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You must follow the Higher Path

Gautama Buddha
June 22, 2005

Gautama Buddha
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I AM Gautama, having come to you on this day of the summer solstice.

Each of the days connected with the significant location of the planets is important in itself.

One day, mankind of Earth will be able to go back to the understanding of the knowledge that is inaccessible to it now but which was known to the ancient civilizations that existed on Earth many tens and hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The secret of this is very simple. If you know what the stars tell you about and do not obey their guidance, you lose the knowledge.

In exactly the same way, when we give you knowledge through these Dictations and you do not use it and are not guided by it in your everyday life, this knowledge is withdrawn from you.

You are given an opportunity, a Divine opportunity that you have deserved in the course of many lives, notably with your own martyrdom and with the martyr’s death of the light-bearers. You are being provided with an opportunity to have this pure source of the Divine Truth and the Divine inspiration.

And if you do not avail yourselves of the knowledge, homilies, and Teachings contained in these Dictations, you will lose a chance to make a breakthrough in your consciousness. You will lose an opportunity of rising to the next summit in the process of your ascension to the Divine consciousness.

In contrast, if the number of people capable of perceiving and using the knowledge you are getting from the Dictations grows and reaches a certain critical mass, the flow of the Divine knowledge will be increased and intensified. The knowledge will be given not only though this Messenger but also through tens and hundreds of other Messengers who will appear able to pass through their initiations with the help of the mutual efforts of every light-bearer who is guided in his life by the knowledge and homilies given in these Dictations. Every following person who passes through the proper initiations and acquires an opportunity to speak on our behalf will need to make much less effort in order to develop his abilities.

Each of you should remember that when, in your consciousness, you join the collective flow and take part in spreading knowledge and information, even when you are simply guided in your lives by the homilies received from us, you create an opportunity for a stronger interchange between our octaves and you contribute to the rapprochement of our worlds.

The process of growth of the human consciousness is a collective process. God has always sent Messengers and prophets, and every time mankind has been given a chance. But this chance was rarely taken advantage of within the lifespan of our Messengers. However, the impulse brought by the consciousness of such a Messenger to the physical plane of planet Earth was able to awaken the consciousness of the individuals who were ready, and consequently a breakthrough took place in the consciousness of humanity. It is very important to bring the impulse to the physical plane of planet Earth, but it is not less important to find the people who are able to take up this impulse and to exploit it in their everyday actions.

The energy is given for creation. The energy is given for the expanding of your consciousness. And the way you use this energy will literally determine the future course of history.

The consciousness of a light-bearer is ready to flare like a torch under the influence of the Divine energy. But the task of carrying the torch is much more important, as well as the task of keeping and maintaining the fire during a long period of time. Do not think that your fire-keeping activities reduce to only saying prayers and decrees. Every second of your life on Earth you should be ruled by our instructions and follow the Higher Path unswervingly in all the situations in life.

Never forget that you have come to your world in order to gain experience. And every minute of your life on Earth you choose where to direct the energy given to you.

To keep the Divine pulse-beat and at the same time to be in the midst of life is the thing required from you at present. Within your consciousness you should constantly dwell on mountaintops while, nevertheless, being on firm ground. In exactly the same way as you are governed by the legislation in force in the country in which you live, you should be constantly ruled by the Divine Law in your life.

There is always an opportunity to follow the Higher Path, and there is always a chance to come to grief.

At the moment when you make a choice in a difficult life situation, always remember that you are much bigger than your physical body. Your nature is Divine and you are immortal. Thus, when making a choice, do always be ruled by the factors valuable for your soul.

If you palter with truth in order to hold down your job and hover around your boss and tickle his ear, do always take care about your soul. Your soul always knows how to act properly in any situation. And even if your actions go against the opinion of the majority of people around you and the people close to you, you should always act in the way that your Higher part considers to be proper.

Always keep in mind the image of Jesus. He could have escaped his martyr’s death. He could have strained every nerve and even become a king. Each of his disciples was ready to sacrifice his life, enter a skirmish and defend his Teacher. However, Jesus was crucified. Each of you should be ruled in your life by the example shown to you. And if you are confronted with a question whether to abrogate your principles and to sell your honor but to hold down your job or to keep something valuable for you, never forget that there is something more important in your life than the simple satisfaction of your physical needs.

You should follow the Higher Path and always choose the Higher Path.

I was a prince, and I had everything. I had a young wife and a newborn baby. I had everything a man can dream about on Earth. Yet, I knew there was something more important, for the sake of which we come to Earth. And I dropped everything and left.

Many years passed before I managed to find my Path. And this Path was not connected with either wealth or a home and family.

There is a Higher Path that all of you will follow sooner or later.

This does not mean that I call you to leave your families and to retire in a hermitage. Your life provides you with many more opportunities for passing through the initiations.

You ascend in your consciousness and take the decisions that help your consciousness grow. You make choices being ruled by the Higher Law. And if you succeed in passing through the initiations and reaching the level of the Christ or the Buddha Consciousness without leaving your usual life, this will be just the thing required of you at the present stage of development of mankind.

What is more, you should never forget that as soon as you make a breakthrough in your consciousness, your environment alters. The people who cannot accept the level of your consciousness leave you, and the people whose vibrations are similar to yours come to you. Do not forget also about the fact that when a single person makes a breakthrough in his consciousness, he influences all the people with whom he has a karmic connection in this life. And many souls, having received a necessary impulse through this person, become able to open their consciousness and to make a similar breakthrough.

Always remember that all of you are intimately related in the higher plane, and the victory of one person leads to the ascension of consciousness of many people.

Each of you is valuable at your place, and each of you is capable of performing the work for which you have come into embodiment without leaving the place where you were born and live now.

There is always an opportunity for performing a feat in your life, for selfless devotion and heroism because for many people the transformation of consciousness means literally the alteration of all their lives. It will be impossible for you any longer to waste countless hours in doing the honors of the table. You will not stand the vibrations of rock music. You will have to give up everything in your environment that does not match the Divine vibrations. And for many of you this action will be akin to the deed I performed when leaving the palace of my father.

And when you choose a defeat and decide not to fight with your rivals, when you lose everything and allow your enemies to crucify you, you will perform the act of will Jesus performed 2000 years ago.

Believe me, each of you has moments in your life when you are given a chance to perform an action equivalent in its spiritual fullness to the deeds that the saints performed at all times.

If you do not see what you should do and how to act, do not delude yourself. Your soul always knows the Higher Path. Your disheartenment, self-pity, and boredom are testimony to the fact that you do nothing and do not wish to perform the task for which your soul has come into embodiment.

The light-bearers who fulfill their duty and carry out their mission are eager to carry their Light to the world with their nose to the grindstone.

You are aroused. Can it be true that you will settle in your berth again just turning over on your other side?

I AM Gautama Buddha.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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