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A Teaching on the karma of inactivity

Beloved Kuthumi
June 24, 2005

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, having come again.

Our talk today will be dedicated to the karma of inactivity. Have you ever heard of the karma of inactivity? It seems to you that only your actions can create karma. In the course of our previous talks you have become familiarized with both the notion of karma [1] and the process of its creation. You have also had a chance to get an insight into good karma [2]. And now I want to return to the topic of karma and to give you a Teaching on the karma of inactivity.

Imagine that someone turns to you for help but you do not wish to help. Will you create karma in this case? You will not do anything, will you? You will not make any effort in order to help the person who asks you for help.

A lot of people on Earth create karma precisely by doing nothing in situations when they should act.

You see that in Divine Law you create karma even if you are inactive.

You come to your world in order to act and to gain experience. Consequently, if you avoid acting, you create karma.

Let me give an explanation of this point. You remember that karma is the energy that you qualify incorrectly by performing wrong actions. If the Divine energy coming to you from the Divine world is used by you in accordance with the Divine Law, you create good karma — your treasure in Heaven. If you misuse the Divine energy, it accumulates in your four lower bodies in the shape of negative energy. And in accordance with the Divine Law, this energy attracts to you the situations you have to pass through again and again so as to learn your lesson, to make a right choice, and thus to work out your karma — for example: If you envy somebody or take offence at somebody, or you talk behind somebody’s back, then you create karma. And this karma will return to you most probably in the form of situations when you yourselves will be treated badly in exactly the same way. You will be envied or caused offence to or venomous tongues will talk about you. And in order to work out your karma you will have to pass through all these situations with humility and obedience to the Will of God, without fulminating your insulters, and by being infinitely forgiving to the people who do harm you.

That is why Jesus told that you should forgive up to seventy times seven. [3] You never know how many times in your past lives you offended people and allowed yourselves to behave abominably towards them.

And now let us return to the karma of inactivity.

Imagine that a man asks for your help and you refuse to help him. Will you create karma by acting so? You do not waste the Divine energy, do you? You just do not do anything. This situation is not as simple as it may seem. And whether you will or will not create karma in this case depends on many conditions.

First of all you must be sure that a person who turns to you for help really needs it. If a person asks for your help and does not need it, but you give him this help anyway, then this person creates karma. You do not create karma in this case, but indirectly you help the other person to create karma. When you reach a certain spiritual level, you are obliged not only to attend to your affairs but to help other people avoid situations in which they create karma.

And now comes the next moment. If a person who turns to you for help really needs it, you will not create karma if you refuse this man, because you cannot help him.

No doubt a person can get into hot water and really be in urgent need of help — e.g., financial help. And he turns to you for help. But if you have no opportunity to help this person or you think you should primarily use your money to feed your family, you do not create karma in this case. It is highly probable that the person who turns to you for help refused to help you in one of the past lives when you were asking him and now you are simply returning his karmic debt to him.

And finally, if a person turns to you for help and really needs it, but you refuse to help him though you can do it, you create karma.

You are obliged to help the people who ask you for help. When you can help but refuse to, it seems to you that you are not wasting Divine energy and, consequently, are not creating karma. However, the senses and motives by which you are guided towards this decision make you create karma. For example, you want to teach this person a lesson, or it is pleasant for you when someone licks your feet, or you cannot be bothered to help somebody, or you are driven by greed. Any of these and many other such character traits, when they are the true reason for your refusal to help, are non-divine and you create karma by manifesting them.

Therefore, before you refuse to help a person who asks you for help always weigh all pros and cons thoroughly.

Your sure adviser in a difficult situation is undoubtedly your Higher Self, because your Higher Self always knows whether you should give help or not. If your connection with your Higher Self is impeded or you are not sure about the answers received, try to analyze your inner motive and feelings thoroughly. You do not want to help this person, because you either cannot be bothered or you pinch pennies and grudge the time. Or you start condemning this person for having deteriorated to such a state that he cannot solve his problems himself. If such thoughts creep into your head, try to overcome them, force yourself and render the help you are asked for. And after you have given help you will feel a relief and this will be a sign that you have done the right thing and worked out some old karma of the past.

If you do not feel any negative feelings, but your intuition suggests that you should not help this person in spite of the fact that the person needs help, asks you for it, and you are able to help him, that means there could be a one percent chance that you are giving the person who turns to you a test. Yet, tests like this are very rare and you must possess a high spiritual level and go through initiations, and be granted the mantle of a Guru in order to have a right to give such tests. Therefore, I recommend that you always help a person who needs help and refers to you for help when you are able to do so.

In reality, a lot of problems in your world are connected exactly with the fact that people ask for help and do not receive it — for example: from officials who are supposed to give help and even receive salary appendant to their position for this purpose but who do not give the help to the people asking them.

You should always remember that in your next life you will reverse roles, and the official who does not perform his duty properly due to his neglect will find himself in a pleading position and will have to appeal for help exactly to those individuals whom he refused to help.

Exactly the same problem will crop up for the high and mighty who are very wealthy. Big money is always evidence that this person’s karma is connected with his wrong attitude to money.

Wealth is given to people as a chance to work out such karma. Therefore, a person on whom wealth drops from the clouds to enable him to work out his karma should analyze very attentively how he can dispose of this wealth in order to give help to as many needy people as possible. Yet, he should specifically give help to the destitute but not waste money on theatrical philanthropy. For if a person disposes of his wealth wrongly and wastes it on pleasures or objects of luxury and prestige, it is 99 percent probable that in his next life he will receive the return of his karma and will be born into a very poor family and his portion in life will be begging from door-to door during all his life, hardly making both ends meet.

Thus, never envy those people who possess big money. Big money is evidence of great karma in the present and, if used wrongly, of a greater karma in the future.

I think our talk has been effective today. At any rate this knowledge can help you avoid the karma of inactivity in your lives.

I AM Kuthumi.

[1] Dictation of Beloved Kuthumi, May 31, 2005

[2] Dictation of Beloved Kuthumi, June 6, 2005

[3] Matthew 18:22

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