The Plan of God for Russia is the creation of the Community of the Holy Spirit

The meditation is composed on the basis of the dictation by Nicholas Roerich, May 9 2005

...I loved Russia very much and suffered deeply

for not being able to be present physically

for the most of my life

in the territory of this country.


If the mission which we undertook in the 1920s

on behalf of the Masters had succeeded, the whole course

of the history of Russia and the whole course

of the history of the world could have been different. 

I talk about the mission of delivery of the sacred casket

and the message of the Mahatmas

to the government of Soviet Russia of that time.

Our mission failed, and the attempt of the forces of Light to affect

the situation in Russia was postponed for an uncertain time.


I would like to bear my reflections about the situation in Russia,

based not on the external events, but on the inner ones which stood

behind everything that happened in Russia during the last century.


The revolution, the execution of the Tsar’s family, the civil war,

the Great Patriotic War, the new revolution

and the power of the elite which has been established now.

Only two forces stand behind all these events.

Two forces, the interaction of which, when can not be harmonised,

results in appalling shocks and the loss of millions of human lives.

One force is multiplying the illusion; the other force is directed

onto the contracting of the illusion.

You can call these forces the force for Good and the force for evil,

 but this will not be fully correct, because the ideas of the Good

and of the Common Weal, if they fall under the power

of the forces creating the illusion, turn into their complete antithesis.

But the ideas of the evil, if they fall under the influence

of the light forces, turn into their complete antithesis as well.


You know that the world is set in motion by ideas,

and the ideas are realised in the world through people.

Therefore, no matter what the idea is, it will not be realised

if it has no promoters. And if the idea is good,

but its promoters are rotten to the core, rotten in their consciousness,

this idea will be so greatly distorted that it will turn into

its complete antithesis and you will not recognise it.

But the energy comes to this world only through people.


Energy, the Divine Energy comes to this world through the hearts of people.

Therefore, you decide yourselves where to direct your energy.

You know that we supported those transformations

which began in Russia after the revolution.

Many people see contradictions in this.


Let me attempt to clarify this point.


The conception of a Community, the Community of the Holy Spirit

as the most correct and just form of managing society, was always supported by me.

You can read about that in the Agni-Yoga books. 

However, if the conception of a Community is realised by the people who have fallen

under the influence of the dark forces, nothing good will come out of such a realisation.

That is why we were putting our trust in intelligentsia, in those people who were able

to change their consciousness and thus influence the course of history,

not taking part in the government directly, but acting obliquely

through art, science, education and the public health services.

We saw it could be done.

But those people who took advantage of the conception of a community

in order to seize upon the power and make use of the fruit of this power,

did their best to flood all the spheres of social life

with correct but absolutely lifeless slogans,

because the most important thing

that had to be laid in the foundation of any community –

the connection with the Hierarchy and the Divine service –

was discarded.

What is happening now is a wild outburst of the forces

contributing to the illusion. But you know that in accordance

with the Divine Plan these forces already do not have much time

to be in power. Therefore, they got into a fury in the end.

Here they are bearing malice, having lost all shame and cast away all morals.


Russia is going through a great trial.

You know that God loves Russia and God sends the heaviest trials to his much-loved,

because it is in the trials that we grow and in the trials that our Spirit gets stronger.

But those who are weeping and whimpering and saying that Russia has been done,

have simply fallen under the influence of the illusory forces.

Your Spirit, your Divinity, and God inside of you – these are the things

you must pay attention to.

The Plan of God for Russia is the creation of a Community of the Holy Spirit

based on the principles of Divinity,

the Divine freedom, democracy

and care about every member of the community.


And this Community will not be proclaimed from above and will not be established

in the course of the next coup d’etat or revolution. The Divine Path

is a path of slow but sure changes in the consciousness of people.

But the changes in human consciousness, if they embrace a significant

percent of the population of the country, are capable of leading

to a perfect Divine miracle.

Therefore, your foremost task is the creation of communities of the Holy Spirit

everywhere, in every town and every village.


Gather together. Read the book “Community”.

Read the Agni-Yoga books. They were given to you.


Meditate upon those principles which should be laid in the foundation of the Community.

Bear this image to the world through the Internet, through the education of children.

You must impregnate the whole country with the conception of a new government,

with the idea of Common Weal and Good.


I tell you that all the Heavenly Hosts are waiting for your actions

so as to render you all the possible help.

There is nothing new in the conception of the Community.

One small thing is lacking.

You simply need to organise a Community right in the place where you are now.


Begin this work, beloved.

Think, why has the conception of a Community always

caused such resistance in the whole world?

Why can the conception of a Community not take

root in any of the countries of the world?


Because it is a new way of governing which must

change the existing way of governing.

Those who are in power now understand very well

that together with the Community the end to their manipulations,

their financial control and management will come.

They can govern only if their power is based

on the lower animal instincts of people.

And there is nothing they can oppose to the Divine man

who is supported by all the Heaven.

Think over how to give knowledge to the new generation

and how to create Communities of the Holy Spirit.


Your most important task for the near future is unification:

the unification of all the Light bearers, not on the principle of fight against evil,

but on the principles of love, help, mercy, and compassion. 

And even when you are lonely and there is nobody around you

with whom you can unite into a Community, do know

that you already represent by yourself such a Community of the Holy Spirit

if you build your life and all the mutual relationships

with the people around you

on the principles of Common Weal, Good, and Love.

And all the Ascended Hosts will come where you are

to protect your path.

The Community, the Weal and the Good are born from your heart.


Your task is simply to open your hearts

and to let the Divinity in.


Eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing.**

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

You will cope with it.


I AM Nicholas Roerich



**Russian proverb. Moral: don’t be afraid if the amount of work seems large; it can be handled step-by-step. (translator’s footnote)

The meditation is composed on the basis of the dictation by Nicholas Roerich given on 9 May 2005.

The pictures by Nicholas Roerich are used for the meditation.

The design is by Zoya Galitskaya, Vladivostok; Tatyana Mickushina, Tatyana Martynenko, Omsk.