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The interview of T.N. Mickushina for the ACME-channel of the television of Omsk. The TV programme is dedicated to the 21st of December 2012

Tatyana N. Mickushina gives the answers to the questions of the narrator:

Tatyana N. Mickushina gives the answers to the questions of the narrator:

- Will the end of the world take place?
- The prophecies relating to the end of the world.
- Why is there so much negativity around us and in the mass media?
- What is necessary to do at this complicated time? What to direct our efforts on?

Duration of the program: 20 minutes

The original talk in Russian on youtube (with English subtitles):

Narrator: Our life experience every day casts doubt on scientific materialism. Shambala, the downfall of civilizations, reincarnation, karma… These conceptions today become part of objective reality which enables us to adequately explain everything that is taking place in the world.

Since ancient times the Masters of Shambala were known in the East. In different teachings people call them by different names: the Teachers of humanity, the Ascended Masters, the Masters of Wisdom or the Great White Brotherhood. They have reached a higher evolutionary level and continue Their development in the Higher planes. They consider it Their duty to help humanity of the Earth in the development of its consciousness.

The method by means of which the Ascended Masters communicate with humanity is the transmission of Messages (or Dictations) which are written down by the Messenger, who is capable of using a special method that provides the perception of the Messages from the Higher etheric planes of Reality.

The people who received Messages from the Higher etheric planes of Reality in former times were: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Helena and Nicholas Roerich, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, and others.

Since 2004 the Messages from the Higher etheric octaves of Light are being transmitted through Tatyana N. Mickushina. The Masters speak about the current historical moment on planet Earth.

Narrator: Tatyana, we are now at the turn of years, the year of 2013 is approaching. There is a whole lot of horrible information about 2012 in mass media. Moreover, the 21st of December is approaching. We have read the Messages you received. What can you say in general? Is it worth for our viewers being afraid of this date?

Tatyana Mickushina: …of the end of the world? (laughs) I can only say that when a prophecy is given, an exact date is never disclosed. And the very naming of the exact date itself – the 21st of December 2012 – is already dubious. Giving prophecies is a very risky activity because we know that we live in a dual world. And each activity of ours, each thought and each feeling of ours cause a retroaction of the space. And if we soothsay about some horrible events which are to take place, then it is necessary to understand that the people who spread this information create loads of negative karma.

Narrator: … for themselves as well?

Tatyana Mickushina: And the more people believe in such prophecy and become engaged in this process of soothsaying about negativity, the more karma they create by giving these prophecies. We, humankind in whole, possess such quality as free will. That is, there are two basic laws effective in this Universe: the Law of Karma and the Law of Free Will. Therefore, neither God nor anyone can forbid us to act the way we wish. If we wish to give negative prophecies, God cannot impede. Yet we must be conscious of the fact that any negative prophecy in case it is not from God and if millions of people become engaged in it, then the karma of the person who gives such prophecy increases a millionfold. And the person who gives a negative prophecy which does not correspond to God-intent must work off his karma to this or that extent.

Narrator: More and more scientists begin to accept the fact that consciousness is a physical factor exerting influence on the course of natural processes. The increase of seismic activity and natural disasters are associated with this fact. People must understand that modern interpretations of ancient prophecies can become the arms of destruction. We imagine, what kind of future awaits such prophets who have literally threatened our people. But this is necessary for someone… Now, if we switch on the TV, every channel speaks about "the end of the world", "quantum leap" and that "we will leave our bodies" and "we all will die". Moreover, there is now a whole lot of societies (I think, this is someone's business) which urgently grant absolution until December 21st.

Tatyana Mickushina: … and they take money for it. (laughs)

Narrator: Yes, they take money for it. So, is it beneficial for television or for someone else? Why is this information so widely spread? Why is there no positive information being spread? That, like, one shall be well-prepared and purify his consciousness… This would be the grains of positive information on the air.

Tatyana Mickushina: The matter is that the information which the Masters transmit through me says that ninety percent of information existing in our world is not Divine. Only ten percent of information is True, Divine. Ninety percent of information which we hear on the radio, watch on TV, read in newspapers or books, ninety percent of this information is the lies.

Narrator: Why?

Tatyana Mickushina: This is the lies because, in fact, the time which we are now living through is very complicated. It is necessary to say that the time is coming, when the three Great Cosmic cycles are superimposed on each-other.

Narrator: So, still the time is troublesome…

Tatyana Mickushina: The greatest cycle which is in place now is the beginning of contraction of the illusion. If we refer to Hindu philosophy, it says that the Universe has a period of its Expansion – the so called Brahma's Exhalation, and the period of its Contraction – this is Brahma's Inhalation. And the state in which the world around us is being, we see that it is a great illusion. The physical world is very developed now. This means that the Universe has reached the point of its ultimate illusion, and from this point the Ascension must begin. That is, this denseness around us must gradually begin…

Narrator: Everything is too material now…

Tatyana Mickushina: Everything is too material and has very low vibrations. Now the time of the turning point has come, when the Universe must begin the cycle of its Ascension back [heavenward]. And the duration of this turning point lasts millions of years. We also know that the vibrations of the physical plane are rising. And even the physical parameters, such as the Earth's background base frequency, indicate this. We know that just a few decades ago the Earth's background base frequency was 7.8 cycles per second. And now it is about 12. Within a few decades the background base frequency of the Earth has increased by 1.5 times. And we know that the strength of the magnetic field of the Earth is declining.

Narrator: So, the attraction of material objects is being reduced?

Tatyana Mickushina: It goes so that even the scientific data speak about the fact that the vibrations of the physical plane have changed.

Narrator: The science about the Universe – Cosmology – is one of the most difficult sciences because the object of the research is the Universe. Therefore, there is no opportunity to carry out an experiment because of the size of the object and because of the limitations of time (our life is significantly shorter than that of the Universe). Thus, all scientific calculations are merely a logic. However, apart from the scientific and empirical method of cognizing the world, humankind is familiar with another way: the Revelations.They are written in the Holy Writs. According to the most ancient one, the end of the world, or, to be more precise, the total destruction of the material Universe will take place not that soon. Tatyana Mickushina has received a confirmation of this in one of the Messages.

Tatyana Mickushina: John the Beloved, July 13, 2006 (opens a book and reads out a passage from the Dictation): "In this anxious time in which you are living, you constantly think about many things and especially about the future of your planet, whether there is a threat of the next global cataclysm on it. That is why it is very important for you to hear that it is unlikely that any global cataclysm will take place…" The cells of every person vibrate at a certain frequency. And if a person is in a healthy environment, the frequency of vibration of his cells will be something about 1600–1800 up to 2000 movements per minute. If…

Narrator: If the cell is sick, the vibrations are lower…

Tatyana Mickushina: When a person is sick, the vibrations of the cells become lower. If a person abides in a city, the vibrations of the cells do not occur to be more than 1300–1400 [movements per second]. The majority of people live in cities, and when the surrounding environment raises its vibrations, these people feel out of place. They feel uncomfortable and rather poorly, they experience various inferior states of consciousness. And they try to return to their habitual state. What do they begin doing thereto? They start drinking alcohol, smoking nicotine, taking drugs, having sex in different ways, and they begin consuming meat and listening to low-quality music.

Narrator: That is, filling themselves with the necessary [for them] vibration?

Tatyana Mickushina: Well, they prevent themselves from following the rising vibrations of the Earth, and thereby they try to lower their vibrations in order to get into the comfortable field of vibrations. Thus, it means, that the people try to lower their vibrations artificially. But if the whole Universe pursues one course, but people try to retain that state of consciousness in which they are now and do not want to follow and do not want to change themselves and their consciousness…

Narrator: Though, now it is natural to change it. That is, now the nature itself says that it is necessary to join this process. This should not be painful nor fearful. One shall just go along with the nature.

Tatyana Mickushina: It is like if they want to impede their development artificially, they fail. Yet, since this kind of people prevails, then it is natural that we see around us the things which we see. We see this negativity that flows through mass media and through other people and et cetera. There is such thing as working off the karma. That is, all these cosmic cycles are associated with certain karmic moments. When a person begins to experience negative states of consciousness – fear, depression, a lack of desire to live and something else, it means that these negative states of consciousness are his karma returning to him. And when a person overcomes these negative states of consciousness within himself with the help of listening to the right examples of music, saying prayers, mantras or by means of meditation…

Narrator: So, there is a good recipe, if one feels fear or experiences destructive states which attack you…

Tatyana Mickushina: Yes, say prayers…

Narrator: By our nature, we all must be happy. If we do not get happiness, have fears, there is a good recipe. Tatyana, let's make it precisely worded for our viewers, that the way out is very simple and what is necessary to do.

Tatyana Mickushina: If the vibrations of the physical plane rise, a person must try to make his vibrations accordant with the surrounding environment. How to raise one's own vibrations? One needs to refuse consuming meat, at least, to try to refuse to do it, to completely refuse alcohol, nicotine, drugs, illegal sex and also to refuse to listen to low-quality music – that is rock-music and some modern kinds of music which simply destroy a human. One can listen to classical music or to the sounds of nature. The best thing is to be in nature and listen to its sounds.

Narrator: Tatyana, what can we say if people ask: "Well, okay, and where's the guarantee that our Universe is really returning to that point, back to God? That is, where's the guarantee that this information is true?" How can people become convinced? Because if people believed in this, they would instantly give everything up, it seems to me… How to become convinced?

Tatyana Mickushina: One just needs inner Faith, inner Knowledge.

Narrator: Or just to watch... To ask ourselves a question or to watch and see that, indeed, everything around us goes exactly in this way.

Tatyana Mickushina: I just want to say that if a person does not overcome these negative states which are within him now, then it is the first stage of working off the karma. If this does not take place, if we go on threatening each-other, then this karma will be descending in the physical plane already in the form of different hurricanes, cataclysms, natural disasters. And God always gives us an opportunity to prevent it. To prevent it by means of the right behavior. You remember Sodom and Gomorrah… The Bible… Abraham… The Book of Genesis. God says to Abraham: "I will destroy these cities – Sodom and Gomorrah". And Abraham begins speaking to God: "And if there appear 50 just humans, will You destroy these cities?" God says: "No." "But if only 45 just humans? Will You really destroy these cities?" God says: "No". Then Abraham says: "And if only 30 just humans?" "No, I won't destroy." "And if only 20 just humans?" "No, I won't destroy." "And if only 10?" "No, I won't destroy." And then God disappeared. That is, 10 just humans are sufficient in order to prevent any cataclysm in a particular region, in a city or in a particular settlement. Only 10 just humans. That is, the question is, how each person treats the things which take place. And if a person makes the right choices, then by his consciousness he saves the whole place where he lives.

Narrator: The whole number of scientists from various countries independently from each-other have proven that the space of the Universe is structured like a hologram. It means that each point of the Universe contains information about the whole Universe and about the Laws of its existence. And if a cell is being in harmony with the world, it receives support from the world. If a cell is not in harmony with the world, then a process of its elimination begins. Thus, the thoughts directed at destruction initiate the work of the Law of elimination of the source of disharmony.

Tatyana Mickushina: We know that all Initiates were always informed about the cycles which take place on the Earth. But, since humankind is living through Kali-Yuga now and we have lost contact with Divine Knowledge, then we can only indirectly judge by some moments. The 21st of December 2012 is really an important day, even from the viewpoint of numerology, because if we sum up all numbers of this date, we will receive 11. Number 11 is a revolutionary number which permits either Good or evil to manifest itself. It either works for intensification of the powers of the illusion or for intensification of the Divine powers. If this day we make our efforts and stay in a state of blessedness, if we concentrate on the Higher Reality, then we will be able to transmit through our consciousness those subtle energies which will enable humankind to go along the Higher Path.

Narrator: Tatyana, so it means that literally each of us is responsible for what will happen on the 21st of December 2012. It means, we must reflect upon something positive, pray the God about something good to take place, but the majority of people is threatened now.

Tatyana Mickushina: We are also aware of the fact that now the moment of separating the wheat from the chaff is coming. If we think that if we live in our physical body long and happily, then it is the summit of our desires. But, in fact, God takes care of our immortal part, our soul. And now the moment of separating the wheat from the chaff has just come and this process is in progress. It means that some people prefer to go along the path of the left hand, and they permit their devilish nature to act through them. And other people, which are unfortunately a minority, follow the right Path and in their consciousness they come nearer to God and go along that evolutionary Path which is predestined to humanity.

Narrator: So, that horrible moment has just come… Then, probably, our immortal soul will have to leave our body on the 21st of December?

Tatyana Mickushina: The matter is that a following mechanism works: if the majority of humanity fervently wants the end of the world to take place on the 21st of December, then it will happen.

Narrator: Maybe those 10, about whom it was said…

Tatyana Mickushina: 10 just humans? Yes, if we find just 10 just humans, then, surely, nothing will happen. And the matter is in everyone of us: in what state we will live through December 21.

Narrator: Our future is being created today. Due to the fact that some people imagine a better world today, this better world will someday come true. Every positive thing which we have has been formerly invented or seen in a dream by our ancestors. Firstly, the ideas occurred to them and only after that they have been realized. The free will of humanity is able to change the future for the better. It is only necessary that 7 billion of people believe in the same positive predictions. An inspiring interview we have had, and I think that the fear has already left us. I wish the 21st of December to come sooner and to face this day in a positive frame of mind. Yet we know that at times our surrounding hinders us from acquiring the right state of mind. I would like you to once again, in conclusion, to make an overall conclusion and give our viewers strong recommendations on how not to meet the New Year, yet firstly the 21st of December.

Tatyana Mickushina: It is a rare case when a person, who has never practiced any spiritual practices during all his life, will be able to keep the necessary level of consciousness once on the 21st of December. That is why it is necessary to get prepared very thoroughly.

Narrator: It is necessary to get prepared right now.

Tatyana Mickushina: It is necessary to get prepared every day. Despite everything that happens around us, it is necessary to try to keep a positive state of consciousness, to keep joy, to keep love. No matter what is going on, regardless... What is necessary thereto? One probably needs to be in nature, to listen to music, mantras, the sounds of nature, to view paintings or inspiring films which give you inspiration. It is indispensable to use all instruments which are necessary to maintain the level of consciousness. This is the only thing necessary to be done.

The original talk in Russian on youtube (with English subtitles):