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Take our hand and hold it until Faith returns to you and your doubts clear away like an autumn mist

Serapis Bey
December 22, 2006

Serapis Bey

I AM Serapis Bey, having come again in order to give the next Message that will help you and that you need. Every Message of ours becomes more and more necessary for you. At last you start to master our rules of play. These rules mean regular intake of Divine Energy. As soon as you dedicate yourself to the process of modeling yourself into a new human, you initiate the process of changing yourself in accordance with our Divine patterns. Every time we come, we endeavor to pour a new portion of life-giving balm into your consciousness, and you become capable of changing.

In fact, in this process of changing your consciousness there is nothing that would make the learning process under our guidance different from any other learning process. You make the choice yourself and decide whether to come under our influence or fall under the influence of mass media or other people who do not represent us but consider it their duty to give you their teaching.

The difference between the Teaching through our Messenger and a good many other teachings through those people who consider it their duty to give you their teaching, is in the purity of the source. We begin giving our Teaching through our representative regularly only if we have had a chance to become convinced about the devotion and sincerity of our representative. Every time we come, we have to remind you about the previously given material, and then give a little piece of the new. Since your consciousness is very limited, everything that concerns our Divine world is so unusual to your human consciousness that at times it causes denial and even rejection.

However, we are not in a hurry at all. It is much more important for us that you take in at least little pieces of Truth rather than rush at accelerated pace along unknown and unbeaten tracks, which are offered in abundance — by this I mean many wrong teachings and sects. You may surprisingly note in your consciousness that once again it is said that there is only one right and true Teaching, and all the rest that you come across in your lives should be rejected. I cannot agree with you, because the Truth is scattered in almost all of the teachings and is present in various sources. However, the whole matter is in the ratio of Truth to lies and in the ability to distinguish where the Truth is and where the lies are. We teach you how to distinguish. We do not teach you to take everything on trust. You may analyze the given Teaching with your external consciousness, taste it, compare it with other teachings, and come to certain conclusions. However, sooner or later you will have to make a choice and choose the Path that we are teaching you because this Path is the shortest and has been predestined for you by the very course of your evolutionary development.

We are the Masters of Wisdom who endowed you with our consciousness in ancient times. There is a little part of us within you. No matter whether you wish that or not, you will have to give us back what was lent to you so that you can develop. The time has come for you to cultivate the Divine reason within yourselves in order to give us back those crutches that we gave to you. Now you have recovered, and your consciousness is acquiring Divine purity again so now you can advance further, guided by our Teaching and our principles. However, not all of you have reached the required level of development. That is why we have to come again to give our Teaching, which is aimed at a general audience and is comprehensible for many. We spread our nets wide and strive to help as many souls as possible to find the true Path and to return Home as soon as possible. We do not make you follow our Path; we just tell you and warn you that this Path is the shortest. It is your choice whether to follow this Path or not, and you advance along it by yourself.

Every time, I can’t help but wonder at the many people who long for true Teaching and come to our educational classes. Yet every time, thousands and millions of various reasons and excuses appear, which gradually take our disciples away from the Path. When they return to our etheric, educational classes between their incarnations, they are astonished at their blindness and at the fact that they made one wrong choice after another and that they saw not the things actually revealed before their eyes, but the things that they wanted to see themselves. Well, you have the right to be mistaken.

You can make attempts, go, fall, rise, and go again. I just want to put the rope of confidence into your hands. I would like to convey the whole momentum of my Faith and my determination to you and the whole momentum of my achievements. I wish to help you very much. And I would like those of you who experience negative states of consciousness and frequent doubts in the correctness of the chosen Path to appeal to me more often and talk to me. You will find me in my retreat over Luxor. Before falling asleep, visualize a picture of my retreat and try to formulate your questions and the things that cause your doubts. I will work with you during your night sleep, and you will feel relief in the morning because I will find those right words and arguments that will help you on your part of the Path. I will extend my hand to you, and throughout the day you will be recalling how tightly you were holding my hand in yours and did not want to release it.

I will render you all the assistance that can be rendered to you, but do ask for the help. If in your pride you cannot even ask for our help, we cannot help you. Do not hesitate to remove everything from your consciousness that may prevent you from asking for our help and support. You know that the Law of this Universe has granted you free will, and we cannot violate your free will and render assistance to you without your request and without your call. But as soon as the call is uttered, we must respond. We will give you all possible help and support. Do not neglect our help, especially now at the end of the year when the old negative energies are activated and many of you experience heavy depressive and hopeless states.

We extend our helping hand to you. We wish to help you and can help you. Take our hand and hold it until Faith returns to you, and your doubts clear away like an autumn mist.

Now I am ready to give you one more important instruction that will undoubtedly help you. This instruction concerns your devotion and Love. Please, cultivate devotion and Love within yourself. Do not hesitate to thank us in the moments when you experience unconditional good spirits and are ready to love and hug the whole world. Send your Love to us so that when one of your fellows needs our help, we will direct the stream of your Love and gratitude to that heart in need. Thus, you will be able to help each other. In this way, we will be able to multiply Joy and Love in your world.

I am sending you my Love and support.

I AM Serapis!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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