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Finding the Foothold inside of Us
T.N. Mickushina

Interview with Mystery magazine
Latvia, Riga

Dear friends, we are bringing to your attention the interview with T. N. Mickushina, published in Mystery magazine in May 2016. The Russian translation of the interview was kindly provided by the Latvian Society The Word of Wisdom.


The name Tatyana Mickushina, a prominent Russian social activist, is not widely known. She used to avoid any kind of publicity up until now. In 2012 Tatyana Mickushina came to Latvia to hold a seminar, and to communicate in private with a small circle. In the summer of 2015, she addressed the Second Congress of the International Social Movement, The Morality Movement that took place in Riga. Tatyana Mickushina, being the Messenger of The Great White Brotherhood received more than 470 Messages from The Ascended Masters in the period from 2005 to 2015. These Messages were published in a series of books called Words of Wisdom, and also on the website Ascended Masters are the unseen Hierarchy of Light. They have been leading Mankind on Earth very carefully and thoroughly for millions of years. Tatyana Mickushina's books have been translated into Lithuanian, English, German, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Armenian, Turkish. The books are published by foreign publishing houses. The Messages of the Ascended Masters in Lithuania are published by SOL VITA printing house.

At last, I was honored to meet this unique person. Tatyana Mickushina made a special visit to Riga to meet a freelance journalist from the Mystery magazine and gave an exclusive interview (she had received permission from the Ascended Masters before the interview).

This interview is about two of her books The Sutras of the Ancient Teaching and About health, happiness, labor and money published in the Lithuanian language.



It is underlined in the Introduction of the book Sutras of the Ancient Teaching that the main purpose of a person's life is to return to God by means of changing their consciousness. It is definitely a long and gradual process. How can a person manage to do it during just one lifetime?

The Ascended Masters say that it is possible to achieve it during one life if a person longs for it and takes The Accelerated Path that is The Path of Initiations. Unfortunately, not all people accept reincarnation. For example, the Orthodox Church considers it heresy. The process of raising our consciousness will be much more difficult and longer without understanding the Law of Reincarnation. We have incarnated on Earth many times, and have made lots of mistakes which are to be corrected. If I insulted somebody in one life, then I will be insulted in some other life. And I should not be offended, so as not to accumulate new Karma.

It is good if a person realizes it, but most people still do not accept reincarnation and do not know about the Laws of the Universe that determine their lives.

If a person lives in complete ignorance, The Path of Initiations is not for him. The Path is meant for those who have chosen it consciously in order to come to God faster. Not everyone can do it. As we incarnate countless times, lots of mistakes are accumulated. All of them should be worked off, but it is impossible to do in one lifetime for a person who is burdened with too large a karmic load. He will not have the strength to handle it. Karma is the misuse of Divine Energy. At least people have to admit that there is God and try to commit fewer sins - doing more good. It is impossible to prove anything to unbelievers. A person on his own has to raise up to that level of consciousness when he is able to accept the Laws of the Cosmos. The levels of consciousness vary and spiritual growth are like a staircase: a wider horizon opens with each successive step. At first, we accept the idea of God, and then rising higher, we accept the idea of reincarnation as well.

Why do Beings of Light reproach people for repeating their mistakes in Their Messages? It is known that a human being having incarnated in a physical body is deprived of all his recollections of his previous lives and mistakes?

It refers to the question if a person believes in reincarnation or not. If he believes in it, he is able to reflect upon the reasons why life beats him up all the time. The law stipulates that if we act in a wrong way, we have to take responsibility for our actions. More so, ignorance of the law does not excuse our responsibility. If everything is wrong in the current life, there are reasons for it. It is impossible to explain it without referring to the Law of Reincarnation.

Is there any formula of Light which helps to maintain harmony between the Divine and the every-day life?

I have no such formula. To my mind, this can be achieved by everyday work.

One of the forms of spiritual practice is the reading of sacred texts (the Messages of the Masters of Light are among them), and prayers. In the 1990s I used to read Orthodox prayers each morning. I read them for some time and then stopped doing it. Then I got acquainted with Krishnaites. They thought that the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra should be read 108 times for 16 sets without stopping. I did as I was taught, but didnt feel good after all that counting. I asked them why? They explained: each vessel has its certain holding capacity. If you try to put more in it than it can hold, the vessel may crack.

That is why one should know when to draw the line and be cautious.

There is the law of tithing that was a common practice of the church in the past. But we can also give a tenth of our time to God, let's say, to undertake spiritual practices for 2½ hours per day. Most rich people convert time to money. When we do something good for another person selflessly, that is Karma Yoga. It is a spiritual practice as well.

If we begin to engage in spiritual practice, we should not spend 2 ½ hours straight - we should start gradually. Each person is like a vessel with quite a large amount of mud in it. If you start to pour clean water in it, the mud will rise up and out of the vessel. If we perform some spiritual practice in the right way, we attract the Divine Energy to us. If we have attracted too much of It, our bodies may fail to handle It. Some mental disease or body aches may arise. Let's be cautious! If we have decided to engage in spiritual practices, 5 minutes a day will be enough in the beginning.

Well, we have found the formula of harmonizing energy. Thank you.



Those who follow the Way of Light know that a disease is the aid of the Higher Forces. A disease makes a person stop in the fuss of life and think about what they are doing wrong. How can a person understand what the World of Light wants to tell him?

There is not any ideal person in this world, who does not commit mistakes. Even Buddha, in order to incarnate in our world, has to take imperfections upon Himself, so that His level of vibrations corresponded to the physical world. It is like carrying a heavy stone that will help you to dive down. Good people can be sick too. They took these diseases upon themselves consciously to incarnate and help Mankind. Diseases may be different.

It may be a congenital disorder and is not evidence of a Divine scourge at all.

This is where the art of Life lies to understand it all. Everybody is given their own life lessons, their own understanding, and tasks. God wants a human being to come to the right consciousness on their own, and not to go to some spiritual medium and pay them big money in order to learn something.

Do misdeeds committed, selfish wishes and negative thoughts precipitate in the form of a disease at once, or after some time has passed?

The Masters say that time has accelerated and fruits ripen faster. If formerly karma descended a life or a half-life after, nowadays it happens much more quickly. Metaphorically speaking, it happens like that - you do something wrong in the morning, and the result will come flying back to you in the evening already.

Why do the Teachers of Light refer to sadness and despondency as the causes of disease as well? Who hasnt felt the sorrow of unrequited love, or the death of a loved one? Sadness accompanies each person who goes along the Path of Light because society does not understand them.

Despondency is considered to be one of the greatest sins in the Holy Bible. There are many occasions in life when a person feels sadness and is upset. Feeling despondent for a long time may cause depression, and even modern physicians consider it to be a disease. Despondency is a self-protection mechanism of the organism when a person faces some hard situation in his life and cannot handle it.

In my mind, there are two causes for despondency. The first one is the shortage of Divine Energy. The second one is the excess of it, which is less common (and when the vessel may crack.) If a person knows that sometimes he lacks Divine Energy, it is advisable to have a toolbox of techniques that will help them to handle his despondency. Classical music may help some people, prayers will do it for others, some may need to play with children, or go out in nature. You should think about what may help you at that very moment.

A person should fight despondency by attracting Divine Energy into his life. At times it seems to us that it is only our problem. However, all of us are interconnected with people around us, and we influence not only them but the whole Universe. If we are depressed, we infect others with our mood creating negative karma then.

The World of Light guarantees the salvation of souls to everybody, even to murderers and thieves who are committing immoral deeds. Do they deserve it?

Sinners will be forgiven only after they repent for their deeds. Perhaps, those who perform good deeds today, might have been criminals in their past incarnations. We do not know. We are not God to judge anybody. He is the Only One Who can judge fairly. We are not able to evaluate a situation objectively from our level of consciousness.



The Masters of Light teach us to look for happiness, not in the outside world. It is a state of consciousness. How can we achieve it?

It is a complicated question. My life was not untroubled before I started to receive the Messages in 2005. I was fired before that, and I couldnt find a new job. They told me I was too old. I was 46 at the time. My savings decreased quickly, and I started cutting expenses. I used to make do with a half a glass of oat flakes in the morning, and a half a glass of buckwheat for lunch. I began receiving the Messages on such daily rations. I wasnt eating well, had no contact with friends, or with the outside world, yet it was one of the happiest periods of my life.

I think when Jesus was crucified on the cross, he also felt happiness in spite of the pain and mockeries because He realized the wish of God. It is the greatest happiness to sacrifice yourself for the good of Mankind.

The ambassadors of the World of Light advise those who follow the Path of Light to avoid the stereotypes ruling in our sick society and move to the country side. In this case, many people won't be able to socialize with their like-minded friends and enjoy the culture. Perhaps there are some recommendations on how to maintain harmony in the city.

I can share my own life experience. In 2007, my namesake and a like-minded person Tatyana Martynenko and I returned to Omsk. I started feeling that I could not live in the city anymore, and a transformation happened inside me. I was feeling very bad. There was only one alternative: if I wanted to live, I had to move to the countryside, to a natural environment. If we do not understand something important, God puts us in such circumstances, which make us act. Together with Tatyana, we settled in the country side in a log cabin.

We had no water, no electricity, and no Internet connection. People who knew about our situation began to help us with money; they also gave us a diesel power generator. My health improved after some time.

The Masters underline the idea that our future lies in Communities of like-minded people. If the two of us survived in an open field, then a community will be able to provide for itself with everything necessary for living in any circumstances. All of us will become like-minded after achieving a certain level of consciousness. People fight all the time if their vibrations are at a low level. As soon as we raise our vibrations up to the heart chakra, we will start to show benevolence, friendship, cooperation, and mutual aid. Contradictions will disappear, and people will become like brothers and sisters.

If a community is set up by people with low vibrations, something like kolkhoz, a Soviet collective farm, is created. If people come together based on a high level of consciousness, the cooperation will be of another type.

In order to create such a community, first of all, there must be people that have come to an appropriate level of consciousness. An essential factor is that the community should be able to protect itself because it will differ strongly from everything existing in the near and far neighborhood. That will cause disaffection and opposition. People of the community should be able to solve legal, economical, financial and other problems.

Why do immoral people who multiply evil and violence feel best of all at present times?

Again we have to turn to the Teaching of the Masters of Light to understand it. A long time ago only highly evolved individuals had access to the knowledge of the Earths history. Nowadays there are few of them left. That is why different opinions have appeared on whether the age of Kali Yuga is finishing soon, or it is just beginning now. Kali Yuga seems to be quite far along, if you look at what is happening in the world. Too many poor students have incarnated on Earth in current times. The most eager, and the cleverest ones have become the Masters of Light already. Things that occur today in the world correspond to the level of people's consciousness who are too lazy to study. They are given the last opportunity now. It is clear that those who have achieved a high level of consciousness, find it difficult to live.



It is said in one of the Dictations that 99% of people work not for the common good, but just to earn money. Such a motive creates negative karma. Why is it so, if the way the world is arranged and a human being has to work to provide for his or her existence?

It happens because our world has been turned upside down. Initially, labor had the main value, and money was a supplementary means. Nowadays, money has become the basic motivation for a person, and it doesnt much matter to them what work they do for this money. The system of values has changed, and a human being serves the golden calf.

In connection with this, I will tell you a parable. There were two woodworkers. They made tables. One of them was making a table and thought about how he would sell the table, make money and how he would spend it. The second worker thought about how helpful his table would be for people. Some teenager can do his homework at this table, or a professor can write his Ph.D. thesis.

When the work was finished, both of the woodworkers put their tables up for sale. The second worker's table was bought right away, and he earned money. The first woodworker's table did not suit anybody. He never sold it.

The essential conclusion is that the main value is labor. If work is done with all one's heart, for the benefit of others - money will certainly come.

How can a person accumulate good karma?

It is created if a person does something for the Common Good, selflessly. Everything is Energy. After we had incarnated, we received energy from God, energy that is needed for life. And we decide on our own how to spend it. If we do good things, then this energy being buoyant and light returns to God. If we do many good deeds, we have a supplementary reserve of energy stored up in the Cosmic bank. And we can ask God to help us in hard life situations. If we waste energy selfishly, satisfying our empty desires, if we are wicked, self-interested, jealous; then heavy energy appears to come down into this world in the form of negative human karma.

Would you be so kind to explain the meaning of the karma of inactivity?

The Master of Light Kuthumi explains that it is impossible to do nothing in this world. Then we just become parasites, and we accumulate negative karma again, like when we do something bad.

Here is an appropriate example of activity and inactivity of a person in the event of war. If military operations take place in some other country, and a person engages in the war to make money, he creates negative karma. If a person struggles with enemies defending his or her family, territory, they accumulate good karma. If a person does nothing to save their relatives and just thinks how to save his own life, negative karma is created again. The motive of an action determines everything. A human being should defend things that are sacred to him.

In recent years the Latvian society has been involved in a swirl of donations. Benefit events follow one after another. People ask for financial help for childrens treatment, for complicated medical operations abroad, for support of various projects. Things, which should be performed by the government, have been laid on society.

If a government is not able to perform its functions, people partly undertake them; it is good. This shows that the society is healthy mentally. Our world is dual, there is good and evil, morality and immorality. That's why we should keep balance. If it is apparent that a donation will go for some good project, everything is fine. If there are any hesitations, you should listen to your Higher Self, your intuition.

How can we improve our own environment in order to help maintain the inner harmony?

The environment offers an enormous range of opportunities; that is art, music, architecture, design. One should listen to his heart again. I used to listen to various kinds of classical music with pleasure. However, even the music of one and the same composer differs. It differs in performance, adaptation. One and the same music produces different effects depending on the mood of the listener. A person has to understand by himself what he needs at that very moment. Now I love most to listen to silence, to be in nature. It is difficult for me to stay in crowded areas.

When I was younger I used to come to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg intentionally in order to visit many museums. I liked The Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery. I could stay in front of one picture for an hour. If I stayed in Moscow for ten days, I spent 8 of them watching theater performances. It was necessary for my personal development at that time. It was another life stage. I cannot live in the city environment anymore. The level of human vibrations determines everything. You should listen to yourself. If you do not want to be in a crowded area, if you wish for silence, you should listen to your intuition.

What would be your wishes to the readers of our magazine?

The ancient Greek mathematician and mechanic Archimedes, having invented the lever, said: Give me a foothold, and I will move the Earth. Two years ago I asked my Teacher, during meditation, where was that point that could change the world and return it to the Divine Path. The Teacher answered that the foothold was inside me, and inside each person. I wish for your readers to find this foothold within themselves.

Thank you so much for this conversation and for your wish.

The interview was held by Liga Zitara