Give Love and Care to Children!


Fragment of the dictation by Beloved Nicholas Roerich from 30 May 2005.


I would like to say so much to the people of Earth

who are embodied now.

But today I need to say the most important things,

to give the very advice and recommendations

which you should follow at this period of time.

If I were incarnated now, I would put all my strength,

energy and financial resources into one thing –

the creation of a system of free education for children at the age

when they are most receptive to receiving any information

and when their minds are not yet blocked by the gush of false information

pouring out from the mass media of your world.

I would make every effort to meet the people who have power

and the people who have financial means at their disposal.

It is necessary to find the right words and to convince these people

of the necessity of creating a wide network of educational institutions

for children who are capable of learning and have inquisitive minds.

This should be a global humanitarian education

with compulsory learning of the history of the arts, world history,

the history of religion and the modern means of communication.

It should be a wide approach with the study of the best patterns of creation -

both in science and in art - which are possessed by humanity at this stage

and which have been received by it as a heritage from the previous generations.

The education should have an all-round

general humanitarian character.

The studious minds of children, free from dogmas, religious dogmas,

and without the touch of irreparability typical of the already formed generation,

are capable of absorbing like a sponge the knowledge and the understanding

which humankind possesses.

A person, having received an education of full value and, what is the most important,

having realised the idea of the Divine Law,

will serve as a basis, a foundation, where we will be able to erect

the structure of the future, a construction of the New Epoch coming to replace the old one.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the education in the sphere of religion.

One should never establish the foundations of any religion existing on earth at present

in the consciousness of a child.

But it is necessary to give knowledge and understanding of the foundations of the Faith.

The feeling of the Divine is primordially inherent in every child

coming to this world, especially in the souls

who belong to the incoming Sixth Root Race

and who have begun their incarnations on Earth already.

This Divine feeling, the Faith in the Divine Law

and the Divine justice should be freely developed in the consciousness of a child,

without their being exposed to the influence of any church dogmas.

The open consciousness of a child is able to find

the general essence and the common Source behind all the existing beliefs

and religions very quickly.

This is exactly what is necessary  for Russia at the present stage…

However, every child, after he has received education of full value,

will be able to influence and to participate

in the formation of the life guidelines for thousands

and millions citizens of the country, irrespective of the sphere of activity

which he chooses for the application of his strengths.

The concern about the education of children is a task

which cannot be compared with any other

in its significance and importance.

A country which is not worried about its future

cannot be a viable one.


It is high time to breathe new life into such notions as

dignity and honour and to bring them back our everyday life.


The society needs an urgent restoration

of the moral guidelines.

I AM Nicholas Roerich.

Meditation is composed on the basis of the dictation given by Nicholas Roerich on 30 May 2005

Designed by Tatyana Martynenko