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What methods and practices are recommended to be exercised presently?

Sanat Kumara, August 5, 2005

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara.

On the issue of the methods and practices that are recommended and should be exercised presently, I can give the following comments:

As soon as the humankind reaches a certain stage in its development, the necessity to carry out service in the form of strictly recommended practices falls away.

Each individual can decide on his or her own which method is more acceptable and which practice to follow.

It is not your task to provide particular methods. People will appear, and they are already appearing, who will be able to lead others using those methods that they receive directly from their Higher Selves.

The main condition is to keep the consonance with the Hierarchy and to maintain the connection between the worlds through those conductors whom we have chosen for the realization of our goals. And you are one of those conductors.

Therefore, every person who accepts you as our Messenger, our representative on the physical plane, simultaneously takes a stand on the steps of the hierarchy and uses all the momentum of your achievements and our entire support, which will be rendered to the person directly through his or her Higher Self.

As we are watching the situation unfold and analyzing it, we will be able to provide more detailed advice and recommendations.

For now, it is necessary to use those skills that people already possess and to apply them.

I particularly draw your attention to the fact that the main service is practical deeds on the physical plane.

I AM Sanat Kumara.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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