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A Teaching on your soul

Beloved Kuthumi
January 6, 2007

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, having come to you again.

As always, I have come to give you an exhortation that you need and that your soul needs, yearning for the real Divine world.

We come time after time to take care of your soul and give it the nourishment that it needs. And today I have also come to give a small Teaching about your soul and for your soul.

Let us think together for a minute about what your soul is. Does your soul represent your entire manifested self?

What is meant by soul?

Actually, you are a very complex entity. You have your Divine part located in the Divine world that has never left the Divine world. You also have a soul, the part of you that has been specially created by the builders of forms for your journey through manifested worlds. And your physical body represents a vessel for your soul for the period of earthly incarnations.

You have a very complicated structure. If it were not for the call of the time, I would not come to give you this important Teaching on your soul.

The point is that many of you are confused by what the term soul means.

Your soul is closely and inseparably connected with your physical body, but the connection of your soul with your more subtle Divine bodies was lost at some point during your soul’s development. This was caused by the turning point when you wished to leave the Divine world and to descend into matter. You wished to gain human experience; it was necessary for the evolution of your soul because your soul could not evolve without the experience of human evolution. It is impossible to develop if you do not constantly gain deeper experience. You descend into a more and more dense manifestation of the physical world, and it looks like your soul and your Higher Self descend to the bottom of the physical ocean in a bathyscaphe. In this case, your physical body serves as a bathyscaphe, and your soul inseparably connected with it, represents your subtle bodies: your astral body, your mental body, and your etheric body. Your subtle bodies are inseparably connected with your physical body and evolve thanks to your physical body.

If we come back to the analogy with a bathyscaphe, your subtle bodies represent the electronic systems and life support systems of your bathyscaphe.

But the bathyscaphe can perform certain tasks at the bottom of the ocean only if it is operated by a human.

Many of you are in such a state of your consciousness when the bathyscaphe gets out of control. Your subtle Divine bodies lose the connection with the bathyscaphe, and the bathyscaphe moves on its own.

Another example that can be used is the image of a sailboat that lost control in a storm. You live your merely physical life and do not think about who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. This restricts your goals and tasks to the physical world only and prevents you from further development.

There was a stage when you had to gain the experience of descending into matter, the experience of your embodiments. Your subtle bodies and your soul have managed to evolve and to become more perfect during your journey through matter. Your structure became more and more sophisticated. But at a certain point you lost the oneness with your soul. You ceased to perceive the Higher worlds and lost the connection with your soul. Your soul became separated from you as well as your subtle bodies. This caused your soul to suffer. You lost many parts of your soul during your numerous incarnations. Your soul suffered very much when you allowed inharmonious behavior and explicit ungodly actions, and those sufferings made it partially leave you. That is why your subtle bodies bear imperfections of your previous embodiments from your very birth.

You must understand that there is a finer part of you. This is your soul, which is like a little child. Many manifestations of your world hurt your soul badly. It shrinks and may even leave your physical body. But without your soul you lose the ability to manifest Divine feelings. You lose the connection with the Divine world even more because it is through your soul that your Higher Self can manifest itself.

You need to return to a harmonious development of your soul, your physical body, and your Higher Self. All your bodies are to be balanced and harmonized.

You need to gather all the lost fragments of your soul in order to be able to move to the next step of your evolution. You need to restore your integrity, inner harmony, and peace.

This can be achieved by special practices and methods. Every period of time revealed new practices and new methods that could adjust your subtle bodies. Each method was appropriate for that particular time.

Now, as new energies and vibrations have come to Earth, the best thing for your soul is to spend time in the quiet of nature. There are still corners on the globe where nature has not been exposed to the devastating effects of civilization. These very places must serve as refuges and clinics for you. Staying there, you will be able to restore the integrity of your soul, body, and your Divine part.

You will not be able to achieve this in big cities.

You will need some time to restore your energies.

If you manage to practice your meditations in the wild for as long as possible, then gradually you will be able to attract all the fragments of your soul from space. Then, as soon as your soul feels your love and care, it will be attracted to you from space and will never leave you on your path.

I am trying to give you a very important Teaching. I am trying to bring home to your consciousness the fact that your further evolution is impossible unless you manage to restore the integrity of your soul and the harmony between all your bodies.

In the wild it will happen naturally. Then, as soon as you manage to heal your soul and cure its centuries-old wounds, you will be able to serve as an example for those people who are tired of living in the hell of your technocratic civilization. In a natural way your civilization will be able to return to the path that was originally planned for it: the path of spiritual evolution and development of Divine faculties and potentials.

No matter how you try to assure yourself that you have integrity and you are harmonious, I must tell you that the harmony you achieve with the help of self-hypnosis has nothing to do with the natural harmony, which all of you will certainly attain.

I have given you an important Teaching, a Teaching on your soul.

I AM Kuthumi.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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