truly a manifestation of the Will of God for this place on earth!

During these three magical days we heard so many times words of gratitude for the opportunity to get in touch with the Knowledge of Antiquity. So many questions were asked about where were we before. Our guests were wondering why they didn't hear anything about this sacred Teaching, about the Messenger of the Ascended Masters from Russia. It is so necessary for the world right now!

It is simply impossible to describe all the miracles that happened around us.

Before our eyes people's hearts were ignited and souls were opened. Just a few minutes ago they were unaware that something like this could happen in their lives. Like a magnet, our stand attracted people; many times they were coming back and were staying with us for a long time, not wishing to part...

The exhibition was already closed, but people were still coming and coming to our stand. We did not leave our post, until the soul of our last guest received all necessary attention.

326Residents of this country, who visited our stand, were expressing their feelings so openly and sincerely.  With such a strong desire they aspired to the opportunity to get in touch with the Knowledge of 

The Ancient Teaching that our hearts filled with extraordinary love and tenderness to each of them and every particle of life!

This exhibition in Canada is another precious page in the memory of our hearts, another story of Love!

So much Divine Light was released for these past 3 days in this part of our beautiful planet!

It is a great blessing to be able to have such a Service!

With the Love from my entire heart and boundless Gratitude to Our beloved Teacher - Tatyana Nicholayevna, to God, to the Ascended Masters, for this opportunity and for Their incomparable, titanic work for the Good of Evolution of the Planet Earth!