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Each of you affects the situation on planet Earth

Beloved Lanello
June 26, 2005

Beloved Lanello

I AM Lanello, having come through this Messenger again!

I have come to help you become familiarized with my thoughts and views on the present state of things. This relates both to the planet and the country in whose language we give these Dictations.

The present situation in the world does not seem to prognosticate anything unexpected. However, hidden processes are going on in the entrails of the Earth and gradually manifest themselves in the form of volcanic activity and different cataclysms.

The connection between the state of the earth’s crust and the level of human consciousness is very strong. You can judge the tension accumulated in the higher plane closest to the Earth by the number of the earth shocks and earthquakes and by their strength and frequency.

The Earth is very sensitive to everything that happens in the human consciousness and in the collective consciousness of humanity.

We can regard our planet Earth as a mother’s body that is universal for all the evolutions inhabiting it. In exactly the same way as a mother always senses dangerous situations into which her children can get, even at a considerable distance, Earth reacts to the dangerous states of consciousness of her children. In order to make the analogy complete, you can imagine Mother Earth starting to become distressed for her unwise children when they let serious distortions appear within their consciousness in the form of imperfect thoughts and feelings. Just like any other mother, Mother Earth starts worrying and being distressed for her children, and this is expressed in the increase of the underground activity.

That is why the more people keep their high level of consciousness and send their Love and gratitude to Mother Earth, the more tranquil will be the inevitable changes of the configuration of the continents and oceans existing on the surface of the Earth now.

Every new race that comes to Earth must receive a new continent for its evolution and prosperity.

You should realize that the age is now coming when the new Sixth Root Race is coming into embodiment on Earth. At present, this Race is located on the existing continents but in the future, when the influence of this Race on the evolution of the Earth becomes dominant, it will receive its own continent that will be brought into the world by Earth at the place of one of the present oceans. Correspondingly, old continents such as Europe, a part of Asia, and both Americas will gradually submerge together with the towns and the people inhabiting them. This process can be gradual and painless and take thousands and tens of thousands of years, but it can also happen almost instantaneously, just as happened when Atlantis went under water with the traces of the Fourth Root Race, the behavior of which resulted in the fact that the catastrophe took on a global character. Actually the entire continent, its largest part, went under water in a few days. It was impossible to escape during the time limit granted by nature, even in spite of the fact that this race had exceptionable ships and flying machines.

The entire deliverance lies only in the level of your consciousness. If your consciousness is on a high enough level to enable you to have a connection with the Ascended Hosts, you will be warned about the future catastrophes beforehand and will have a chance to build your Noah’s ark and undertake your exodus to the new lands.

Therefore, if the level of mass consciousness of humanity is able to rise to a higher stage in the near future, the inevitable cataclysms will take place gradually and painlessly and will last for a considerable period of time. But if humanity prefers to go on experimenting with its free will and does not heed the voice of the Divine reason, the character of the cataclysm will be more ruthless and destructive. It is nothing for Earth, when she becomes agitated because of her children, to send a whole continent such as Europe to the bottom of the sea in 24 hours.

I understand that it is difficult for you to believe in the danger that threatens you because you have not experienced anything like that during your lives. The memory of mankind keeps the legends about the drowning of Atlantis, together with the hundreds of thousands of people inhabiting it, as something excessively fantastic to believe in.

When you reach a certain stage in your consciousness, this stage allows you to realize the reality of these legends, and you will even be able to remember your embodiments on the Atlantean continent. And if in the past you were sent to the bottom together with your continent, you would still experience the states of fear and unconscious anxiety during any earthquakes that you would have to live through in your current life. If at the time of Atlantis you happened to be among the people who heeded the voice of the prophets and left the submerged land in advance, it is likely that now you belong to the people who pay close heed to the voices of all the prophets and try to pay attention to the warnings coming through them in your lives.

If we tell you beforehand what can happen on planet Earth in the near future, this may cause panic among the people who remember well that prophecies are sometimes fulfilled. However, any panic is a non-divine manifestation and will result in even greater troubles for the Earth. That is why in the prophecies made for a mainstream audience, nothing definite is ever told about the place and the effective damage risk level of a forthcoming catastrophe.

There are people who are able to identify a serious warning even in a very subtle hint and to begin their prayer practice on neutralizing the negative energy from the collection of thoughts and feelings of earthly mankind, the accumulation of which has become threatening. These people are also trying to ease the anxiety of Mother Earth with the help of Love emitting from their hearts straight into the heart of Mother Earth.

It often happens that the efforts of these people are enough to either prevent the cataclysm completely or alleviate its consequences to the minimum manifestation.

I can add to the above only that each of you affects the situation on planet Earth.

You do not even need to pray but just stop the flow of negative energy in your consciousness, close negative spirals inside your heart, and transform them into rose petals with the help of your heart’s Love.

During the day you are constantly watching situations that make Mother Earth worry. Mentally try to take such a situation into your heart and transmute its consequences. Do not condemn the people who create negative manifestations around them and take part in them. Their consciousness is darkened and they are not able yet to realize the harm they are doing to Earth and first of all to themselves. Let God and the Cosmic Law teach these people to obey the Divine Law. If you become an eyewitness to a negative destructive situation, your task is to try to take upon yourself the transmutation of the negative energy that accumulates in the physical, astral, and mental planes because of the wrong actions of other people. They do not know what they are doing, but you know. Thus, do not add extra negative energy into the common muddy stream with your condemnation. Do not feed imperfection with your energy. Just withdraw all the energy from imperfection and try to transmute the created negative energy with the help of your chakras or prayers. Believe me, you will obtain a much better result in this case than if you lecture an uncontrollable and unruly child of Earth.

The prophecy has been pronounced, and Heaven forbid it to be fulfilled.

I AM Lanello.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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