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Come, kindle your torches and bring the Light to the people of planet Earth!

Beloved Lanello
June 20, 2005

Beloved Lanello

I AM Lanello, having come again!

Every time I come to you through this Messenger I feel an inner flutter of pleasure from the fact that we can, at last, apply to such a big appreciative audience.

We are faced with great deeds, but the performance of these deeds is impossible if you, each of you, Sons and Daughters of Light, do not exert every effort for the realization of the conceived plan. Only mutual efforts of the light-bearers on the one hand and of the Ascended Hosts on the other hand are able to instantiate those quick turns of the tide that we foresee and that are to take place.

On the agenda there appears a question of the combining of all the light forces irrespective of their confession, country, nationality, and ethnicity. The older generation of Russia remembers the enthusiasm and the joy from the mutual labor and efforts the people applied while living under the socialist system. In reality, the joy from the mutual labor and the pleasure from the mutual efforts cannot be compared with anything. These are the fundamentals we need to restore.

Individualism and dissociation are not an indication of a developed society in the Divine sense. A society representing a Community of the Holy Spirit is based on mutual labor and mutual efforts. When everybody is attached to the common cause, every member of the community can rely on help and support in a trying hour. The principles of organizing a Community have been known for a long time. And you should only apply your personal efforts and your aspiration to the creation of such Communities of the Spirit.

The genesis of a New Community within your consciousness, minds, and hearts is the foremost task as before. And do not fancy that do-gooders will come and take care about you and your future.

Unfortunately, in practically all the countries, the power — both financial and political — is concentrated in the hands of the people who have no God in their hearts. Every man who is God-oriented dedicates himself to ministering to his neighbors. Therefore, everybody who strives to use any means in order to obtain personal gain and to reach the growth of his personal influence does not act in the name of God and has nothing in common with God.

In order to change something in the world and in every nation it is necessary to oppose the Divine attitude against the present predatory attitude to the neighbor, the world and its resources. In reality, a constant conflict between these two forces is going on in the world — the forces acting in the name of Common Wealth and Good and the forces that act only with the purpose of satisfying the interests of a personality and the ego. Every human is under the influence of these forces. These two forces can influence a human both from outside and from inside. The entire evolution of humanity can only take place under the influence of these two forces. One of the forces strives to strengthen the illusion of this world while the second force makes every effort to maintain the world that is beyond the manifested illusion. As a result, each of you can stick up for the one or the other force. You cannot remain indifferent. It is like when you do your best to keep quiescent in the middle of a rapid stream of a mountain river. You can surrender to the stream, but it will sweep you away and it is not known from which height of a waterfall and on which sharp stones you will have to fall. You must do your best in order to cross the tumultuous river of life, to keep afloat and to reach the other riverbank.

If you look upon the world history of the past and the present, you will see that the forces that defend the illusion have always gained victory. Nowadays they are still in power in every nation and continue to occupy powerful positions and to stand behind all the governments on Earth. However, these forces have never had access to the Divine energy and have always had to use the most basic instincts and the most sinister interests of the masses in order to receive the energy that every human has but to which they had no access due to their ungodly actions during many lives.

In contrast, if a human is solid for the Forces of Light and has access to the Divine energy, it is not necessary for him to be supported by crowds of followers. He himself grants his energy to everybody who is able to accept and to use it for the good of the development of the evolution of Earth.

Irrespective of the fact that everything around seems to be dire to you, and Earth seems to be obsessed by individualism and the nastiest manifestations, there still is light at the end of the tunnel until the light-bearers in embodiment, the people capable of bringing the Light in their bodies and of defending the interests of the Good and Common Wealth are ready to sacrifice everything, including their lives, for the sake of this Common Wealth. And the Victory will be gained sooner or later because such is the plan of God for planet Earth!

And today, when so many light-bearers are in embodiment, the Victory is close as it has never been before!

Your separation, as well as the unwillingness and the inability of the light-bearers of different confessions to unite, are your main enemies at this stage.

Therefore, you must learn to find things in common and find like-minded people with similar viewpoints on, as it may seem, absolutely different points.

Scrutinize your disappointments in those situations when you wanted but failed to be close with each other. I am 99.99 percent sure that the reason for the failure of your attempts to come to unity and to a common viewpoint on some topic is your arrogance and your self-assurance that it is you who know the entire fullness of the Divine Truth and all the rest of the people are mistaken. And you are ready to tolerate the presence of only those people beside you who say ditto to you and eat out of your hands.

Therefore, the first thing you should learn is to pacify your arrogance and to initiate a dialogue with those movements and groups who are able to conduct a dialogue. You must learn to make arrangements with each other and to maintain the common cause.

Only when you allow God to act through you, can God use this opportunity.

For that reason, the work upon yourself and the overcoming of the imperfections that make you consider yourself to be always infallible and right are the things you should do immediately.

If you pacify your arrogance and provide God with an opportunity to act through you, then you can always come to an understanding and make arrangements with the devoted servants similar to you.

Everything separating you is the result of the actions of the forces multiplying the illusion. Consequently, you should strive to commonality. Your strength is in your solidarity. When supported by and united with the people in whose hearts God resides, you become invincible and invulnerable for the forces of evil that are still running the show on this planet. No richness in the world and no financial or political power can oppose you if God resides within you. You become united with God and you become united with every living creature on planet Earth in whose heart God lives.

And there is no force in this world that can resist you because it is impossible to fight with God — it is like kicking against the goads.

We hope sincerely that these Dictations and the Light contained in them will help to unite all the forces of Light and all the light-bearers who are in embodiment now.

Come, kindle your torches and bring the Light to the people of planet Earth!

I AM Lanello.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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