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An interview with Tatyana N. Mikushina
published in the Lithuanian magazine "Raktas" ("Key")

June 2015, Latvia, Riga



The article "Divine Freedom" was published in the August 2015 issue of the Lithuanian magazine "Key (Raktas). This article contains an interview with Tatyana N. Mikushina. The interview covered a range of issues relating to morality, divine and human freedom, education for children and other topics.


- Could you tell us in a few words about the beginning of your spiritual path and your way as a Messenger?

- In a few words I can say that I was thinking about it a lot and realized that when I just came into this World, when I was born, I remember I was may be 4, may be 5 years old, I already knew for sure, that there is God, although I was born in the country, which was called Soviet Union, and there was no God in that country, because the main religion was Atheism, there was no God, and I knew exactly, that there is God. Then when I went to school, may be it was 1st, may be 2nd grade we were told that there is no God. I was so surprised, I came home, I happened to be spending most of the time with my great grandmother and my great grandmother was born in tsarist days, graduated from church school. And I came to her and told her, There is no God. We were told at school, cosmonauts flew everywhere, and there is no God anywhere. My grandma didnt argue with me, she just said: There IS God. That was it. It was some kind of realization for me, that despite the fact that someone may say one thing, in reality it can be another thing.

Then when I was growing up, I began to engage in basketball and other things, I forgot about God. I was 15 years old, when I forgot about God again. At that moment at competitions I got an injury, and about a week after that I was dying, because of doctors mistakes, a sepsis started. But in a week I came back, and I knew exactly that there is God. I knew that God exists and it relates to me very closely. This story can be really long, then I forgot about God again, then remembered about him again; and when I was already about 40 years old, I found the Teaching of Elizabeth Clare and Mark Prophet who were teaching the Teaching of White Brotherhood in the United States, and I remembered again that there is God. But then there were hard serious tests, as I understand, for the right to carry the Teaching of for the Teaching to come to the World through me, those were very hard tests.

- Did you get a gift?

- A little before I began to hear, I started to hear thoughts, these are very delicate processes, very-very subtle. I needed to learn to perceive those subtle things. Anyway this gift, this kind of inner subtlety was present since birth. We cannot say that it can happen in just one incarnation. It came earlier.

- You are initiator and spiritual leader of international social movement For Morality, so what is the purpose and importance of this movement?

- Well, I dont know how much your readers will be interested in how this movement appearedI was meditating. I was meditating and at that time God Shiva was my Teacher. In general this Teaching is kind of intimate, chamber so to speak, it can be passed only from a Teacher to students. It cannot be given by telling something from a podium. Well, God Shiva came to me and sent me a thought about creating a big movement, wide movement. He showed me a lot of people, showed symbols, a blue and while ribbon and a lily, he gave those symbols, and this movement must be spread very widely. And if we were able to spread this movement very widely, everything in this World could be changed very fast. Its enough for people to just say, I am for Morality.

You dont even need to be moral, its enough to strive for it. You dont even have to do certain things, its enough just to register. And then this amount of people, for instance imagine if a million of people said: We are for Morality, it could outweigh the World scale and the whole World could changed for the better. That is what this movement was created for. For there to be more God, more Goodness, more Light.

- Yes, and recently there was the second meeting of this movement and its subject was Divine True Freedom. Why exactly this topic was chosen and why is it urgent?

- This subject was chosen by a host party, by Veronica Latsy, who is the vice president of our movement, she is from Riga and she offered this topic, the topic of Freedom, we were all present and we agreed on it. We thought it may be urgent.

- I think it is urgent, especially now, when everybody understand freedom in a different way. What exactly do you think we can name a True Freedom?

- The Teaching I represent understands freedom a little differently than most people do. For Masters Freedom is a freedom from the bonds of matter. There may be are a lot of movements, religions, which teach that, but they are not familiar to most people. We are here in this world and it seems to us, that this world is good, and actually it is far from perfection. But until this world seems good and attractive to us, we will be caught by this world and it will seem to us that we want freedom, we want to do what we want; we want to do drugs or have sex or other things; and until we are getting caught by these things, which means we are interested in them, we will continue to come to this world, to reincarnate the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd time. But then the moment will come, when we will understand, that those things dont satisfy us anymore, there is something bigger and it exists beyond this world. And in this case, we will move to a different world. And there will be a different understanding of freedom there, not as freedom to do anything I want, but a much bigger freedom, but under the condition that we will obey The Law existing in this Universe. So, one condition - we dont follow our free will, dont do what we want, but obey The Law, which exists in this Universe, we may call it God, we may call it Love.

- In Vedic culture it is Dharma.

- And in this situation, when we follow that law we get a bigger freedom, because this world is very limited.

- How do you think this misunderstanding of freedom, as we understand it now, manifests in real life?

- We understand freedom as doing what we want when we want, without thinking of other people, countries, and organizations. This is how we understand freedom. But if we understand freedom this way, sooner or later our interests will collide with the interests of other people, other countries, and other organizations and there will be a conflict.

- So, maybe the phrase The limit of freedom is where freedom of other begins. is correct?

- A very important thing is a level of consciousness of a person. When a person is not at a very high level of consciousness and is controlled by ego, he wants to show off, prove that he is more important and get in conflict with other people. But when we get on a higher level of consciousness, we can find compromise, find common points with each other and act together and cooperate. And in this case freedom doesnt get violated, we just do something cooperatively, based on our free will, it is just a different level of consciousness.

- Yes, and in the topic of the meeting it is said that freedom is to act according to The Highest Moral Law. So, what does The Highest Moral Law mean?

- Yesterday during my lecture I said that when all true prophets and messengers or men of wisdom came into this world, they gave an understanding of the Law of Goodness, the Law of Love, The Law of Surrender to the Divine Principle, and in our world these laws are reflected as moral principles, for instance, respect God, respect parents, dont kill, dont steal, dont lie, so be moral in everything. So, its like the code of laws for our level of consciousness, this is what The Highest Moral Law means.

-Like someone said yesterday, the highest Divine Law is God.

- On our level of consciousness we understand that we have some boundaries, which we voluntarily take the responsibility to abide, not killing, not stealing. But anyway all of it is within the boundaries of one huge law, which we may call God.

- How do you think we can implement this right understanding of morality and freedom in our society?

- We need people, a rather large number of people to want to change something for better in our society. The desire of a large enough number of people is substantial. The Masters talk about one percent of the World population. So just one percent of the World population that would want to change the flow of our life to the direction of God could change everything. Just one percent.

- Just one percentAt first you need to have a very strong wish and then

- It needs to come from the inside, God acts from within us, and if one percent of population lets God act through them, then everything will change like this (snaps the fingers), with a speed of a lightning, like a miracle.

- So probably what we could do is to inspire people to want this.

- Everyone should do their own job. You issue a great magazine, we too, do what we can, make books, everyone needs to do their own job, what they think is right.

- Well, could we talk about kids now? We talked a lot about kids yesterday too. In your opinion, how to pass this right understanding of morality and freedom to our kids?

- Well, it is a lot harder because the system of education already exists in every country, and there are some regulations on how to teach and what to teach kids. Thats why its impossible to make somebody teach like we think is right. Thats why people need to be found, who deal with that, I dont know, like Ministers of Education, may be presidents, there should be a free will, a political will of those people, who are on a high level of administering the affairs of the state, in order for them to be able to change this educational system in a way that kids would get a bigger idea about God, about goodness, about morality; then its possible, it is possible to change everything within 25 years. It is enough to lead in the right direction those kids, who are coming into this world now. It will be a different world around us in 25 years.

- I also think it is probably important for parents to change first.

- Its impossible for kids to be good and for parents to be bad, it has to be done together.

- Yesterday we talked a lot about Montessori school, there are alternative schools, and it may be a good choice at this time.

- You see, I got acquainted with methods of Maria Montessori, Mary Ellen even came to us, to Omsk city, and she gave us the introductory course of lectures on this method. The main thing, which Maria Montessori was giving to kids, is letting each child set this inner connection, which is still with them till the age of 3, this inner connection with their Highest Self of with God. When they work with these materials, they actually start to interact with their Highest Self; and if this skill gets anchored, then for the rest of their lives they receive this inner connection, so God guides them all their lives. This is the foundation of this method. But the way it is taught right now doesnt quite comply with that method. Maria Montessori was doing miracles, she was taking kids, whose parents gave them up, who were ill psychologically or mentally; and in two-three years those kids surpassed their peers from happy families, only due to this method. Their Higher Self, God restored them completely during the work with materials or games. This is a brilliant method. But like everything in this World it has changed a little

-So it is important for education to help a child restore this connection.

- They have it naturally, maybe not all children, but most of them.

- Then it gets lost and has to be restored.

- It is much harder to restore.

- Then maybe to be maintained?

- It has to be done from the very infancy. The most important age is when a person gets born till he is 6 month old. In this period a person absorbs everything like a sponge, he absorbs everything what is going on around. Thats why if during this time TV is on, mother smokes, father drinks beer, someone argues, they think that the child doesnt understand anything, because he cant talk, he just lays, well, he cries, but its not like he is against it, but it all gets absorbed with his mind. And when at the age of 10, 12, 15 years old he starts to smoke or drink beer it is impossible to persuade him that it is not good, because he saw his mother smoking and his father drinking beer. And we dont know what he saw on TV, because TV was on too.

- Recently I have deepened into Vedic culture, and I dont see any contradiction between it and most of your Teaching. So, your Teaching may be very universal, as far as I can see.

- Well, I dont think its MY teaching and I think it is one common teaching, which existed at the time of Vedic culture, and that culture existed on a rather large territory; we cant say now what happened 10000-20000 years ago, but this Vedic culture was very widespread, and I think it was based on the same basic principles that the Masters are giving us now. Then Jesus came and gave the same fundamentals, Gautama Buddha, there were many men of wisdom, Zoroaster. They were all coming and giving the same unique truth, which can be called Vedic culture, it can be called Christian culture, and it can be called some other way. People by force of their limitations tend to separate everything: here is Christianity, here is Islam, here is Vedic culture, and here is something else.

- Even though they all talk about the same things. And the last question: you were talking about it yesterday. Maybe you could say that again. Why do we need to have a moral lifestyle?

- Why do we need to have a moral lifestyle?

- Yes. Why? How to explain to a person who will ask Why?

- It depends on what a person wants. If a person with his own free will wants to get pleasures, everyone has their own pleasures, somebody plays computer war games, killing, it is a pleasure for him; somebody drinks alcohol, pleasure as well, everyone finds their own pleasure and it is impossible to talk them out of them. But if a person wants to be healthy, his kids to be healthy, to have a close-knit family and to have grandchildren and great grandchildren and to witness it all, then he must have a moral lifestyle. Because if we look at ourselves just as physical bodies, with death of this body everything will be over. But we also have more subtle bodies, which continue to exist for many lives. According to this what is the potential of subtle bodies? They are passed to our children. If a persons spiritual potential is high, if he observes chastity, if he doesnt waste sexual energy, then the potential he has in his subtle bodies is passed to his children. And look, we attract matching souls according to our level of consciousness. Well, if young people of 20-25 years old create a family and want a child, if their level of consciousness is high enough, accordingly they will attract a high soul. If they have sex for pleasure and accidentally conceive a child, where will that soul come from? Will its level be high? So, people create problems for themselves on their own, if they behave in a wrong way. Thats why if a person wants to be healthy, if he wants his kids to be healthy, if he wants to live long, he has to be moral.

- All that will lead him to happiness.

-Sure. If he is healthy, if he resides in God all the time, he is already happy.

- And then you dont even want to go back. Thank you so much for your interview.

- Yes.

- Thank you!