Bestow your Love upon the world!

 The meditation is composed on the basis of the

dictation given by Beloved Lanello on 29th May 2005



The Energy, Divine Energy can only enter your world along the crystal string

 anchored within your heart –

within the secret abode of your heart.


The Divine energy, when entering your world through your heart,

is tinted with your thoughts, feelings and aspirations.

Even while being in an elevated state of consciousness

and sweeping aside all the burdensome thoughts and feelings,

you become a source of Light for your world.



Try to imagine a never-ending gush of the pure Divine energy

pouring into your heart.


You are the owner of this Energy,

fully responsible for its keeping in purity and holiness.

...Feel this energy filling your aura...


... Your aura expands and becomes even. Your body sinks into a state

of bliss and comfort.

...You feel peace and confidence in your self and in your future.

You realize that God cares about you every minute of your life on earth.

All you need is to be sensitive and to heed the advice

which you get from your Higher Self.


Your Higher Self always knows what you should do.

Do not be stubborn; pay attention to its advice and accept its help

in your earthly deeds. 


...Now becoming filled with peace and love,

try to fill the whole room you are in with this feeling.


Imagine your aura expanding and embracing the whole room.


Then your aura goes on expanding and fills your entire house.

The aura continues to expand and then embraces the adjacent houses

and the entire town.

And every person who finds himself under the effect of your aura

becomes as calm, harmonious and balanced as you are.

All the bad and disturbing thoughts leave each person

who finds himself within the field of your aura’s action.

Your aura goes on expanding with every beat of your heart.

With your every breath and exhalation the area of your aura’s influence

becomes larger and larger.


You can imagine the entire country and the entire globe coming

under the influence of your aura. 


 The whole world experiences a constant deficiency of Love and peace.

You can give your Love to the whole world,

to every living creature on planet Earth. 

Imagine how many beings on planet Earth

need your help right now.

The waves of Love emitting from your heart right at this moment

are able to prevent someone’s death

or to relieve someone’s suffering. 

Bestow your Love upon the world.


This is what you can do for the world and this does not require

any extra efforts from you.


 Send your Love to the president of your country.

Send your Love to all people who have the power in your country

and who can contribute to the change of the situation in it. 

When a human feels the Love which is sent to him,

this strengthens him and increases his confidence

in performing the right Divine actions.

 Pray for your leaders to be able

to accept into their hearts the Divine wisdom

so that their hearts can open for the Divine guidance. 

Your country is your baby, your collective creation.

Each of you is responsible for taking care of your baby.


At present your country resembles a waif

wanted by nobody and cursed by everybody.


Change your attitude toward your child

and the situation in your country will alter.


The only condition is the genuineness and the purity of your feelings.


You cannot trifle with Love, you cannot pretend you care

about your country. You must do it sincerely.

 Send your Love sincerely to every disharmonious situation

which occurs in your country.

Thus, first you should balance yourself


 and feel the Divine energy entering your heart.

Feel the warmth inside your heart.

You can sense Divine Love and harmony penetrating you

from the Divine world.


Now you can spread this Love and harmony around all your country and

the entire world.

When you clash with a disharmonious situation in your life,

you should always recollect this feeling of Love which you were feeling within your heart

during your meditations - and send this Love from your heart

into that disharmonious situation.


You cannot fight with the imperfection of the entire world,

but you can oust all the imperfection from your world

with the help of your Love. 

Bestow your Love upon the world!

The meditation is designed by Tatyana Martynenko