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Let us focus on implementing our tasks together

Lord Lanto
December 30, 2006

Lord Lanto

I AM Lanto, having come to you today through our Messenger in order to affirm the points of our Teaching, which you need in your consciousness once again.

As always, I have come with joy and with the feeling of deep Love that I feel toward the people of Earth who are in incarnation now. You, like no one in former times, are being revealed many secrets because your consciousness is able to comprehend much that could not be given earlier. And do you know why? It is because you are incredibly lucky. Your development has accelerated almost to the maximum speed, and the changes of your consciousness amaze even those evolved beings who have no direct relations with the evolutions of Earth.

Planet Earth is the focus of cosmic attention now. If you translate this into your earthly language, regular reports are being sent from Earth, and angels deliver on their wings all of the joyous news regarding planet Earth to the most distant places in the Universe. It may seem to you that I have come especially to cheer you up because I am saying such things. However, there are no special gestures or any stock phrases in this case. Every time has its own laws, and the laws of your time enable all the necessary changes to be performed within the tightest schedule and in the most efficient way.

It may seem to you that the situation remains just as it was before, and everything surrounding you is not changing or is changing rather slowly. You are thinking in terms of the present day, but if you go back 10 to 20 years in your consciousness, you would be surprised. It would seem to you that everything is dormant around you and moving at a decelerated pace. No, the acceleration is amazing and the development of human consciousness is attracting rapt attention from various world systems. This takes us, the Masters of Earth, a lot of extra work because we have taken the responsibility for the coordination of the activities of various missions to help those who have rushed to Earth now. Therefore, all our efforts are gathered in this one impulse — to help mankind overcome the crucial point of its development as easily as possible.

You know that if a car runs at an excessive speed, those situations that are not normally dangerous on the road may become an increased risk, and any stone lying on the road may lead to a disastrous result. That is why we are concentrated on the road, and we focus all our efforts on preventing any unfavorable situations and manifestations.

How can you help us in this situation?

You really can help, and we will accept your help with pleasure because it will be timely indeed.

So, what do you have to do in order to ease the situation and prevent the unfavorable development of events? The recommendations at this point are exactly the same as the recommendations for driving a vehicle at an excessive speed in unfavorable weather conditions. It requires attention, concentration, and imperturbability. You should not allow your attention to be distracted by anything that is not directly connected with the goal, with your driving. You must be utterly focused on the road and what is happening on the road. Closely monitor everything and do not let your mind distract you because your mind is very mobile, and sometimes it takes you into such a maze that you may even forget about everything, even the fact that you are moving along a dangerous road at an excessive speed.

Therefore, keep your focus on your movement and on everything that is associated with your travel.

Do not let anyone distract you. Adjust all the circumstances of your life to keeping up the chosen speed of your advancement. You may slow down your development, but think over how far you will fall behind the evolutionary opportunity. Moreover, the evolutionary opportunity may pass by, and you will not even notice it.

Thus, you should focus all your efforts on keeping the set pace of changing your consciousness. Your concentration on the path will contribute to your advancement.

To give our favorite analogy about mountaineering, imagine that you are on a cliff and you simultaneously try to listen to a concert of a popular singer or chatter on the phone with your friends. Of course, you may continue doing all your favorite things in your daily life, but any gust of wind without your timely effort to stay on the rope may lead to very disastrous results.

Therefore, let us focus on implementing our tasks together. You can help us if you try not to be distracted and not to stare at the sides; and in turn, we will monitor the pace of the changes and coordinate your development.

I hope that we will succeed because it just cannot be any other way.

Every time I get a chance to say a few words to you, I wish to dwell on the most important points that will be especially useful for you and will give you maximum help on your Path. Therefore, today I decided to give you another important piece of advice concerning the changes in your consciousness and related difficulties. Try to take everything that is happening around you as a natural course of events. No matter how amazing many things that you face in your life may appear, try not to be nervous when seeing these events. Do not react emotionally too much, because any emotional outburst may prevent you from keeping the pace of your progress. I draw special attention to the stability of your emotions because your vulnerability means that your emotional body is not always properly purified, so it may lead to unpredictable reactions.

Try to balance your emotions. And no matter what is going on around you in your life, consider everything — not in terms of the present day, but in terms of eternity. Then everything that previously caused your inner violent reactions will be perceived by you as if from a bird's-eye view.

The succession of changes in the scenery of your life will just accelerate. You will be required to demonstrate the quality of adaptation to the rapidly changing circumstances of your life. Those initiations that were given earlier in the closed schools of mysteries and required years of training by their disciples will take place naturally within several months or even days in the new conditions of your life.

The initiations have accelerated and have become possible in ordinary life. This is a new dispensation and a new chance that is being brought to you along with the change of the cosmic cycle of time.

Rejoice, because what was previously possible for you within several lives, you can now go through with confidence in one lifetime. To many of you, it will seem that you live many lives within this one life of yours, and you will not have to come into embodiment again. The program of one life comes to an end, and the program of the next life can begin almost immediately.

The miracles in your life have just begun. Get used to the miracles.

I AM Lanto, with great Love to you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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