Eclipses from the Vedic

(astrology point of view)


Lunar and Solar eclipses – explanations, forecasts, and recommendations on how to behave during eclipses.



Eclipses from the Vedic - astrology point of view

From the Vedic point of view, a solar or lunar eclipse is not favorable for any actions or beginnings. But if the actions are connected with the spiritual life of a person, with the service to God/Absolute, then the time of an eclipse can and should be used for spiritual practice.

During the solar eclipse, the shadow planet Rahu covers the Sun, and the sun’s rays which are vital to the Earth and to all living things. The interruption of the Sun rays is not favorable. During solar eclipses we don’t receive the light of the Sun (which is the light of life), but the emission of darkness emanating from Rahu (Rahu is a planet, the norther lunar node located at the intersection of the plane of the Moon orbit and the ecliptic). The eclipse removes or reduces solar energy (life-giving “prana”) for the whole Earth. So people and all creatures suffer.

During the eclipse, consciousness is obscured, the mind is poorly oriented during the events. In general, a solar eclipse creates an adverse impact on society, and increases tension on it, and it also brings out destructive tendencies. This influence might last up to a year.

According to Vedic astrology and Vedic traditions,
it is recommended that certain rules should be observed
during solar and lunar eclipses.

- do not look at the eclipse;

- do not leave the house (especially no traveling) and be indoors;

- do not eat food 3 hours before and 3 hours after the eclipse;

- do not drive or at least do it carefully;

- avoid financial transactions;

- do not have contact with crowds;

- it is recommended to meditate and engage in other spiritual practices (or at least just relax);

- it is recommended to abandon bad habits – the body will adapt faster.



Doctors know that eclipses can negatively affect the health of even healthy people. The impact of this natural phenomenon on behavior and well-being begins to be felt two weeks before the eclipse. Meteorologically, sensitive people are especially affected.

The research of medical scientists proved the undeniable influence of a solar eclipse on man. Medical research was conducted on dozens of healthy and sick people. Studies have shown that the human body begins to react to this natural phenomenon as soon as the sun’s disk is covered by Moon. Within an hour after the beginning of the eclipse, hypertensive patients that have high blood pressure, meaning the narrowing of the blood vessels, and the heart works harder to move the blood. The blood begins to flow unevenly into different hemispheres of the brain. The nervous system is clearly disabled. The doctors expected that all these phenomenon should occur only two days after the eclipse, when the cosmic rays from the Sun reached the Earth.

The Moon is the evening source of light, which is very close to us. The Sun gives energy (the masculine principle), and the Moon absorbs it (the feminine principle). When two bodies of light find themselves at one point during the eclipse, their energies exert the strongest influence on a person. In the body, there is a powerful load on the regulatory processes. Especially, this day would be bad for people with cardiovascular pathologies, hypertensive patients. It would also be bad for people who are currently undergoing treatment courses.

Even doctors say that on the day of the eclipse, it’s better not to engage in any activity, as actions will be inadequate and you will be more likely to make mistakes. To avoid discomfort with ill health, they recommend taking a contrast shower on this day (which, by the way, should be taken not only on days of solar eclipse, but regularly, every day). In the morning shower must be finished with cool water, it stimulates the body, and in the evening with warm water.

In 1954, the French economist Maurice Allais by observing the movement of the pendulum, noticed that during a solar eclipse, the pendulum began to move faster than usual. This phenomenon was called the Allais effect, but no one could understand it. Today, a new study of the Dutch scientist Chris Duif, confirms this phenomenon, but he also cannot explain it yet. The astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev learned the fact that eclipses act on people. He says that time transforms during the eclipse.

Scientific data on the development of an embryo, and certain studies show that the influence of the Sun’s rays is more powerful than the rays of Jupiter. Pregnant women are also not allowed to go out during the solar or lunar eclipses. And those who have neglected the danger and have done this gave birth to abnormal babies. The explanation of the connection between these events is not explained by modern science.

The consequences of an eclipse in the form of a powerful earthquake or other natural disaster is possible for even a week after the eclipse. In any case, an eclipse brings changes to the society.

During the lunar eclipse, the mind, the thinking and emotional spheres of people are highly vulnerable. The number of mental disorders in people increases. This is due to the disruption of the hypothalamus at the psychophysiological level, which corresponds to the Moon, according to the discovery of Tony Nader (Nader Radjah Rama). The hormonal cycle of the body can also be disturbed, especially in women. During a solar eclipse, work of the physiological correspondence of the Sun - the Thalamus is more disrupted, and the risk of cardiovascular disease increases, since the Sun controls the heart. Perception of Atma (“I”, pure consciousness) is clouded. The consequence of this may be an increase in tension, radical and aggressive trends in the world as well as dissatisfaction with the egos of politicians, or heads of a state.

When hard times come, the best we can do is to turn ourselves to the Absolute. During eclipses, it’s better to think about peace in your country and the entire world. If people around you start to behave crazily during these tough times, be tolerant and sensitive. The best recommendation for lunar and solar eclipses is to rest.

According to the principal of Vedic astrology, the harmful result of the eclipse increases as time gets closer to the date of the event. Eclipses are a consequence of Rahu -“ the demon”, who envied Surya (the Sun) and Chandra (the Moon).

Eclipses from the Vedic - astrology point of view

Eclipses tend to have a strong negative result on:

1) the geographical regions in which they occur;

2) in places where they are visible;

3) in areas of underground mining.

Studies on eclipses show that the probability of different types of catastrophes increases during the period of “influence of the eclipse.“

In the next two weeks we are likely to see events such as increased risk of a war, fires, airplane crashes or unusual meteorological phenomenon. Some of the world leaders can get into a scandal, or experience some sort of tragedy. Powerful rulers can be blinded by anger, envy and ego. Also, illogical and unwise decisions made by world leaders are possible at this time. The pernicious Rahu rules secretive, immoral and cunning behavior, like a poisonous smoke that quietly creeps. Consequently, the governments of the world must be super vigilant regarding subversive activities. Political leaders must strengthen their security and keep level-headed and calm when they make critical decisions. Smugglers and terrorists often strike during the period of “the sphere of influence of the eclipse”. There may be riots or large food poisoning. Seismic activity is not excluded. For the government and police forces, the most important thing is vigilance.