The Heliacal rise of Sirius on July 23d



I have been performing a ritual dedicated to the 23rd for several years. With the "Keepers of the Flame" [1], this day was dedicated to Sirius[2]. I wanted to understand why the 23rd is dedicated to Sirius and why attention is paid to Sirius. Here's what I learned.


Scientists have long known about one African tribe in the Timbuktu region (Mali), called the Dogons. This tribe stored information that by any standards of the modern worldview they simply could not have known. Information destroys all our ideas about ourselves as the only intelligent beings in the universe.


There is a cave in the Dogon country that goes deep into the mountains, and in this cave there are wall paintings that are more than 700 years old. We are talking about Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, which is called "Sirius A". If you look at the Orion belt (these are three stars lined up in a row) and continue the line down and to the left, you can see a bright star, which is Sirius A. (If you go up from the belt about twice the distance, you can see the Pleiades.) The information in the Dogon cave clearly indicates another star orbiting Sirius. The Dogons describe this star very specifically. They say that it is very small and consists of what is called "the heaviest substance in the universe" (which is close to the truth, but not quite accurate.) They also say that a small star makes a revolution around Sirius in a period "close to fifty years.” Astronomers were able to establish the existence of Sirius B, a white dwarf, in 1862, and only twenty years ago were they able to confirm other information. Scientists have checked how much the white dwarf "Sirius B" weighs. According to the latest data, its weight is approximately 1.5 million tons per cubic inch! Leaving aside black holes, it really seems to be the heaviest substance in the universe. In addition, when scientists checked the period of rotation of Sirius B around Sirius A, they found that it is 50.1 years. How did the primitive tribe have such detailed information about the star, the parameters of which could not be measured until in the twentieth century?


There is one more thing that the Dogons knew about. This is a small drawing on the wall, but scientists did not know what it was... until the orbits of Sirius A and Sirius B were calculated on the computer. The scheme in the Dogon cave (this is a view from Earth) is identical to the model of rotation of Sirius B around Sirius A for a certain time, which falls in the period from 1912 to 1990… This scheme, which relates to the present time, was handed over to the Dogons at least 700 years ago!


In Africa, where the Dogons live, the star Sirius disappears from the horizon and is out of sight for a couple of months, and then on the morning of July 23 it reappears, sparkling, ruby-red, right above the horizon almost exactly to the east. The sun rises in sixty seconds. Therefore, Sirius can be observed only for a moment, then it disappears. This is the so-called heliacal (in the rays of the morning dawn) rise of Sirius, which was a very important moment for most of the ancient world, not only for the Dogons and Egypt. This is the moment when Sirius, the Sun and the Earth line up along a straight line in space. In Egypt, almost all the temples, as well as the direction of the Sphinx's gaze, were aligned along this line (almost exactly to the east). In many temples there is a tiny hole in a certain place in the wall, the same small hole in another wall, then in the next, and so on to a certain dark inner room. In this room there is usually something like a cube or a golden-cut granite rectangle, located right in the center and having a small mark. At the moment of the heliacal sunrise of Sirius, a ruby-red light falls on the altar for several seconds, which means the beginning of the new year and the first day according to the Syrian or Sotic calendar (Sotis is the ancient name of Sirius).


Our solar system moves in space in an elongated spiral. Such a spiral cannot form, unless we are gravitationally connected to another large body – such as another solar system or something even larger. Studies have shown that we are connected with the Sirius star system – with Sirius A and Sirius B. We move in space together, rotating in a spiral around a common center. Our fate and the fate of Sirius are intimately connected. We are a single system!


In addition to our Solar System, the same spiral motion relative to each other is observed between Sirius A and Sirius B. According to research, this spiral motion of two Sirius stars resembles the geometric characteristics of DNA molecules.


By the way, for your information, the Earth – Moon system is the same: the Earth and the Moon rotate around each other and there is a third component between them at a distance of about one-third from the Earth to the Moon, which is the central point. The Earth and the Moon rotate around this point in a spiral, just as they move around the Sun.


I got this information from the book by Drunvalo Melchizedek "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.”








When I was babysitting my granddaughter, I used to tell her two fairy tales before going to bed: a fairy tale about a turnip and a fairy tale about a Fox and a Hare. I was somehow surprised why she always listens to them with such attention. I wondered if there was a special meaning in them that I didn't notice, and whether a child who is still connected with the cosmos understands a little bit more about it. After all, in Russia, fairy tales were composed by sages. And I realized this.


Our Land has reached a certain milestone, as a turnip that has ripened, and it must be pulled out like a turnip. And this requires the spiritual efforts of both grandparents, granddaughters, Bugs, Cats, and even a Mouse is crucial. (The parents are probably immersed in materialism.) Perhaps the ritual that each of us conducts on the 23rd may also play a decisive role in the history of the Earth.


And what about the fairy tale about the Fox and the Hare?


Various sources mention that a virus that torments people once penetrated the Earth or that evolutions unfriendly to earthlings were incarnated on Earth illegally (according to Cosmic laws). They can serve as a prototype of a Fox that has expelled a Hare from his house. The bear did not help the Hare, the bear, as the embodiment of brute physical strength. The Wolf, an evil carnivore, did not help the Hare either. The rooster comes with a scythe. The scythe reminds of death, so the Rooster is a wise man who remembers Death. He tells the Fox to get out three times. At first, the fox does not hurry, she checks, if the Rooster would get tired of waiting and suddenly leave. But the Rooster is persistent, and after the third time the Fox runs away. The Hare began to live with the Rooster, who crows three times in life,  as a reminder that he still protects the Hare. And, as far as I remember, the Rooster put the scythe in the corner of the hut.


There is such a joke: a rooster shouts in the morning, thinks that if he does not crow, the Sun will not rise. I think that the Rooster reasons like this: if the Sun does not rise one morning (as Master Saint Germain once said), it will not be his fault, because he carefully fulfilled his duty. Therefore, I also try to read prayers, decrees and rosaries in order to fulfill my duty.





Valentina Krivopusk, [3] 73 years old.


Almaty, Kazakhstan. 05/16/2010.



[1] The Brotherhood of the Keepers of the Flame was established by Saint Germain through the messenger Mark Prophet.


[2] The 23rd number of the Keepers of the Flame is the day of Surya from the Great Central Sun, which on the physical plane in our part of the universe is the star Sirius.


[3] Valentina Krivopusk has been a reader of the Sirius mailing list since the very first issue on November 4, 2002.


She made the transition on June 27, 2010