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A talk about the healing of the soul and the body

Beloved Hilarion
January 4, 2007

Beloved Hilarion

I AM Lord Hilarion, having come to you today.

As always, I have come to give you instructions necessary for the internal work each of you performs when communing with yourself in the innermost recesses of your heart. How rare are such minutes when you are on your own. All your concerns pale into insignificance and you suddenly find yourself alone with your thoughts.

Think of how good it would be if you communed with yourself not just from time to time but every day, devoting just a few minutes to this communication with your heart.

I, Lord Hilarion, remember the minutes when, being in incarnation and leading a solitary life in the backwoods, I had a chance to observe myself as if from outside all day long. I understood that I was flesh and blood in incarnation with all the functions of my body. But at the same time I began to realize that within me there was another man who was not connected directly with the functions of my physical body. It was a strange feeling of double personality. I was on earth in incarnation, and at the same time I understood that I was immortal. I was eternal. I was thrown upon my own resources in that incarnation, and I tried to understand the reason for my being, but at the same time I was much more than my physical body. In fact, my physical body was just like a suit of armor enabling my Higher Self to dwell within me.

During those moments of clear understanding of who I was in reality, my consciousness rose to inconceivable heights from where I clearly saw the unity of the entire biosphere existing on earth.

I clearly saw the unity of all the kingdoms of nature, angels, and elementals. During those joyful minutes of tranquil commune with my heart, I felt around me thousands of beings — invisible to the human eye but nevertheless living — who were speaking to me and trying to get in touch with me. In those moments I experienced unity with every bug, with all the birds and animals.

How beautiful it was! And this was possible only when I was alone with myself. There was nobody around me except animals, birds, angels, and elementals.

Then people came to me. Those people were seeking healing from me. They aspired to come to me in order to get hold of a grain of my quiet happiness and serenity. But as soon as those people with their concerns and problems arrived in my world, the dwellers of my world hid because the vibrations of those people were unfamiliar and hostile to the vibrations of these dwellers as well as to my vibrations, which they had become accustomed to during the period of our quiet communication.

I rendered help to many people. I healed their souls. I prepared remedies from herbs, and I gave them those arcana. But it was not herbs that healed their damaged and feeble bodies. It was the people who cured themselves once their consciousness rose to a level where they began to realize what harm they had done to their souls and physical bodies by committing wrong actions and tolerating wrong feelings.

When non-divine feelings take possession of you, it is much like a whirlwind devastating your higher bodies. And if hatred, sorrow, sadness, envy, jealousy, and other negative feelings do often possess you, then every time hurricane after hurricane dashes through your higher bodies until finally your higher bodies come to a very ragged condition and can no longer serve you as conductors of the Divine energy. And you start suffering from those diseases that force you to seek healing from many herbalists and healers.

You will be incredibly lucky if you happen to meet on your path a healer who will cure not your body but your soul.

This is because it is your higher bodies that need healing — your emotional body, your memory or etheric body, and your mental body. It is these bodies that represent a more mutable part of you and that are destroyed by being constantly affected by negative thoughts and feelings.

The destruction and the diseases of the physical body are just the results of the damage and diseases of the higher bodies. That is why it is your soul that needs to be healed first. It is necessary to bring you to the understanding that you yourselves with your wrong actions, thoughts, and feelings throw your physical bodies into a disease.

Many of you go on keeping aggression in your hearts, blaming doctors, relatives, your jobs, and your bosses for your poor states of health. But this is a wrong concept. The first step toward your healing should be your understanding that no one is guilty for your diseases but you. And you yourselves provoked all your diseases when you raged, did harm to other people, used foul language, performed evil deeds, and ate and drank products polluting your organism.

You yourselves are the reason for your illnesses. And when you come to the understanding of this simple truth, you make the first and the main move toward your healing.

The next step is to make a decision never to perform such actions that led you to the disease. For some people this means getting rid of negative thoughts; for others, negative feelings; and for some, negative deeds.

You should desire to get rid of everything that was the reason for the ailments of your body and soul. Only after that, you are ready for the next step — the step when you sincerely call to God in your broken heart and ask for the healing of your soul and physical body from ailments.

Many of you are in such a sorry plight that it already does not seem possible to cure the physical body in the current life. However, when you understand the causes of your illnesses and set the correct patterns of behavior and mindset, this will bring peace to your souls. And in your next life you will be able to realize the reason for your diseases much faster, and from your youth you will take care not only of your physical bodies but also have the right attitude in your thoughts and feelings.

It is a rare case when a person starts to understand by himself the direct interconnection between his ailments and the deeds he performed in youth and in his mature years. And if we could show many of you the obscene deeds you committed, many would be surprised because it is impossible to tolerate things like that in your enlightened time.

Yet, sorry to say, your civilization is oriented to ruin your souls. And many of the so-called feature movies have a devastating effect on your higher bodies, destroying them like a tsunami. Guard yourselves from viewing such works and especially carefully guard your children. The higher bodies of children do not possess adequate protection yet, and the whole nightmare that they see on your television screens simply programs them for diseases and death.

We are warning you and trying to explain to you the reasons for your ailments.

At any moment you yourselves can break the vicious circle of the problems of your civilization. The only thing required of you is just to make a decision and to act in your lives in harmony with the Divine principles.

Now I would like to touch upon one more important thing. Whenever you call upon the angels, God, and the Masters to help you, always try to get into a humble state and ask for help from the point of reverence for Life and the Creator.

This is because all mercy emanates from God, and it is only the impervious crust of egoism sticking all over your hearts that prevents you from receiving this mercy.

I AM Hilarion, with Love toward you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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