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You cannot bargain with God

Beloved Jesus
June 28, 2005

Beloved Jesus
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I AM Jesus, having come to you again.

Today I would like to touch upon a topic that can be of use to you but on which you can lay no stress by virtue of your devotion to the illusory world.

As always, your attention follows the things that surround you in the illusion. It is very difficult for you to raise your consciousness and to push yourself out onto that level of perception of the Divine reality when the entire surrounding world fades and pales in comparison with the beauty, feelings, and aspirations that you can obtain in our world.

However, your position in the dual world excellently contributes to your development and progress. There is a point on your Path that after having come through it, you will no longer be able to find satisfaction in anything surrounding you in the illusory world. And the main task for us and for you is to achieve this point on your Path. If you compare this with ascension onto a peak, you can picture yourselves climbing bare rocks, passing through crevasses, and suddenly coming to a mountaintop with a mesmerizing view that opens before your eyes. And it brings tears to your eyes and you realize that it was worth risking your life and overcoming yourself.

And you understand that your affection for the world you left gradually dissolves, and you merge with the beauty of this new surrounding world. And there is nothing to seduce you in the world you left forever, because in spite of the fact that you go on dwelling in the physical world, you no longer belong to it. There is already nothing in you from this world. There is no energy in you that can draw you back to the world of illusions. Nevertheless, you continue living in your world because you are fully aware of the fact that there are a lot of people who need your help and experience.

You see the reason for people’s suffering, you see why they suffer, and you understand how they can get rid of their suffering. But, in spite of the fact that you speak to these people in very simple language and tell them very simple things, only a few of them are able to understand you.

I was on Earth, I spoke to people. I spent thousands of hours communicating with people. I tried to convince them of the things that I managed to realize after having wished to give up the unreal part of myself and having given it up. But, no matter how simply I tried to speak to people, there appeared to be only twelve disciples capable of developing a partial understanding of the Truth given by me.

Nowadays the same thing is happening. No matter how good and comprehensible the way of giving the knowledge is through this or any other Messenger, there are very few people who are able to absorb with their heart the essence of the Teaching given, and there are even fewer of those who wish to follow this Path.

We impart the Truth openly. Come up to our table. You can take everything to your heart’s content. And the only payment that you need to make unavoidably is your unreal self, which you must freely sacrifice at the altar of the service to God, to Life, to the Hierarchy of the Forces of Light.

I can see as the hearts of many people reading these Dictations become enthusiastic about them. I see the flame of their aspiration flaring up. But it is so sad at times to watch a person reverting to the beaten track that is safe but leads nowhere except to death.

You are immortal spirits. It is sad to see you surrounding yourselves with unnecessary nonsense and trying to play at serving instead of serving sincerely.

How can you manage to combine nice words about God and Service with your life full of mercantile aspirations to a career, prosperity, and unconcerned idle dalliance?

You will not be allowed to combine these opposing things on and on. Sooner or later a moment will come when you will be obliged to make a choice whom to serve. Will you go on worshipping the golden calf of your world or choose the sincere service to God and Life?

I told you that it is impossible to be a servant of two lords. You cannot serve God and mammon simultaneously.

I said these words two thousand years ago. But up to these days each of you encounters the same choice in your life. God demands that you should devote yourselves to him. You cannot bargain with God. You cannot say, Look, Lord, I am doing this for you, and now, Lord, it is your turn to do what I ask you for.

What great arrogance should one have to allow such a bargaining with God?

You come to the temple of God when you face blows and misfortunes, diseases and diversities. And all you come to the temple for is to arrange a settlement with God, to light a candle, and to ask for a trouble-free solution of your problems.

Do you seriously hope God will answer your request?

Are you really sure you can buy the Divine mercy for your sacrifices?

God needs no sacrifices of yours — neither calves you kill nor money. God wishes you to give up only one thing — the unreal part of yourself — the thing that is not from God in you.

This is so simple. But you cannot understand it for some reason. Every prophet or Teacher came to the world only in order to teach this Great Truth. And now you are receiving the very Truth that I preached 2000 years ago. You create perfect flying machines, you perform human space flights, you sink right to the bottom of the ocean, and you create state-of-the-art computers and systems of communication. You misdirect your mind towards the perfecting of the illusion. Why can you not understand this simple Divine Truth notwithstanding such a developed mind you have? It is because your mind is a carnal mind, a mind belonging to your world and serving your world. And your foremost task is to give up your carnal mind, to give up everything that binds you to your illusory world.

This does not mean that you should leave your home and go begging. Yet, even this can be beneficial for some people. You must remove from your consciousness all the attachments to your world. You can go on living in your world but only in order to give others a lead in passing the Path you have passed.

Each of you goes your own Path. But fundamentally only one Path can be considered to be true — the Path of the full refusal from your ego and from any attachment to your world. And the greatest sin is to try to make God serve you.

This is the very point where many souls lose their footing. You use the Divine energy for self-gratification of your ego instead of bending your knee to God and asking in humility, Lord, here I am. Take me, use me. I am your slave. I am nothing, Lord, you are everything.

Think over the words I have told you today. These words may seem too stern to you or you may think that these words bear no relation to you.

Yet, do not jump to a hasty conclusion. Scrutinize your actions because these words are relevant to 99.99 percent of the people embodied now.

I have had to give you this strict homily because too many of you need exactly strict words that can take the gilt off your illusory world and remove the scales from your eyes. Only after that will you be able to see the Divine Truth finally and to strive for it with your whole being and with your whole heart.

I know that each of you will gain Victory and each of you will withstand and come off victorious from the skirmish with the illusion that has been lasting for millions of years already but the sands of which are running out. The world of illusions, in distinction from the Divine world, has its beginning and its end.

Hurry up on your Path to the real world. Do not wait for the gates of opportunities to shut in your face.

I AM Jesus.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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