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A talk about God

Lord Shiva
January 2, 2007

Lord Shiva
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I AM Shiva, having come again in order to give you the next Message!

Shiva I AM!

I have come to pay my visit exactly at the beginning of the year when many of you are concentrated on future plans and are surprised watching how your lives and everything around you are changing. I have come to give you direction for your inner work and for your outer work again.

Your inner work of self-perfection always means only the realization of yourself as the Divine manifestation and giving up everything within you which is not of the Divine.

Every time you try to find within you something that is unreal and put this quality on a pedestal instead of the Divinity, it is called going astray from the Path. And you should thoroughly watch all such moments.

In your life you will encounter the worshipping of your relatives, your spouses, your children, people whom you love. In your life you will encounter the worshipping of things, such as luxuries and money. You will encounter the worshipping of power and force. You will put much on the pedestal and worship this fetish like God.

However, much time will pass, and you will start realizing that there is nothing that can take the place of the true Divinity in your heart.

Some of you have already started realizing this simple truth. And as too many deities were thrown down from their pedestals by you or by life circumstances, you are afraid of losing your attachment to something once again. Therefore, many of you approach with suspicion the true God residing in your hearts and trying to establish contact with you.

Do not be afraid. The time has come at last when you are supposed to meet the real manifestation of Divinity. You are supposed to meet God within you. And this takes place only when you throw down from the pedestal one false idol after another.

Do not be afraid. There is always a criterion that will help you to distinguish the true God from many false gods and goddesses.

And you yourself always know when you face the true manifestation of Divinity in your life.

When you are calm, peaceful and filled with Divine tranquility in your heart, nobody in the world will be able to convince you that you have not found the true God.

It is impossible to take this for anything else. However, many of you still seek for and find false gods and graven images.

How can you find one true God in your heart without losing your way?

The truth is that you cannot find true God until you reject false gods and any attachments to your world. If you try to find God in order to realize some desire or quality of yours, you will not be able to find true God. You will not be able to find true God until you aspire to Him with all your heart, until you give up every human aspiration, including the aspiration to worship God.

It is difficult for you to believe and understand this, but many people replace the true faith in God with blind worship of a deity.

The external worship of God has nothing in common with the inner worship of Divinity. And the external worship of God is just the first, the very first step on the way to true Divinity, being on the throne in your heart.

Each of you must come to God. Each of you will inevitably come to your God, being on the throne of your heart. However, each of you will look for many gods living in temples and churches, pagodas and mosques.

You will be looking for your God for a long time. And you will find Him one nice day when it seems to you that life is meaningless for you, when you are not attached to anything in your world any more. You will be back where you started your life, being at a loose end with your family or your job or anything else that was important for you and that has gone. And at that moment when there is nothing in your world to which you feel an attachment, at that moment you will turn your eyes toward the sky in your last hope, and you will say in your heart:

""Lord, help me, Lord. I know that you exist. I know that you hear me. I believe in Your Might and Your Mercy. I love You, Lord, and I believe that all you have done to me was necessary only for me to come to You. Lord, forgive me everything that I did through my foolishness. I thank you, Lord, for your Teaching and for letting me go through all tests and coming out of them with credit. Lord, help me to find You and never part with You ever in my life.""

At that moment, it will seem to you that the Heavens have opened. You will feel what you have never felt in your life. You will understand that everything you have aspired to, you already have and you always had. And all of this is within you, in your heart, but you did not want to see it and hear it up to this moment of your life, when your ears started hearing and your eyes opened.

I BELIEVE and I HOPE that each of you either had or will have such an experience. And I hope that this experience will leave such an indelible mark on your soul that you will always stay in consonance with God until the end of this life of yours. And whatever difficult life situations you get into, you will not blame God and accuse Him of your misfortunes and troubles. You will understand and accept that you are the only one to blame for your misfortunes and troubles because you were full of pride and ignorance. And ignorance covered your eyes.

I am glad that our talk today has taken place. And I am glad that I could bring home to your consciousness that state which will enable you to overcome yourselves and rise to God.

I AM Shiva, the destroyer of the unreal in you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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