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The time has come to unite all the Forces of Light on the planet

Sanat Kumara, October 7, 2005

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara. I have come in order to give a small Message especially dedicated to the forthcoming trip of the Messenger to the city of Saint Petersburg. It seems that since the end of the cycle of the Dictations that we have been giving through Tatyana this year, the changes in the reality around you have been insignificant.

However, let me disagree. Changes in the consciousness of those people who wished to read the Dictations have exceeded all our expectations. We only have to regret that our Messages have not spread across the physical world to the extent that we intended.

On one hand, we can see the colossal leap in the development of the consciousness of those who have read the Dictations and accepted them with all their hearts and souls. And on the other hand, we see a completely disastrous state of those light-bearers who have not received access to these Messages and, consequently, have not been able to receive the life-giving draught of our energy which is so necessary at this difficult time.

Therefore, my request is still the same: Please apply all the necessary efforts in order for these Messages to reach every light-bearer, not only in Russia but in the entire world.

It is quite logical that citizens of Saint Petersburg, due to the karmic causes inherent to this city and connected with the events of 1917, must apply all their efforts to spread these Messages. That is why the first public speech of the Messenger will take place in the city of Saint Petersburg. All the previous speeches, as you know, took place in little groups and in the countryside.

That imposes additional responsibility on the residents of this city, whom the Messenger also has a karmic connection with due to her previous incarnations in Russia.

The seeming dissonance between the vibrations of the Messages and those vibrations that you are used to and that have been typical for other people should not confuse you. Every time we come, we have to use those opportunities and abilities, which that particular conductor of our Word possesses.

I am glad that the impulse and the energy that we have put into the transmission of our Messages have not been lost and have been supported by the light-bearers of Russia. Please understand that there is no opportunity for us to perform those miraculous transformations, which have been prepared for Russia on the subtle plane, without your direct help and support. Do agree that there is our part of work and there is your part of work, which you are called upon to accomplish. Our might and the pledge of our success reside only in the union of the Ascended Hosts and non-ascended humanity.

I would also like to draw your attention to your unity on the physical plane.

The time has come to unite all Forces of Light on the planet. Let’s begin this process, regardless of your religion or group belonging. There is something much greater than those things that separate you. And that greater thing is your Service to Life, God, and all living beings. Unite on the basis of Love, cooperation, and specific actions on the physical plane that you can perform right now.

Do not pay attention to the things that separate you, whether they are particular points of the Teaching or the words of prayers. Concentrate on those common things that should unite you, like Service to Life and Service to the evolutions of Earth. And the measure of your achievements has always been and remains the sacrifice that you are able to make for the Good of humanity of Earth and for the Good of the evolution on planet Earth.

Let’s concentrate on your heart again. Come inside your heart and feel your Unity and your desire to Serve. There is nothing that has been or is separating you. The future is born in your consciousness. Now, at this moment, I am fixing the focus of Unity in your hearts, in the hearts of all who can hear or read my words. And this focus will allow you to only see the Light in the eyes of those people with whom you perform your actions on the physical plane. What you concentrate your attention on receives the Divine energy that is coming through you into the physical plane. From now on, you will only see the good in your brothers and sisters on the Path. Always remember that everything in this world is a mirror that reflects your consciousness, and people around you will show that side to you, which you note in them. That way, you will be mutually increasing your momentum of achievements and multiplying your energies aimed at the Common Weal and Good.

Live in Joy and Love, and cast away everything that hinders you from residing in God.

I AM Sanat Kumara, and I have been with you today.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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