May 13 – 15, 2013
The seminar on

The Essence of the Ancient Teaching
has taken place in Moscow, Russia



Dear friends,

The seminar on "The essence of the ancient Teaching" of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatyana N. Mickushina has taken place in the suburb of Moscow in May, 13 - 15.

The seminar has been visited by 200 people from 9 countries: Belarus, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, the USA, Turkey, the Ukraine, with the majority of the comers from different regions of Russia, 167 people, including 83 comers from Moscow and the suburb.

The seminar was a great success! Below you can see our visitors' responses on the event.



Hello! It's the first time that I have visited T.N.Mickushina's seminar.

I wanted to see T.N. myself and to listen to her. I have only seen the recordings of her meetings in Novosibirsk, Moscow and Bulgaria. I like listening to her recordings of the messages and the Rosaries.

And so I was lucky to visit the seminar that has taken place in the suburb of Moscow, 13-15 of May.

Dear friends, I was so happy to see so many smiling faces who are your spiritual friends. Even in the bus that took us to the hotel I felt the warmth of the hearts of the organizers of the seminar. I have felt their care and attention throughout those 3 days of the seminar.



A very friendly atmosphere surrounded our team of 200 people. We did the exercises of Kundalini Yoga, the whole audience was united when reading a Rosary, the meals were delicious and evening movies helped thinking over the life. And the rooms where we lived were very comfortable.

And now the most important thing: we all got the explanation of the essence of this ancient Teaching, the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, from T.N. T.N. gave us 26 fundamental principles of the Teaching in a simple manner with humor and good examples.

The examples from her life that she shared with us were very moving. And her sincerity made me see many things in a different way!

Besides, Tatyana made a gift to each comer – an individual message from the Patron of the seminar Sanat Kumara. It was a beautiful card with the image of Sanat Kumara, his short message and a badge of Sirius! It was very nice! I had those very lines of the message that I personally needed.

I'd like to thank Tatyana for the seminar, for this opportunity of comprehension of this Teaching, her answers of the questions were also of great help.

And I'd like to thank the whole committee for their great job on the arrangement and support of the seminar!

Hope to see you again! Irina, Moscow.



Thank God the seminar has taken place and it is a bit sad that it is over. It was a celebration of Light. I believe that the circles of this light spread widely to reach all the corners of the planet. The geographical composition of the comers was quite extensive.

I am happy that Russia has been the centre of the event again.

I am grateful to Sanat Kumara and the Ascended Masters for their high patronage of the seminar.

I am very grateful to Tatyana N. Mickushina for her great work. This was an event at which we could see the harmony of her Mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood and her warm, sincere and simple human traits.

I would like to thank the organizational committee for this opportunity that they realized in such a nice place.

I would like to thank all the visitors of the seminar for maintaining that warm and cozy atmosphere throughout these 3 days.

With love and gratitude,
Vladimir, Moscow.



Hello, my friends!

My name is Sergey and I have been visiting Tatyana Mickushina's seminar in the Moscow area from 13 to 15 of May. I am glad to give you my response.

In short:

1) I am delighted with the work of the organizers. Everything was clear and on time. The chosen place was wonderful, the hall decoration was beautiful. There was a good technical support, coordinated work of the team and good facilities.

2) I am impressed by the lecture of Tatyana Mickushina. The material was given in a simple way, nevertheless, the key and important matters for me at this time were considered very thoroughly. This simplicity was not a reduction but an appropriate receptacle for the higher knowledge. And the main thing, when you see a person of such a high spiritual level and stay in her presence, you accept many things automatically, you take much at a subconscious level, and then it reveals itself for your comprehension.

I am very grateful for your work!

And I wish you the very best!

Sergey, Leningrad area, the town of Tosno



I'd like to express my deep gratitude for everything that has taken place at the seminar. Every thing was in such a consonance with my soul! The organizers have considered every little thing. We did not have any spare minute for useless thoughts. Besides, the Yoga classes helped reach the state of purity from the thoughts in order to get ready for the spiritual work and then for further sleep. Everything was in one burst of inspiration, and all of us were as one organism. I was glad to see all people's discipline. I was also deeply impressed by the warm welcome of the organizers of the seminar. Several people stepped out of the bus towards them, and all of us felt such a wave of joy that was spreading from them! And we were floating with this beautiful energy wave all these days, hours and minutes, and I am grateful for each of these moments.

Gradislava, the city of Chelyabinsk.


Dear friends!

There are no words to express those feelings of gratitude and love which I am having within. The celebration is over but Tatyana's voice is still in my head and the lecture seems to be going on. Not to lose this state, I'd like only to express my deep gratitude to Tatyana and all the organizers of such a beautiful event. Thank you for the generosity of your souls, for you work, for the spirit of oneness and joy in which we stayed! Everything was arranged at a very high level.

I am grateful to our Great Teacher Sanat Kumara! Thanks to His image on the altar, I felt His presence and He seemed to look at us with His eyes full of compassion and love.

And I also would like to add that if each of us could show such care towards the neighbor and could work for the benefit of everyone, like we saw that at the seminar, our world would be so beautiful!..

With Love and respect, Ramziya (and Fanis), the city of Tyumen


It's the first time that I have visited Tatyana Mickushina's seminar. My heart is still full of awe and deep experience, which I wish to share with the world with the care and love of these days of the seminar. My whole being is full of gratitude towards our endlessly loving and patient Ascended Masters, to Tatyana Mickushina who is giving us this ancient knowledge with complete devotion in all possible ways, to the organizers who managed to arrange such an important event at such a high level and in dignity.

I thought that it was enough for me to get the knowledge simply by reading the Messages. But that what I got at the seminar was much deeper. It is impossible to describe the blessing of Sanat Kumara, these feelings of integrity and expansion of my heart which took hold of my being. At the same time I felt that heavy "mantle" on my shoulders that I was to carry further. "If you receive, you are to share" – that is the Law. I will apply all my efforts to justify this Trust.

With deep respect, Helena, Novosibirsk



An astounding seminar "The essence of the ancient Teaching" was held in the Moscow area. First of all, we'd like to note the level of the event, the arrangement and that beautiful decoration of the hall. The images of the Ascended Masters over the stage watched the audience with their unfathomable eyes.

The topic of the seminar had been considered before in Kiev and Riga. Every event had its peculiarities, its spirit, and everything was at a high level. But the seminar in Russia was very special. We liked everything from the beginning to the end.

The organizers met the visitors in Moscow, and the buses took us to a picturesque place in the Moscow area. And the work started right in the bus: we filled in the agreements, got some files for the seminar… We were offered to listen to or sing special mantras in order to step out of the bus in a harmonious state.

Our morning started with Kundalini Yoga, then we had some time for prayers and for reading the Rosaries. In the evening we watched movies about spiritual paths of the incarnated Teachers and then prepared ourselves for visiting the Masters' Retreats during our night sleep.

But the most important thing was the meeting with the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina.

Many of the comers visited the previous lectures but this time the material was taken as if for the first time. We have considered all the fundamentals of the Teaching which the Masters of Wisdom have been teaching humanity, we have also got a good explanation of every fundamental thing by the Messenger.

We were impressed by the communication of the Messenger with the audience.

She was asked different questions and sometimes tricky ones, nevertheless, her answers put every thing to its place. And suddenly there was one unexpected surprise. The Messenger gave every visitor a card with the image of the patron of this seminar Sanat Kumara with a short citation from His dictations which hit the target in everyone's case.

The final part of the seminar exceeded all expectations.

Everything was planned very accurately, the right words, movies and music were found so that we all could feel with all our being the presence and the blessing of Sanat Kumara. And it is truly worth all the benefits of the world.

When we were going to the seminar, we wished to get a good impulse for our spiritual work but what we got was much more and it was an invaluable gift. The state that we are still in exceeds all our expectations.

We would like to thank you for this seminar! We would like to thank Tatyana Mickushina, Tatyana Martynenko, Olga Generalova, Veronica Lace, Oleg Tomayli, Alexander Simelin, Janna Novicheva, Kirill Krasnikov, Irina Koroteyeva, and the whole committee which was so big that it is impossible to name everyone. We are very happy for you! You have a great team!

Congratulations on this success!

Olga Dumanskaya, Irina Kuznetsova, the city of Kiev