Meditation with Lord Surya


Contemplate the Great White Throne…

The Great Prime Cause…


You are one with the One

The One always resides on the altar of your heart.



The meaning and aim of the meditation is to establish and strengthen this connection.

 Feel the flow of Life, the River of Life, the Energy flowing from the I AM Presence into your temple.



You can direct this energy on your own.
You can use it either for multiplying Life, the Reality or for multiplying the illusion.

Observe your thoughts and feelings.
Observe what is going on around you in the physical world.

If an imperfect thought or feeling comes and you allow this thought or feeling to take control of your consciousness, your emotions, you start to multiply the illusion.
The task is to constantly remember the Divine vibration, which you receive during the meditation
Transfer this vibration into your world.

You go out into the street and see imperfection.



You can start condemning it or get absorbed in this imperfection.

This is incorrect.

All you need to do is to mentally remove all the energy form this situation. To stop the flow of Energy into this situation.
To take away the Energy from the imperfection .
Nothing will exist in this world without the Divine Energy.
Due to the energy, which flows through you, the Evil or the Good can be multiplied.



You alone choose what to do.
If you get involved in the imperfection of this world, regardless of how it manifests, you direct your attention to the illusionary world and multiply the illusion.
You alone choose where to put your energies and you alone can stop the flow of Energy.

It is important that you constantly control yourself.
Everything that comes within the field of your attention, is fed by your energy. This world cannot exist without your energy

You are God in this world.
You create this world.
However, you can reject this world and choose the real world of God

It is only necessary to constantly remember that vibration, which you receive during the meditation and to compare the vibrations of the surrounding world with this perfect vibration.
Multiply Life!
Create the Good!
You are God!



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