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Are you ready to enter on the Path?

Beloved Kuthumi
June 29, 2005

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, having come to you today.

A matter of great concern for the Ascended Hosts is the raise of the consciousness of humanity, and we devote rapt attention to this task and exert every effort for its accomplishment. If we managed to shift the entire mass of human consciousness at least a millimeter, the changes in the world around you would not be long in manifesting themselves.

In reality, there is nothing in the material world that is as difficult to change as human consciousness because all the other things are subject to the change of consciousness and happen very quickly and almost automatically.

Therefore, our mission, as well as your main task, is to change the consciousness of people who are embodied now.

I will give you a simple example. When you do some work, you should first make a plan of this work in your mind or get a foretaste of it in your consciousness in order to clarify what exactly you want to achieve in the course of your work and what the result of your actions should be. The same can be said about the change of consciousness of mankind. Humans for the most part should realize the necessity of the change of consciousness and understand which steps they should take in this direction. The subsequent actions will be just a matter of technique. The materialization of the conception will take place automatically and inevitably as soon as the image to which the people should aspire is firmly settled in their heads. That is why the forces that multiply the illusion of the physical world have learned very well to take advantage of the latest scientific and technical achievements in order to maintain in the consciousness of people the wrong stereotypes of behavior and the incorrect standards by which people are guided in their lives.

The whole power of the mighty industry of the contemporary world is aimed at multiplying the illusion. The best human minds exert their efforts with only one purpose — to make people direct their attention onto the things that multiply the illusion. But you know that your energy flows where your attention is directed. Thus, when unavoidably looking through advertising video clips, advertising literature or posters, you automatically involve your energies into the multiplication of the illusion of your world. The sophistication of the industry that uses your Divine energy for the multiplication of the illusion knows no measure. People care only about the acquisition of such objects and goods that are pressed upon their consciousness from outside. The desire to possess nice trivialities is whetted. And a person has to waste more and more efforts and energy chasing after new things. He starts lacking the energy given to him by God, and in order to continue this chase he stirs himself up with drugs and tranquillizers. And right up to their forties the majority of humans feel so drained inside with this endless thirst for pleasures and goods that they are simply unable to take into their consciousness the things that these Dictations tell about.

Moreover, the age at which people come to such inner lethargy is decreasing with every year. A lot of young people get involved in the endless thirst for the pleasures and objects of this world even from childhood. This constant flow of events goes on from life to life. And now the forcing of tension of the thirst for pleasures and goods has reached such a high point of intensity of emotions that hardly anybody can stand this rat race for pleasures and delights.

Only when a person drops out of this chase due to some debilitating disease and finds himself back at the bottom of the ladder does he begin finally to think about the simplest things that he should have thought about in the morning of his life. Why has he come to this world? What is the sense of his life in this world? That is why it is desirable that you should not bring your life to a complete collapse before you start thinking about such vital things as the sense of your existence in the material world. Do not bring your life to a shipwreck. Find strength within yourself to stop, to step aside from this rat race for pleasures, goods, and delights. And try to look from outside at those people who waste their invaluable lives and the energy granted to them by God on the multiplication of the illusion, as all their thoughts and aspirations are completely concentrated on the illusory world.

Your task is to trace all the moments of your life when you waste your Divine energy, not for the Divine purposes but for the purposes of this world. There is nobody outside you who can force you to pursue the pleasures from some extra triviality or a modern concert, from a football match, or from rest at a prestigious resort. It is only you who make yourselves race for all these unnecessary things. Your lusts, your carnal mind, and all that is unreal in you make you do so. That is why this Teaching is being given to you — a Teaching on the refusal from the unreal part of you. Remember history, remember the prophets stoned and crucified on the cross. Why did this happen? It happened because the carnal mind, spurred with the desire for the continuation of the pleasures of the physical world, was ready to kill everyone who preached the Path of refusal from the illusory world.

As a matter of fact, all the people embodied now are possessed by their carnal minds. In order for a human to realize all the absurdity of his position, God puts him into such situations that can give him the most important lessons. And every time a human gets into a situation from which he should draw a moral lesson, this situation becomes more and more intense until only a deaf or a blind man could not understand the lesson given to him by life. Each of you encounters such situations in the course of your life. And each of you is provided with repeated opportunities to make your one and only right choice. But every time, you prefer to give up making this choice and to go on serving the objects of this world, to be bound to the chariot of your carnal mind.

God is patient. God is exceptionally patient. It happens so that, in order for a human to recognize his one and only trait that he should get rid of, a whole life or even several lives are wasted.

You have leeway enabling you to discern all your imperfections and get rid of them. But the main thing for you is to make your choice and to start your progress on the Path of giving up your ego, on the Path of your coming back to the real world of God.

This very first and vital step in the right direction can become so decisive for you that it will change your whole life during a few years. You can waste millions of years more wandering around the illusory world. But when you make a right step in the right direction and continue to progress, notwithstanding the trials you overcome on your Path, you make the right choice, and this choice will become the pledge of your victory and your exodus from the world of the illusion to the Divine world.

This world exists only within your consciousness, and you maintain the existence of this world with your consciousness. For that reason, you must transit onto a new level of your consciousness and understanding of the reality around you in order to leave the physical world and to obtain the Divine freedom. There is nobody, no one man who can force you to make your choice. You and only you can make this far-reaching decision alone in the quiet of your heart.

Never forget that you will receive no reward in the physical world, and that you should never think about making a profit for yourself in the physical world. All your achievements and experience will remain with you during the entire period of existence of this universe and will transit together with you to the Higher Worlds.

Are you ready to enter on the Path and to follow it tirelessly towards your victory through all the barriers and difficulties?

There are lots of the invited, but are there so many chosen ones?

I AM Kuthumi, with a hope for you in my heart.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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