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All that happens is exactly what you admit in your consciousness

Sanat Kumara, June 15, 2005

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara. I have come to you.

Each of my comings and each of the comings of the other Beings of Light make your consciousness capable of receiving more and more information. This fact does not depend on whether this information comes to you in the form of words, images, or energy. The very exchange between our worlds is of the essence.

The constant attention you pay to the reading these Dictations represents the energy that you give to our world. Your energy flows where your attention is directed. This is a well-known truth. In exactly the same way, the attention we pay to you during the process of giving of these Dictations is directed to your world.

I direct the energy of my attention to you. You direct the energy of your attention to me. Thus, We can exchange energies between our octaves. And the more Beings of Light and embodied individuals join this energy exchange, the closer our worlds are.

The process of the energy exchange between our octaves was conceived from the very start of the creation of this universe. But the point of materiality that you have reached at present hinders this exchange. That is why every attempt to restore the exchange between the octaves brings mutual benefit to Our worlds.

The worlds are united through the energy exchange. The energies of your world tinted with imperfection cannot penetrate our world. Only those energies that are tinted with Love and bear Good are capable of penetrating the veil.

The majority of people cannot feel the energies we are tirelessly sending to your world because these are very high energies to be sensed. Your sensory organs are not yet capable of perceiving these energies. But the most sensitive individuals can still feel our vibrations even through the distortions that inevitably appear when the energy passes through the veil into your world. No matter how perfect the conductor is, any conductor of our energies distorts them. There is no perfection in your world. And any person, if he approaches our world through his vibrations, cannot stay in your world any longer.

The process of the mutual penetration of our worlds has a very lasting character and can be long-drawn for millions of years.

You are not able to achieve in a moment the level of consciousness inherent in our world. This will be like a burst of a hyper nova for your being.

We also cannot happen to be in your world — this is like death for us. That is why we have many ways of indirectly penetrating your world with the help of those individuals whose vibration’s frequency allows us to be present within them at least for an insignificant period of time.

You are also able to enter our world. The higher the level of consciousness that you can reach is before your meditation, the higher are the worlds that you can enter.

You are not dense creatures. If you think of yourselves as dense creatures, it can be explained only by the limitation of your consciousness. You rather resemble clouds or bundles of energy capable of penetrating and percolating into our world. When you move consciousness into our world, the latter becomes for you as dense as your physical world.

The whole point is in your consciousness. All that happens is exactly what you admit in your consciousness. That is why you are told about the widening and elevating of your consciousness and about the ascending onto a higher level.

If you could look at your activity on planet Earth with our eyes, you would be astonished by the limitation of your existence. Actually, you are as if in a dungeon within your physical shape. And you cannot get out of your dungeon until an impulse of aspiration to freedom takes hold of you.

I am speaking in general terms and I am giving the hints. It is not because I cannot tell you more — I can tell you much more. But your consciousness is not able to receive the things that it cannot understand yet.

Therefore, the evolution of the human consciousness is measured very well. It is very much like the evolution of the human society. If some decades ago somebody had tried to explain to you how the Internet or cellular phones worked, you would have considered this to be a fantasy and a chimera. So, first we provide an image and transmit it into the heads of the people capable of receiving it. Then this image becomes enhanced with a physical shape and details.

Therefore, We are tirelessly sending our images of the future for this planet through a lot of people.

You receive these images while you are sleeping and waking. The high energies of my native planet Venus have approached. They are elevating the rougher vibrations of your planet by intermixing with them and by gradually transforming the basic dominating vibration characteristic of your planet.

The Earth is very hospitable. A lot of evolutions have found asylum here. The consciousness of some people is ready to transit to a new level and is close to this level or has already transited to it, while the consciousness of other people is not yet awakened at all.

Nevertheless, we have acclaimed the Victory, and the Victory achieved is really great — 144,000 beings embodied on planet Earth have obtained the level of the Christ Consciousness. This means that we will be able to intensify our presence on planet Earth through these beings.

All of these beings are capable of establishing a connection among them on the horizontal level. All the organizations founded by these beings and all their future projects will bear the high vibrations of our octaves. Consequently, even those individuals whose consciousness are dwelling in a deep lethargy and are not able to feel our energies at present will be able to perceive our energies very soon after having been adapted to their perception through these currently embodied Christ-beings.

Two-thousand years ago, Jesus came to Earth and gave his Teaching. Just imagine 144,000 beings who have realized their Christ-potential now and how much more they can affect the world and its development.

In fact, every sphere of human activity will come under the influence of these Christ beings, scattered around the globe and involved in different kinds of activity in their professional fields.

It is impossible to measure the process of the transformation of consciousness with physical devices. You just acquire an ability to see more. You see the reasons for the actions, and you see the consequences. You see how it is possible to correct any disharmonious manifestations in the surrounding life. And when you gradually get rid of the extreme negative manifestations in all the spheres of your life, you start to release many souls from the negative influence, first of all the children and the youth.

Soft music and the communication with nature are able to affect the soul of a child much more positively than you can imagine. But when you do not care what music your children listen to and in what company they spend their free time, you cultivate the reasons for your future problems.

Throw away everything unnecessary from your life, the things you can exist without, and you will obtain much free time for your spiritual unfolding, for communications, and for meditations.

The simplest things that you can do in your life, which not only do not require big financial expenses but also release you from many such expenses, are able to bring you to literally revolutionary changes in your life — to the leap in your consciousness.

Revise your traditions and habits and find strength in yourselves to get rid of everything unnecessary that does not contribute to your spiritual development.

This advice is very simple and it will bring you to a definite result very quickly.

You may think and understand what prevents you from following these simple recommendations. The answer to this question is obvious: It is your ego that finds thousands of reasons and thousands of excuses in order not to allow you to change anything in your life.

Now you can see your actual enemy — your only enemy. Your ego, your unreal part, is your actual and only enemy. Therefore, do not seek any enemies around you. Your entire environment just corresponds to you by the level of your vibrations.

The pieces of advice I am giving today are verbatim what I said to the people of Earth when I was incarnated on this planet myself. Millions of years have passed. I repeat the same advice for you word for word.

If I were you, I would die of shame. Yet, you go on doing nothing and stroking your ego. Have you ever thought that your experiment with your free will can be brought to a stop?

Have you ever thought that sometimes a gardener has to cut and burn dry branches in order not to give the infection a chance to spread onto the healthy plants?

Has not the time come when this work must be carried out and is being carried out already?

You always have a chance to return to the Path that was predestined for you and that will bring you Home. I ask you to think over my words. Is it too much to sacrifice in order to free yourselves from everything that prevents you from setting forward?

I AM Sanat Kumara.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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