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Every effort of yours will be multiplied unprecedentedly because that is the call of the time and such is the situation on the planet now

Lord Shiva
November 27, 2005

Lord Shiva
About Lord Shiva

I AM Shiva. I have come for the instructions concerning the interactions between different spiritual groups and schools that exist at the given historical moment.

We clearly see the whole narrow-mindedness of people’s consciousness and all the reluctance of most people inhabiting planet Earth today to look at the Divine Truth and to accept it.

However, the efforts that are being applied by you are truly invaluable. Everyone who is awakened and capable of accepting the Divine Truth, even if not in its entire fullness, and everyone who is aspired to accept this Truth is a priceless conductor for us, a crystal embryo through which we are able to introduce the elements of the new consciousness and the new relationships onto Earth.

Therefore, accept my gratitude to all those who aspire, to all those who make any — even the most minor — contribution to the common cause of saving planet Earth.

You may keep the aspiration in your heart and act according to this aspiration in your daily life; you may do the work that your consciousness is ready for; you may bring any material or spiritual gift to the altar of serving the Divine Truth. All your gifts will be accepted by us with gratitude and multiplied in our hearts.

The time has come when any — even the slightest — action of yours directed at maintaining the Divine vibration in your physical octave will be received, saved, and multiplied by us.

Blessed are your efforts, blessed are your aspirations, no matter in what area they would occur.

You cannot sit around doing nothing while in the physical octave; you can’t not act because that is the call of the time and such is the will of God now.

Save and multiply your Divinity, your spiritual principle, and introduce the worship of God, the Higher Law existing in this Universe into your life.

Every effort of yours will be multiplied unprecedentedly because that is the call of the time and such is the situation on the planet now.

But for those who, for some reason, do not wish to obey the call of the time and the Higher Law, a hard time is coming because any counteraction that you are exerting will turn against you. And your actions will almost instantly bring the effects of your actions, which will be multiplied as well. And it will be impossible for you not to see the futility of your attempts to cling to the old consciousness, the old behavior, and the old way of thinking and acting.

Everything around you is subject to change, and it is already changing. Only the blind and the deaf can continue pretending that nothing is changing and everything is still the same.

No, I assure you, never ever have the changes on planet Earth been as rapid as they are in your time. And you can only adapt to these changes by changing yourself, by changing your consciousness, and by changing the stereotypes of your thinking and your behavior.

And now I wish to give you one more very important direction and instruction. Take it as a recommendation for your daily spiritual work.

Every day starting from today and up to the New Year I am asking you to spare at least several minutes a day to meditation, inner contemplation, and acceptance of the future image of your country and your planet.

You may draw the most daring images and plans in your consciousness, and you may use all of your imagination for that. The only condition is purity of your motives, your thoughts, and your aspirations. And I promise you, no matter what daring hopes, images, or plans you bear in your consciousness for the near future, for the next year, or the next few years, all of them will be supported by me personally, multiplied and returned to your world in the form of the Divine opportunity, the Divine mercy, and the Divine vision.

So, do dare to create the most daring plans. If they are in accordance with God’s direction specific for the time of changes that planet Earth is experiencing, everything will be supported and manifested in your physical world.

You have very little time for your meditations — only until the end of this year.

Do not forget to call upon me, Lord Shiva, before your meditations so that I could destroy everything old and obsolete that is lying in the way of manifesting your plans and give you the Divine opportunity and grant you my Love, Hope, and Faith.

Multiply your aspirations. Dare. Always remember that thought is material, and it is always capable of creating. And this creative ability of your thought, which is always inherent to you, will simply be strengthened many times during the period of time remaining until the New Year.

Do not miss your chance and do not forget to write down all your thoughts, plans, and wishes on a separate sheet of paper. Meditate and detail your plan during each meditation. And when the New Year comes and during the next few years, observe what will be happening in your life and in the reality around you. And each of you will be granted a chance to face and realize the power of your thought when it gets in the unison with the Divine purposes and tasks for the given historical moment.

And now I am wishing you fruitful work and leaving you alone with your thoughts and ideas.

I AM Shiva and I have been with you today.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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