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I congratulate you on the successful implementation of this important experiment on precipitating the most important and timely information to the physical plane

Beloved El Morya
June 30, 2005

Beloved El Morya
About Beloved El Morya

I AM El Morya Khan, having come to you through this Messenger today.

The events are unfolding at such a rapid pace that the efforts of literally every light-bearer, who is in embodiment, are required. I do not know if you feel the changes that are occurring with ever-increasing strength and acceleration. Verily, the time has come for very quick and united actions. And those, who do not feel it and do not understand it, deserve only compassion, because they have fallen out of time and are trying to live according to old attitudes and apply old standards to everything.

The New Age has come, to which you must adapt your consciousness literally on the go. Because the rhythm that awaits you in the near future will require all your efforts, all your aspirations, all the fire of your hearts.

Therefore, even if it seems to you, that nothing has changed around you and everything remains the same, do not believe your eyes. Everything has changed! And everything has changed so decisively and irrevocably, that your imagination is not enough to envision the transformations that are coming and that are already taking place, but are not yet visible to your physical eyes. We have started our steps forward. And we offer everyone who is awakened, who feels the importance of the coming stage, and who is ready to act without sparing himself, to be prepared. Very soon, each of you, being in your city and in your country, will feel those changes that have begun.

It is difficult for you to believe in it because everything around you remains the same as it was. But I assure you that the most important change that we have been striving for over the past one hundred and fifty years has occurred! There has been a change in the consciousness of a sufficient number of people who are in embodiment, so that this change leads to quite tangible manifestations on the physical plane. Time periods, for which changes in consciousness settle on the physical plane of planet Earth, have also decreased. There were times when the change in consciousness had precipitated on the physical plane for tens or hundreds of years. At present, if your consciousness has changed, then before the night has passed, the change in your consciousness will affect your affairs. I am speaking in simple terms, so that you can get an idea of the upcoming time and the coming opportunity.

Very soon you will be able to observe in your lives the consequences that your changed consciousness will lead to. And if you do not see any changes in your lives, then this can be explained only by one thing — you have wasted your time reading these Dictations, because you have missed the most important thing for which these Dictations have been given. You have failed to change your consciousness. You have missed the precious time, and you have missed the precious opportunity granted to you by God.

You still thought that you would read beautiful words in these Dictations, and that was all you needed. You were mistaken, because in addition to reading nice words, you were required to take concrete actions that, with a 100 percent probability, should have inevitably led you to a result — to the changing of your consciousness — if you only had not been lazy, and had read these Dictations not simply as words, but as a guidance for practical actions and deeds on the physical plane.

Well, those, who have missed their chance to undertake this accelerated course of initiations and changing of their consciousness, will have an opportunity to repeat a class and re-read all the Dictations given by us through this Messenger, beginning from the very first Dictation dated March 4th of this year.

And if you again do not feel any changes in your consciousness and do not feel any changes in your life, then I recommend that you re-read these Dictations for a third time.

You have received an invaluable, completely unique gift in the form of these Dictations. You cannot even imagine how much energy has been spent by the Ascended Hosts to transmit Dictations through the Internet right into your homes. So many angels have been involved! I am not even speaking about the efforts that were undertaken by Tatyana while receiving these Dictations. You cannot even imagine what it is to daily withstand such a current of information and energy, and to be able to maintain oneself in this working condition for almost four months, and not to miss a single day.

None of us was sure at the beginning of this experiment, that we would be able to perform the transmission of such important information in such a volume and in such a short time. But now we can safely announce that the experiment was a success! The work has been done, and the work has been fulfilled perfectly!

I congratulate you, and I congratulate Tatyana on the successful implementation of this important experiment on precipitating the most important and timely information to the physical plane. The work will continue, but the most important stage is behind — the informational stage — when the physical plane of the planet received the information so necessary exactly for the current moment. You will have the opportunity to receive all the necessary clarifications. And we will continue our work through our Messenger, Tatyana.

A new stage is coming. The stage when the information, put in by us in the Dictations will germinate in the hearts of people. Everyone will be able to find application to their energy and abilities. There will be enough work for everyone! The important work upon the transformation of the physical plane is just beginning. And everyone who has managed to awaken their consciousness, and light a flame in their heart will be a source of knowledge, information, and energy for all the people whom they meet in their lives. Your task as light-bearers is to constantly keep your torches burning, and bring the Light to the world.

Each of those, who have been able to awaken their consciousness, while reading these Dictations, will receive from me a thin web of thread that will connect them with me and my support in difficult moments.

You only need to make a call: “In the name of I AM THAT I AM, I invoke the action of the thread, connecting me with Master El Morya. Master El Morya, please help me in my situation (describe the situation in detail). Help me find a Divine solution for my situation, and give me the help that the Supreme Law permits to give.”

And as soon as you make this call, I will help everyone who, due to their work, deserves the right to receive this personal, individual connection with me. You will certainly feel this thread of connection, linking your hearts with my heart. And very many already feel this connection.

I AM El Morya. And I affirm that everything is possible with God!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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